The Hand is an ancient ninja order spread across the world as multiple factions with a goal to serve a mythical demon referred to by members as the Black Sky (or the Beast). The Hand's attempts to spread its dark influence over the world have led them into battle countless times through the centuries with an order known as the Chaste.

History Edit

Daredevil was the first to encounter and defeat the leader of the hand, Nobu Yoshioka, who came back to life once again only to be killed by Stick.

Their ultimate goal was to capture a Black Sky for whatever reasons.

Daredevil also encountered another leader of the Hand, known as Madame Gao, whom disappeared shortly after.

Madame Gao was captured by Iron Fist, Colleen Wing and Claire Temple, and later handed over to Bakuto, another leader of the Hand who wanted to bring the immortal Iron Fist to their side by manipulation, which failed.

Bakuto's clan was later shattered and dismantled thanks to the efforts of Iron Fist, Colleen Wing and Davos.

Madame Gao escaped captivity and lured Davos to her side, who was jealous of Danny Rand, to put an end to the Iron Fist (Danny Rand).

Factions Edit

  • Nobu Yoshioka
  • Madame Gao
  • Bakuto
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