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"It was selfish and wrong of me to leave without telling you. But coming here has taught me that the Iron Fist isn't just for K'un-Lun. Others before me may have felt it was their destiny, but I am Danny Rand. And I'm the Iron Fist!"
―Iron Fist to Davos[src]

Daniel Thomas "Danny" Rand is the child of the billionaire owners of Rand Enterprises who lost his parents in a plane crash which resulted in the young Rand being rescued by Monks and taken to K'un-Lun where he trained and eventually took the title of the Iron Fist. Rand returned to New York City to reclaim his name and soon fell into conflict against Hand when he had learned that Madame Gao was using his company to sell her own heroin. Rand challenged Gao and soon joined forces with his father's ally Harold Meachum and Bakuto. However both Meachum and Bakuto soon turned against Rand, wishing to use the power of the Iron Fist for their own purposes, forcing Rand to defeat them both. Having at last fulfilled his mission to defeat the Hand, Rand returned to K'un-Lun with his new friend Colleen Wing, only to discover that the gate to the city has been closed while he was gone.


Early life[]

Privileged Upbringing[]

Born to Wendell and Heather Rand, Danny lived a comfortable life with his family. His father was close friend with Harold Meachum and due to their friendship, the Rands and the Meachums were often together. During his childhood, Danny spent most of his time interacting and playing with Harold's children, Joy Meachum and Ward Meachum. Despite Ward's frequent bullying, Danny looked up to him like a brother. The Rands and Meachums often went on traveling together as well as doing commercials.

During his childhood, Danny also befriended young Jeri Hogarth while she worked as an intern at Rand Enterprise. He affectionately nicknamed her J-Money when she bribed $5 to convince Danny not to tell her boss after she cursed her.

Becoming Iron Fist[]

Plane Crash[]

File:Young Danny(1).png

Rand is involved terrifying in a plane crash.

When he was young Rand was travelling with his mother and father on a Rand Enterprises business trip towards Anzhou. During the flight however they were involved in a plane crash in the Himalayas. As they pilots were unconcious and the plane began to fall apart, Rand was struck in the head by a piece of the plane. Rand's mother went to his aid, checking that he was okay, however just as she did, the roof of the plane was ripped off and she was sucked outside, seemingly falling to her death in the mountains while the horrified Rand could only watch helplessly and scream out.

File:Young Danny Rand Training.png

Rand trains with Monks in K'un-Lun.

As the plane neared the ground, Rand's father told him that he loved him before they crashed. Miraculously Rand survived the crash that killed his parents, as he crawled across the freezing landscape he found both the pilots who had strange markings on their necks before finding his father's body. Rand was unable to locate his mother and, while he stayed by his father's side, he was found by the Order of the Crane Mother who took him back to the city of K'un-Lun in to train him, thus saving him from freezing to death in the snow.[citation needed]

Shou-Lao's Trial[]

File:Rand Faces Shou-Lao.jpeg

Rand prepares to battle against Shou-Lao

At age nineteen Rand was given the opportunity to gain the power of the Iron Fist. He was sent to battle the enormous fire-breathing serpent called Shou-Lao the Undying which lived in a cave outside the city and which ferociously guarded a brazier containing its heart, which had mystically been removed from its body. In their battle, Rand grabbed the serpent's body, which bore a scar which imprinted itself upon Rand's chest. Rand plunged his hands into the now unguarded brazier containing Shou-Lao's molten heart when his hands shone with a quasi-mystical force and he earned the title "Iron Fist," for he could now summon superhuman energy to reinforce the power of blows struck by his hands.[3]

File:Danny Burn Iron Fist.png

Rand defeats Shou-Lao, becoming Iron Fist.

After succeeding his trial, gaining his powers and the Mark of Shou-Lao onto his chest, Rand was left unconscious outside the cave. He was eventually found by Davos who woke him up. When his friend rushed at him, Rand woke up and summoned his Iron Fist. Astonished, Davos told Rand that he succeeded in his trial. Still confused and disoriented, Rand looked at his new powers. Davos helped Rand unto his feet. He told him that the village needed to know that he was the Iron Fist and that he will be his second. Rand told his friend that it wasn't what he thought it was. Davos told Rand that it wasn't what any of them thought. He reminded Rand that he had a duty now. But Davos promised that he'll be by his side.[4]

Longing for Home[]

File:Danny Rand Cave.png

Iron Fist stands guards outside K'un-Lun

After becoming Iron Fist, Rand spent his time watching and guarding over the pass with Davos. As much as Rand tried to uphold his duties, part of him felt unsatisfied and empty as gaining the power of the Iron Fist did nothing to solve his problems. Davos tried to reassure him that at least he knew what the rest of his life was meant to be. His friend's reassurance did nothing to solve Rand's inner struggle. Rand began to look and wait for a sign to his questions.

One day while he guarded the gate, Rand spotted a hawk flying further and further away and Rand realized that the passage to K'un-Lun was open. Taking it as the sign had showed him a path and wanting to desperately return home and get the answers to his questions, Rand made the choice to leave K'un-Lun behind.

On the journey back to the United States of America, Rand used his martial arts to fight in illegal fight club to earn money and eventually stole a passport in Morocco to get back to the States.

Return Home[]

Rejected by Friends[]

File:Rand enters company.PNG

Rand arrives back at his family's company.

Bare-footed, Rand returned back to New York City. After venturing a while in the streets, he found his family's Rand Enterprises building and, upon entering the building, he immediately introduced himself as Danny Rand much to the disbelief of the current receptionist. Rand then enthusiastically asked to meet with Harold Meachum, being promised this would happen soon. Much to Rand's displeasure, the security arrived and escorted him out the building, forcing him to use his martial art to fight past them.

He succeeded in reaching the office floor and reunited with Joy and Ward Meachum. The siblings refused to believe that he was Danny without any proof, noting how all the Rands had been killed 15 years earlier. They then informed him that their father Harold had passed away from cancer and then demanded that he leave. As security arrived on their floor, Rand was forced to leave the building, which he did with great reluctance.

File:Iron Fist Break In.png

Rand visits his old home

Having left the building, Rand returned back to his old home that is now a residence of the Meachums. While exploring the house, Rand encountered Joy's pet dog, who he managed to keep from attacking him by remaining calm and sedating the pet before locking it in Joy's study. When he reached the rooftop, he briefly reminisced a memory in his youth when he played board games with Joy and Ward. Ward was not very kind towards him. He eventually left the residence when Joy returned, ensuring that he made no noise on his way out.

Taking refuge in Central Park, Rand was greeted by a homeless man named Big Al, who mistook Rand's iPod for something he had stolen, noting that he had managed to steal an iPhone off somebody. Rand asked Al to use the internet to research himself, learning that officially he had died with his family, he then learned from him about Harold's passing due to cancer. Big Al offered a few advice on where to get shoes and food, believing Rand to also be homeless.

The next morning, Rand went back to his home street again to encounter Joy. Once again, she refused to believe that he was her old friend Rand and called for her security, promising that if he touched her then she would have him arrested. She was further displeased when Rand inadvertently told her about his recent break-in. Knowing that talking to her further was meaningless, Rand started to leave. When a taxi was about to hit him, he jumped and evaded it, much to Joy's stunned surprise.

Later during the day, Rand was meditating in Central Park when Colleen Wing put dollars into his cup. Rand then watched as Wing continued putting up ads for her dojo. As Rand was about to return the money, he noticed her ads for self-defense and martial art. Intrigued, Rand asked if he could get a job at her dojo teaching kung-fu, however, Wing declined the offer.

At night, Rand managed to locate Ward at a parking lot. He entered his old friend's car. When Ward questioned about his intentions, Rand insisted that he was trying to talk to him and this was the only way to get his intention. He managed to force Ward to enter the car by driving it. As they drove, Ward demanded that Rand to stop and when he didn't comply, he pulled a gun. Rand stopped the car. Increasingly frustrated by the anger and hostility that he has been receiving from his former friends, Rand asked for Ward to put the gun away. When he replied by cocking his gun, Rand aggressively disarmed him.

Ward asked about what he wanted. Rand explained that he wanted answers about what happened to him, his parents and to the company that have his name on it. Ward simply retold the accident and Rand insisted that he knew more. Ward responded that he wasn't Danny Rand and that he have no proof about his identity. Despite Rand's attempt to convince Ward by mentioning their past, he remains unconvinced. Angered and frustrated, Rand started driving the car in high speed in the parking lot. In his anger, he nearly drove the car off the building and managed to stop in time. Distraught about his actions, Rand distressingly apologized and started moving out of the car. Before leaving, Ward grabbed him by the arm and warned him that this wasn't over.

Returning back to Central Park, Big Al handed Rand an Italian Deli for him to eat. They talked for a while about how society went wrong, and how life was better when mankind were hunter-gatherers. Big Al asserted to Rand that he stayed true to his purpose as a hunter-gatherer. Rand complimented that he was lucky for finding his purpose in life, citing a quote from Buddha about how one's purpose in life was to find it. Big Al acknowledged the logic, albeit in slight confusion. The old man asked what Rand's purpose was, with Rand responding that his purpose was to protect K'un-Lun from all oppression and to honor the sacrifice of Shou-Lao the Undying. Big Al simply responded that Rand should have fun while doing it. The old man left Rand alone and Rand thanked him for the food.

Rand later headed to Chikara Dojo to find Wing finishing her lesson for the day. Once her students left, Rand greeted wing again. Still unsure about his intentions, Colleen tried to get Rand to leave. Rand said that he wanted to challenge the master of the dojo much to Wing's confusion. She refused the challenge and continued to try and get Rand to leave by explaining that she was closing. Rand tried to advise Wing to teach Kung-Fu to get more students. She asked where he trained, to which he answered "K'un-Lun." When Wing asked Rand where to find K'un-Lun, Rand refused to tell her. Irritated and not believing his words, Wing sternly asked Rand to leave. Rand apologized and headed for the exit. Feeling sympathetic to Rand, Wing gave him a pair of shoes to wear.

Outside the dojo, Rand sat down to put his new shoes on, but was soon attacked by a man. Rand quickly retaliated and forced the man on the ground. Recognizing the man as the security guard from Rand Enterprises, before Rand could ask questions, the man pulled a gun to which Rand quickly disarmed him. When he realized the man wasn't alone and that they were armed with guns, he quickly ran. He managed to defeat and disarm one of his attackers before heading off. Wing witnessed the fight, she responded by following Rand.

File:Danny mask.PNG

Rand hides his face with a mask.

A Chinese New Year Parade was happening in Chinatown. Rand knew that he was still followed, so he took cover among the crowd of people. Using the dollars that Wing gave him, Rand brought a mask to hide his face. Taking down his pursuers, Rand interrogated one of them and learned that Ward Meachum had sent them.

File:Big Al Dead Episode 1.png

Rand finds Big Al dead in Central Park.

Back at Central Park, Rand looked for Big Al. He found the old man near a tree, lifeless after overdosing on drugs. Rand briefly mourned his new friend and said a few passing words. Before leaving, Rand noticed a Raven tattoo on the man's arm.

Returning to Rand Enterprise, Rand waited for Joy to return to the office. When she questioned how he got in, Rand answered that the building was like a second home to him, he knew it in and out. When Rand asked if she was ready to talk, Joy agreed. Pouring a cup of water for Rand, they started talking. Rand explained that Ward tried to have him killed, to which Joy refused to believe it. Joy asked about the accident. When Rand started explaining, he realized he was losing focus. Joy has drugged his water. Rand collapsed onto the floor and he briefly hallucinated about the time when Chodak and Tashi found him after the accident.[5]



Rand awakens at a mental hospital.

When Rand woke up again, he found himself tied to a bed and a man watching over him. After asking about his current location, the man grew disturbed when he insisted that Rand needed to kill himself. He held a folk at Rand's throat. Before anything could happen, the staff members arrived to take Simon away. Rand was given drugged and drifted off into unconsciousness.

Rand was meditating when he was visited by a real doctor. When he asked if he woke him up, Rand explained that he was trying to recharge his chi to get out of here. Rand insisted that he was Danny Rand. The doctor didn't believe him. He showed Rand a passport with Rand's photo on it. The doctor explained that he was John Anderson of Toronto from Canada. Rand denied any knowledge about the passport. The doctor explained that if Rand wanted to get out of the hospital, he needs to start being honest.

Released from his straps, Rand was visited by Simon who was tasked to tour him, much to Rand's displeasure. The old man apologized for his action and blamed it on stress. He toured Rand around the facility and told a little bit about the patient in the facility. Rand insisted that he will be out in 72 hours. Simon chuckled and explained that the patients here including him have been inside for years. Rand realized it was urgent to get out. When Simon made an off-hand comment, he accidentally angered a patient named Dink. When he insisted Rand have to apologize as well, Rand refused and got into a brief fight that resulted in him getting strapped and drugged to a bed in his room.

Simon came to visit Rand. The patient asked if there was any family that Rand could call. When that wasn't an option, Simon asked if there were any friends he could call. Remembering that there was one person that he could try to call, Rand asked for Simon's help to release the straps so he could make a call. Rand called Colleen Wing. He explained his situation and asked for her help. When she questioned why he was calling her, Rand told her that she was the only one in New York City wo hadn't showed him hostility. Despite Rand's plead, Wing apologized and put off the phone.

Back in his room, Rand tried to meditate and recharge his chi when the doctor entered his room. Rand revealed that he lied about the passport. He denied that he was John Anderson, he has stolen the passport in order to get back to the states. He insisted that he was Danny Rand. Once again the doctor refused to believe him. He leaves the room as another staff member gave Rand his medicine.

Later during the day, Edsmond called Rand into his office to show him a commercial. Rand recognize the commercial that he once did with his parents and the Meachums. Rand reminisced about how he was convinced to partake in the commercial by his father who promised to take him to the circus. The doctor insisted that Rand was John Anderson. At his wits end, Danny smashed the doctor's computer screen. The staff member arrived to take Rand away and drugged. Unknown to Rand, Harold Meachum still alive, was observing him through the monitors that he has set up in the hospital.

At night, Rand was drugged. As he was about to go to sleep, he was visited by Harold Meachum. Believing him to be a hallucination, Rand answered his questions. About K'un-Lun, about his position there and his ascension of a long line of the Immortal Iron Fist, sworn enemy of the Hand. This answer intrigued Harold. Rand pleaded Harold to get him out of there hospital. Harold reassured Rand that he will take care of it and urged him to go back to sleep.

The next day, Rand was meditating in his room when he was delivered a package that was sent by Joy Meachum. When he opened it, he found a bag of M&Ms. Realizing this could convince her about his identity, Rand started picking all the brown M&Ms. The staff member went to inform Rand that he got a visitor. Believing it was Joy, Rand went to the meeting room to find Wing waiting for him. She came looking for answers. Wing explained that the Meachum had tried to bride her. After finishing her talk, Rand asked for to return the package to Joy.

Rand was once again visited by Edsmond. Having called Joy last night, Edsmond began asking questions that only Danny Rand would know. After answering all of his questions, Edsmond believed Rand's story. In his joy for finally having someone who believed him, Danny started talking about K'un-Lun and Iron Fist which only made Edsmonds convinced that Rand was suffering from a psychotic diease.

Later at night, a Staff member arrived to tell Rand that he was being moved. He had to put a straitjacket on. As Rand was moved, he was led into a room where Dink and his two accomplices were waiting for Rand. They started hitting and hurting Rand. Fortunately for Rand, the pain help Rand getting him out of his drugged state. This helped him achieve focus and allowed him to summon the Iron Fist. With the enhanced strength gained from his powers, Rand released himself from his straitjacket and proceed to defeat his attackers. Elated that he got his powers back, Rand waited till the staff member returned to open the door.

File:IF punch.png

Iron Fist breaks himself out of the hosptial.

Pushing the man aside, Rand headed for the exit door. He found the metal door that barred him from his freedom, he charged ahead and smashed the metal door away. Taking a moment to take a breath, Rand leaves the hospital. All the while, Harold witnessed Rand using the power of the Iron Fist through the monitors.[1]

Seeking Help[]

Rand found refuge back in Chikara Dojo. He witnessed Wing taking care of Shannon and his accomplice when they came to look for Rand. After driving them away, Rand got out of his hiding place. Rand promised that he will make it up to Wing. She told Rand that she want him out by the morning.

Next morning, Rand remained at the dojo and played loud hip-hop music as he mediated. Daryll entered and was bewildered by Rand's meditation. Shutting off the music, Wing asked why Rand wasn't gone. He explained that he was worried about her safety, which was why he stayed. She insisted that she didn't need him to protect her. Rand lectured Wing about the flaws in her style. Annoyed, Wing tried to punch Rand to which he evaded. The two had a brief spar, all the while Rand lectured about her fighting style. Rand easily won the spar, but Wing still insisted that he needed to go. After some persusion, Rand managed to convince Wing to let him stay longer.

File:Joy and Rand.PNG

Rand speaks with Joy Meachum.

Later during the day, Rand waited for Joy outside the Meachum Residence. Now convinced that it was really Danny, Joy sat down with Rand and start conversing and catching up. Invited inside the residence to continue their talk, Joy offers Rand a check for 100 millions of dollars. All he need to do is to change his real name. Disappointed by Joy's request, having come to be acknowledged and accepted by the Meachums who he considered to be his only family left in the world, Rand left the residence in anger.

File:Danny Mournes.PNG

Rand visits his family's gravestones.

After leaving the Meachum's residence, Rand went to visit the Rand Memorial. Taking some time to respect and mourn his parents, Rand noticed that the memorial was well-maintained and someone has been delivering flowers to the Memorial. He asked a nearby gardener about who delivered the flowers. He was directed to the office.

At evening, outside Hogarth, Chao and Benowitz, Rand spotted Jeri Hogarth leaving her firm. When Rand approached closer, Hogarth turned around and threaten to spray Rand with peeper spray. Rand tried to convince Hogarth that he was Danny Rand. He called her by a nickname that he gave her, J-Money. Hogarth is hesitant to believe Rand. He continued by trying to go into more details about their past. Slowly convinced, Hogarth asked Rand a few personal questions. When Rand managed to answer all of them correctly which managed to convinced Hogarth much to her surprise and joy.

Afterwards, they went to the park to continue their talk. Hogarth explained that she had been handling their estate ever since the accident and that includes taking care of the Memorial. Rand thanked Hogarth for her help, to which she said it was a small matter since she was grateful for Wendall Rand for giving her first job. She explained that she had a complicated relation with the Meachum. Hogarth told Rand that they needed to find every possible evidence in order to prove his identity. When Rand asked how much it will cost for Hogarth's service, she gently replied that he didn't need to pay her service beside making sure that her firm will be permanent retainer for Rand Enterprise. Hogarth offered Rand a suite to stay in, in order to keep a low profile, and some money to buy new clothes before leaving.[6]

Seeking Evidence[]

File:Iron Fist.jpg

Rand gives a lesson to Colleen Wing's class.

Returning back to the dojo, Rand witnessed Wing's student practicing. Initially simply witnessing, but when the students started fooling around, old habits from his master's teaching kicked in. Rand grabbed a nearby wooden sword and demanded order and respect among the students. Rand tried to lecture the students. When one student started mocking him, Rand responded by hurting the student. Wing witnessed the act. In Wing's living room, Wing was infuriated by Rand's actions. When Rand retaliated by asking if Wing was training kindergarden students or warriors, Wing retorted that she was trying to provide a safe place for her student who is regularly bullied and beaten by family and bullies. Ashamed, Rand apologized for his actions. Wing once again demanded for him to leave her dojo.

Staying at the suite that Hogarth had provided for him, Rand felt unfamiliar and uncomfortable by this sort of lifestyle. He couldn't sleep on the bed, having spent years sleeping on hard floor. He eventually laid a blanket on the floor near a window in order to comfortably sleep. As he slowly fell asleep, he briefly remembered about his time in K'un-Lun.

Next morning, Rand met up with Hogarth. She informed Rand that his case turned out to be a challenge since there was no evidence about him. Hogarth suspected that the Meachums are behind it. She warned that if they have no definitive proof, they will lose their case. When kids passed by with their skateboard, Rand remembered a time where he was injured using a skateboard.


Rand is attacked by another assassin.

Rand headed over to the hospital where he once visited. When he entered the record room, he meets a man in a suit. Rand asked if he knew anything about his record. When he was briefly distracted, the man punched Rand at the back of his head when a glove fist. The man started dosing the room with Ethyl. Barely keeping himself consciousness, Rand managed to concentrate by focusing on his chi and summoning the Iron Fist. He fought the man. During the fight, the man managed to light the room on fire. As the man ran away, Rand noticed an unconscious woman nearby. He managed to save her in time before the gas exploded and destroyed the records.[6]

Retaking Rand Enterprises[]

Rand went to look for the Meachums. He found them in a restaurant. Angered at the Ward's actions, Rand voiced his disbelief at Ward's. He told Ward that he used to regard him as a brother he looked up to despite his bullying. He asked if Ward really hated him this much. Ward agreed because he insisted that the Danny he knew was dead and he want him to stay that way. After a brief scuffle, Joy breaks the fight. She told Rand that Ward wasn't his brother and she wasn't his sister. Hurt, Rand told them that he have Hogarth's help and they were coming for them. Rand told them that they couldn't deny his birthrights. With that said, Rand left the restaurant.

File:Danny Hogarth.jpg

Rand and Jeri Hogarth put their case forward.

The next morning, Rand and Hogarth met with the Meachums and the Board. The pair managed to prove their case by showing the clay bowl that Rand once made. There was a fingerprint on the bowl that had the exact same match as Rand's. Now with undeniable proof about Danny's identity, there was nothing else to discuss. Ward threatened that he will bury them with motions, delays, discoveries and depositions in order to delay Rand for ten years. Hogarth replied that they will see them in court. As they headed out, Ward criticized Rand's decision for not taking the money. Rand replied that it was his name and that meant something.

As Rand and Hogarth headed for the elevator, Rand saw his father's and Harold's pictures. Looking at Harold's picture, he got curious about the coincidental meeting with Harold back in Hospital. Rand saw Ward going into his office and was talking to someone on the phone.[6]

Harold Meachum's Secret[]

Rand eavesdropped on Ward. He started following Ward to a building. Rand was unable to continue when one of the doors needed finger scanning. Rand went out of a window and started climbing to the next floor. As he was about to enter through a window, he got pushed out.[6] As Rand fell, he barely managed to cling onto a light. He started utter a brief saying to the service to all beings of K'un-Lun before losing his grip, fell down and lost conscious when he hit his head.

When Rand woke up, he was inside a living room. Ward greeted him when he woke up. Ward asked why Rand followed him. Rand realized that Ward was the one who kicked him off the building. Before anything happened, Harold intervened. Rand was stunned and shocked as he realized that Harold was alive and the visit back at the hospital was real. Harold convinced Rand that he had to do it to protect Rand Enterprise. Convinced and happy to see the closest thing to a family and father figure, Rand shared a hug with Harold. He reassured Rand that he was home now.

Harold explained about how he was still alive. After spending three years diagnosed with cancer, he was approaching by some people who gave him a cure. He needed to die first in order to cure him. When Rand asked him about the people who cured him, Harold told him it was The Hand. Rand was shocked at hearing that the Hand was in New York and that they infested Rand Enterprise. Rand explained to Harold that he have never seen them and has only heard about them in fables back in K'un-Lun.

Harold pleaded for Rand to help him get rid of them. He also asked Rand not to tell Joy about it for her own safety. Rand promised but as he was stuck in court, he can't do much. Acknowledging that, Harold told Ward to stop all litigation against Rand and offer him everything as the rightful heir to Rand Enterprise much to Ward's displeasure. Harold informed Rand that the Hand recently made them enclose a deal to the pier, Red Hook. Once that was said and done, Rand and Ward left for the elevator. Inside, Ward warned Rand not to trust Harold, that he was no replacement for his father and that he only cared about himself.[7]

The Billionaire of Rand[]

File:Danny Meachums.jpg

Rand officially announces his return

"I left here, ten years old, on a jet with my parents. We never reached our destination. I lost my family in that crash, and I became the lone survivor. I then was rescued by monks and raised in a monastery, a much different life to what I had here in New York. Ultimately, it taught me the value of life of hard work of never giving up on the things that matter to me. And Rand matters."
―Danny Rand[src]

Later, Rand return to Rand Enterprises wearing a suit and ready for the announcement. Rand had been provided a page for him to read from Joy Meachum. As he read, he told the journalists about how his journey has been long road to get back home to Rand Enterprise. He continued with by saying that his father instilled him a love and respect for the company that has never faded. He talked about the accident that led to the death of his parents and him being the only survivor. He then explained that he was rescued and raised by the Order of the Crane Mother. He ended his speech by saying that his experience has taught him the value of life and hard work, that Rand matters.

The journalists starts asking questions. A journalist from New York Bulletin asked Rand if it was true that he was recently committed to Birch Psychiatric Hospital, to which Rand confirmed. Ward took Rand away before Rand told too much. Once away, Rand asked Joy if she got time to go through the pier deal that she made. When Joy asked why he wanted to know, Rand claimed that he just wanted to get bearings on the situation. Joy told Rand to talk to Megan to book time for a talk. Rand was informed that he could meet Joy in three days time and that he had his first appointment with Hogarth.

They walked into Rand's office that once used to be Wendell Rand's office. Rand looked around the office and remembered the time he used to be there. He even found the stickers that he put under his father's old desk. Hogarth gave several documents for Rand to sign on, in order to affirm her law firms partnership with Rands. As Rand sighed the papers, he asked what his job in the company was. Hogarth explained that while he doesn't have a position, Rand had the strongest voice in the board due to his 51% share of the company. She further clarify that Rand had access to many places in the building due to his status. Before leaving, Hogarth advised Rand to ease up and that he had extraordinary opportunity that shouldn't be wasted.

File:Eight Diagram Dragon Palm.jpg

Rand enters his first board meeting at Rand Enterprises.

Later during the day, Rand joined the Board's discussion about how to sell the cure for leishmaniasis. When the Board suggested that they should raise the price for the medicine, Rand insisted that they should sell the medicine at lower price in order to make sure everyone can afford it. Rand argued that no one should make a profit off the misery of others. Rand made his decision final with his position as the largest stakeholder of the company much to the annoyance and opposition from the Boards member. Joy told Rand that she got time to talk about the pier deal.

As they headed back to Rand's apartment, Joy asked about his life in K'un-Lun. It was then revealed that Joy was the one who gave Hogarth the bowl in order to help Rand regain his company and name. Rand asked Joy if she regretted her decision after the meeting in the afternoon, Joy said that while his decision wasn't wrong, there could have been a better way to convene his decision other than forcing the decision. Rand further questioned why Joy gave the bowl to Hogarth. Joy explained that Rand's return dredge up many feelings and memories about their family. Further she explained that Rand's return made her look on what she had become more deeply and she didn't like it. Rand reassured her that her father would have been proud of her.[7]

Saving Joy Meachum[]

Back at Rand's suite, Rand asked why the company would buy the pier. Joy said that she didn't know about the intention except that Ward insisted for the purchase to be facilitated. Rand asked why Joy didn't questioned the deal, Joy explained that Ward's leadership had led to success in the company and that there was no reason to question his choices. Joy asked why Rand wanted to know. Rand explained with half-truth. Back when he was in K'un-Lun, he worked hard to gain a powerful position (The Immortal Iron Fist) in the monastery. He reminisced how the monks back in the monastery didn't believe he could attain that position. They called him xiaoguliao, a word for outsider. Rand told that when he got the job, he realized that he never thought about why he wanted it.

File:Rand Hallway.PNG

Rand saves Joy Meachum from assassins.

As Rand went to make a drink, Joy went to open the door when someone knocked. Rand was alerted when he heard Joy's scream. Out on the hallway of his apartment, Rand saw Joy getting dragged by thugs wielding hatchets. Using his fighting style and summoning the Iron Fist on one occasion, Rand managed to defeat all of the mobs with ease without receiving an injury. He managed to rescue Joy as he drove the attackers away. Rand overhear the mobs speaking in mandarin about retreating back to the Golden Strand before they flee the scene.

Rand headed to Wing's dojo with Joy. Rand noticed that Wing's injured hand and asked what happened. Wing responded with the same question. Rand asked Wing to look after Joy and for information on where the Golden Strand was. Learning that the mobs wield hatchet, Wing recognized them as Triads and told Rand where to find them. Rand headed off, leaving Joy under Wing's protection.

File:IF Screenshot 4.jpg

Rand makes a deal with Hai-Qing Yang.

Finding the Golden Strand Restaurant, Rand went in to look for the Triads. When a receptionist questioned Rand's presence, Rand explained that he was looking for Yangshi Gongshi. The receptionist signalled the kitchen staff to retreat. Yang entered the scene with his goons. One of the goons told his boss that Rand was the one who bested them all. Yang and Rand introduced themselves. Rand asked why they tried to kidnap Joy. Yang returned the question by asking why Rand Enterprise stole their pier away from them. Yang explained that his gang had a deal with the previous tenant and that Joy's action broke the deal. They wanted to have a word with her. Rand retorted that they wanted to force her to make a new deal. Yang threaten that perhaps they should use Rand to broker a new deal and question if that was Rand's intent to come to his restaurant. Rand answered that he came to warn them not to get near Joy again. Yang questioned why Rand want to keep the pier. Rand answered by saying The Hand. This answer frightened Yang. He hurriedly urged Rand to send their deepest apologies to Joy. When Rand tried to get more answers, Yang left and spoke in mandarin that he wanted them out of Rand Enterprise.

When Rand returned back to the dojo he found Wing teaching Joy. Rand reassured Joy that the Triads won't be a problem anymore. Joy asked how he managed to accomplished that, Rand explained that he simply went to talk to them. Wing inquired if he meant fighting them, Rand maintained that he simply came to an agreement with them. Rand went over help Wing fix her finger, explaining that his master used to fix him back in K'un-Lun. Rand revealed that he knew about Wing's illegal fighting and that he wasn't judging her. He revealed that he used to fight illegal fight clubs on his journey back to New York. Rand told Wing that he was more than willing to fulfill his promise to Wing about paying her rents. Wing maintained her stance, but thanked Rand. With that said, Rand and Joy left the dojo and agreed that they won't tell Ward about the mishap with the Triads.

The next day, Rand meditated and trained in his office when someone knocked on his office door. When he went and opened the door, no one was there except for a small red box. Rand look into the content, he found a message from Yang and a clue in a small paper of heroin on where he should start looking for The Hand. Rand recognized the mark on the drug as the symbol of of Shou-Lao the Undying.[7]

Hunting the Hand[]

Rand started investigating the content of the heroin. He learned from an Rand Scientist, Sandi, that the heroin wasn't opium-based. Sandi explained that every test she had went through revealed that the content was chemical and that there was no need to harvest opium from foreign countries. Sandi further explained that the most amazing accomplishment that the drug wasn't illegal. Rand deduced that anyone can make it in a real lab. Sandi warned that this kind of drug can led to a major epidemic in the city. Rand assured that he will deal with this and thanked Sandi for her assistance.

File:IF Screenshot 3.jpg

Rand shows Ward Meachum the heroin.

Heading to Ward's office, Rand placed the heroin on Ward's table. Rand explained that the drugs was being shipped from Red Hook Pier. Ward was angered that Rand brought drug into his office. Rand explained that he needed to find out what they were dealing with. Ward retorted what made him think this had anything to do with them. Rand explained the situation to Ward. Despite Rand's explanation and the fact that the Hand was using their company to smuggle synthetic heroin into the city, Ward refused to believe or help Rand. Disappointed, Rand left Ward's office, leaving the heroin on his table.

Rand went to talk to Megan. He learned about her job and he asked if she could tell him when the next shipment arrives to Red Hook Pier. Megan guided Rand to the person who had the information he was looking for.

Outside his company building, as Rand read the information that he was given, he was approached by a woman. She said that she had heard about his recent action of lowering the drug price. She showed him a photo of her son. Rand was stunted and inquired. She explained that her son got it from the Rand Chemical Plant near where they lived. Rand was sympathetic to the mother's plight. He apologized and promised to make it right. Unknown to Rand, he was filmed by the mother's lawyer nearby.[8]

Take out with Colleen Wing[]

Later during the day, Rand went to Chikara Dojo and found Wing training Claire Temple. Rand greeted them and Temple recognized Rand from the news. Wing approached and asked if Rand needed something. Rand answered that he just wanted to have a talk with her. She told her that he'll have to wait until she was done. Rand awkwardly replied that he had ordered take-out much to Wing's bewilderment and Temple's amusement. After a brief talk and introduction with Temple, men walked into the dojo with tables and chairs. Wing nervously asked Rand if this was a date, Rand was quick to deny that it was a date, unless Wing wanted it to be, to which she denied as well. Rand explained that this was his father's favorite place and the only take-out he knew. Wing asked Temple to join them for dinner.

Once the tables were set, Rand spoke a brief pray before eating with Wing and Temple. As they began eating, Temple asked about Rand's life in the monastery. Rand spoke about his friend, Davos, his training and his wows. Temple asked why he waited this long to return, Rand explained that the way was closed and that he had to wait until the passage open again. Temple eventually leaves them alone and after asking, took a few takeouts with her.

Now alone, Wing asked why Rand had come. Rand explained that criminals were using his company to ship drugs into the city. When Wing asked why Rand didn't called the police, Rand explained that his company would be held responsible and the criminals would find another way to get their drugs in. Wing asked what he could do, Rand answered that if he could prove to Ward that it was happening, Ward will be forced to help him shut it down. Rand explained that with the shipmentcoming in tonight, he could find evidence there.

Rand asked for Wing's assistance much to her disbelief. Rand keep insisting that Wing wanted this. Just like him, he had trained his entire life for a threat that never arrived. Rand reasoned that if they didn't stop the shipment, people will get hurt which includes Wing's students. When Wing asserted that she will be forced to cancel her class, Rand assured her that she won't have to worry about rents. He revealed that he brought the entire building and he was her new landlord. Wing finally agreed to help and asked Rand to fix the leak under her sink.[8]

Saving the Chemist[]

File:Under Leaf Pluck Lotus.jpg

Rand speaks with Colleen Wing.

As they prepared to head out to the pier, Rand and Wing bonded over their shared expertise with martial weapons. They reached the pier at night and infiltrated it. Wing noticed that the guards were armed with guns. Rand told Wing to follow his lead. Reaching the top of a container, Rand and Wing watched as the guards opened the shipment. When the container revealed nothing of worth, Rand rashly headed down to enter into one of them, leaving Wing to keep watch. Once inside the container, Rand began searching only for the guards to close the container, trapping Rand inside.

File:Another Hand.PNG

Iron Fist furiously fights against King.

Rand went further inside and found a small decorated make-shift living room. He found Radovan Bernivig watching television. When asked, he revealed himself to be a chemist. Before they could talk further, another man rose from the couch. The man started shooting at Rand and a fight insured. During the fight, Radovan was accidentally stabbed by the attacker. Rand grabbed the chemist and summoned his Iron Fist to smack open the backside of the container. He found Wing had stolen a vehicle and followed him. Rand and Radovan jumped onto the car. Once they got Radovan inside, they immediately called for Temple's assistance due to Radovan's wanted status makes hospital visit dangerous.

Back at the dojo, Temple did medical aid on Radovan and managed to maintain his life. Radovan insisted that they have to take him back. He explained that they had his daughter, Sabina. Rand asked who was the kidnappers, Radovan clarify that it was the Hand much to Temple's horror. Rand asked about Temple's knowledge. She warned that Rand had started a conflict with the organisation by taking the chemist. She explained that her colleague was gutted by them and that they tried to kill her as well. The accident and cover up forced Temple to quit her job. Rand asked why the Hand wanted Radovan, he explained that he invented the formular to the heroin and thus the source. Radovan pleaded for Rand to save his daughter and Rand reassured him that he will.

Temple was doubtful that a 'rich kid' would be able to handle this matter and that it required people with special skills. Rand agreed. He explained that he had been training his whole life for this. Temple realized that he was just like the special people she encountered before. She asserted that it was still foolish to go against them alone. Wing assured that Rand wasn't alone and that she was with him.[8]

Search for the Hand[]

File:Danny meditation.png

Rand attempts to meditate to find peace

The next day, Rand meditated in his office. He remembered Thunderer's teaching. His master told him that due to who he was, there will always be forces who raises against him. They will be disguised as friends and strangers and they will watch his every movement. Thunderer explained that's why he won't tolerate any questioning as doubt will lead to death.

Rand looked for all locations of the warehouses that the Hand might be located. He was assisted by Megan. Ward Meachum entered his office and told Megan that he needed to talk to Rand. Once alone, Rand explained his situation, Meachum insisted that there was bigger issues at hand. He asked if Rand had seen the video where he apologized. Rand confirmed that he did and didn't understand why it was a problem. Meachum asked why he didn't follow the path that he laid out for him. He explained that corporate leader do not admit culpability. He also further told Rand that there will be a meeting and they wanted Rand to be there. Rand doesn't have time for a meeting when someone's life was at risk. He told Meachum that they'll be back in time for the meeting. With no other options, Ward reluctantly followed Rand.

Rand and Meachum headed for the fourth warehouse. Meachum was increasingly annoyed and angered by what he consider to be a waste of his time, he frustratingly asked Rand to return back to the company building for the meeting. Rand retorted that he could wait in the car. Entering the warehouse, Rand and Meachum found a container inside the building. When they entered, they found a decapitated head on spike. Rand recognized the head as King who had he fought the night before. Rand found a message written in Chinese and realized that it was an invitation to a challenge.

Returning to the dojo, to check on Radovan Bernivig's staus, Claire Temple explained that Bernivig was dying. Rand told his friends that the Hand had challenged him to a grand duel. He explained that if he defeat them, the Hand must meet his demands. He explained that he had experience the same kind of challenge in K'un-Lun. Although Colleen Wing offered to go with him, Rand insisted that it was only a challenge for him. Rand revealed to them about his title as the Iron Fist. Wing asked why he was doing this. Rand told that ever since he came back to New York City, it wasn't what he thought it was. He felt certain that this was what he was meant to be doing.

Later during the day, Rand meditated and practiced in the dojo. Wing approached and stated that Rand was scared, a statement was Rand disagreed with. Wing wanted to help, but Rand told her to stay and watch over Bernivig. She expressed her worries for Rand's well-being to which Rand promised he will get Sabina Bernivig back and he would not get hurt. Rand was focused and certain that he'll win the challenge. Wing approached and stated that this wasn't a tournament, as Rand losing would mean his death. Once again, Rand reassured Wing that won't happen. Wing asked why he was so confident. Rand recite his master's lesson that doubting will led to death. Wing left Rand alone to continue his meditation. To calm himself and give him courage, Rand recalled and emulated the time when he asked Thunderer about the Legend of a child who fell from the sky who was destined to be their greatest warrior. Soon after, Rand left the dojo to go and face his challengers.[9]

Da Jue Zhan[]

File:Immortal Emerges from Cave.jpg

Iron Fist is greeted by Madame Gao.

"Would you like to choose a weapon?"
"I am the weapon."
"Really? Because weapons don't feel pain. They are meant for one thing and one thing only. To be used by their master."
Scythe and Iron Fist[src]

Rand went to the location where the challenge took place. Entering the Hand's sanctum, Rand spoke into the shadow and accepted the challenge as the Iron Fist from the Holy City of K'un-Lun. He stated his terms. If he wins, the Hand will release Sabina and depart from Rand. Out from the shadows, Madame Gao emerged to welcome the Iron Fist. Gao accepted his terms and she stated her own, if Iron Fist lost but survived, he must remove himself from all of their dealing, a term that Iron Fist accepted.

File:Iron Fist Empire Promo.jpg

Iron Fist defeats the Veznikov brothers.

As per custom of the culture, both Iron Fist and Gao washed their hands before he followed Gao to his challengers. Iron Fist entered the fighting area where he found two twins, Andrei and Grigori Veznikov waiting for him. Iron Fist introduced himself and the twins thought it was a joke. The Twins asked if Iron Fist knew that this was a fight to the death. They further question why the Iron Fist wasn't protecting the gates of K'un-Lun. Both Twins are eager to defeat and kill Iron Fist. After creating a ring by dripping blood on the floor, Gao started the challenge. Initially struggling the Twins' dual assault, Iron Fist quickly gain the advantage by adopting a style that allowed him to hit both twins at once and remembering his master's teaching of focus, Iron Fist defeated the Twins. Afterward, Gao led Iron Fist further inside for his next challenge.

File:Danny in cage.jpeg

Iron Fist overcomes the Bride of Nine Spiders.

Entering the next challenge area, Iron Fist was greeted by the Bride of Nine Spiders who began seducing and distracting Iron Fist. Alessa starts questioning about Iron Fist's intention. If he hide behind the mask of Danny Rand or if that identity had gone long ago. Iron Fist insisted that he was Danny Rand, but the questioning confused and distracted him. Amidst her seduction, Alessa stick a poison needle on Iron Fist's neck. Realizing that his vision was disoritned, Iron Fist started fighting the woman. Alessa continued evading and dodging his attacks as she continued to stick him with needles. Encouraged and remembering Thunderer's teaching, Iron Fist managed to gain one moment of clarity and defeated his opponent with a strong kick to the head.

Gao worriedly announced that the second challenge was won. She asked if Iron Fist was hurt, he insisted that he wasn't. Gao tried to persuade Iron Fist to withdrawn and Iron Fist made it clear that he won't be leaving without Sabina. Weak from the poison, Iron Fist continued to follow Gao as he remembered Thunderer's repeating teaching to him. He remembered the time when Thunderer told him about his decision to enter the cave and face Shou-Lou. He warned him that if he survived, his former self will be destroyed. In his recollection, Thunderer asked if Iron Fist was willing to kill his identity as Danny Rand so the Iron Fist will be born.

File:Danny Rand Martial Arts.jpg

Iron Fist battles against the Scythe.

Iron Fist entered through the door to his final challenge. Gao closed the door behind him. Inside, he found Scythe waiting for him in the shadow. Scythe asked who he was and he mockingly questioned when the real warrior was coming. Frustrated by the continuing childish question from his opponent, Iron Fist mocked him. Scythe asked if he would like to choose a weapon. Iron Fist affirmed that he was the weapon. A grueling battle took place between the two warriors with Scythe using his expertise with weapons to keep Iron Fist on the edge. Iron Fist maintained his focus and kept dodging and evaded the man's deadly attacks, landed a few hits as he did.

As the fight continued, Iron Fist took the battle to a room filled with metal bars. Eventually it led to another room where Gao was waiting. Iron Fist gained more focus and encouragement as he remembered his master's words. Having achieved a single-minded focus from the fights, Iron Fist fought the Scythe with extraordinary concentration that time seemed to slow down. Using his powers, Iron Fist broke the Scythe's weapons with ease and struck him down the ground.

Before Iron Fist could finish the fight, Gao warned him not to strike him down. Gao held Sabina Bernivig hostage and at knife point. She warned him that he strikes Scythe down, Gao would murder Bernivig. She stated that Iron Fist withdrawn from the duel and the young girl will be spared. Iron Fist denounced Gao's action as dishonorable only for the old woman to scoffed why she should care for honour. Imagining Thunderer lecturing and telling him that his purpose was to destroy the Hand and the girl was unimportant. Tormented, Iron Fist continue to remember Thunderer's words that he belonged to him and he should finish it.

Ultimately, Rand withdraw from the duel, unable to risk an innocent person's life. Gao kept her promise and released Bernivig. She stated that she never believed that she'll meet another Iron Fist in her lifetime. She asked why Rand left K'un-Lun for New York City as it was obvious that he didn't came to destroy the Hand. Rand asked who she was and Gao introduced herself properly. Gao asked about the katsura tree in the center of the K'un-Lun Square. From this statement, Rand quickly deduced that she had been to K'un-Lun.

Gao asked why he chose to leave Heaven, Rand refused to answer her question and started leading Bernivig out. Gao made it known that she was interested in how Rand's mind works and wondered if K'un-Lun really changed that much. Rand claimed that they still taught honour. When Gao spoke Wendell Rand's name, Rand demanded to know how she knew his father. Gao responded by pushing him back with a mysterious force. As Rand left the sanctum, he looked back and imagined his master, Thunderer looking at him with utter disappointment before turning his back on him.[9]

New Love, A New Target[]


After his duel against the Hand's fighters, Rand returned to Harold Meachum's Hidden Apartment. When he arrived, he found Meachum threatened by two strangers. Taking advantage of Rand's arrival, Meachum quickly grabbed the nearest knife and started the men. Rand went to his assistance and managed to defeat them, although he was dismayed when Meachum used lethal force to dispatch the men.

Meachum insisted that he had no choice as they would have killed him. Meachum asked why he didn't summon the Iron Fist, Rand explained that he couldn't as he used up his chi in the tournament. Rand further explain that he almost won but Madame Gao changed the rules, which forced him to withdraw. Meachum explain that it didn't matter now. The Hand was on to them. Rand asked about Gao, Meachum explained that he was the one who he made the deal with. Rand told that Gao knew about his father, to which Meachum claimed that Wendell Rand never told him.

Rand informed Meachum that he wanted to know about what she knew. Meachum warned Rand not to play into her manipulation. Rand asked what they need to do with the bodies, Meachum said that he would take care of them. But first, he needed to act and made sure that the attacker's original task was accomplished. Rand watched in horror as Meachum cut off his finger.[10]

Blossoming Relationship[]

Rand returned back to Colleen Wing's dojo to get his wound treated and to inform her about what happened. As Wing helped stitch up Rand's wounds, he wondered if he should go to the hospital instead. Wing told him that it wasn't safe due to Radovan Bernivig was taken away when her and Claire Temple went to the hospital in an attempt to save his life. After the wounds are stitched, Wing made sure if he got more injuries. Rand lamented that he lost the fight, but he didn't have a choice, as Sabina's life was on the line. Rand told her that he intend to find out what Madame Gao knew about his father. Wing asked what if Gao was lying and that she was just trying to make him confused and distracted.

As Wing finished cleaning up his wounds, Rand received a message from Temple that Sabina Bernivig has been taken to safety. Rand and Wing sat down to have a drink. Rand reminisced about a time when Brother Kuo would harvest plums every summer to make wine. He told Wing a story when he and Davos went to sneak in at night to drink Brother Kuo's wine. Wing asked for another story about K'un-Lun, Rand sadly replied that there weren't many great memories to tell.

Then Wing asked about the tattoo on his chest. Rand explained that it wasn't a tattoo, but the mark of the Iron Fist. Wing continued to ask, as she still didn't understood what that meant. Rand tried explaining that it was a unique force that was used to protect K'un-Lun. It is a power that had been passed down from generation to generation. Wing asked why Rand was chosen to receive the power. Rand answered that he wasn't chosen but that he earned it. Wing inquired further about his powers. Rand explained that it allowed him to harness his chi, which gives him enhanced strength and focus. Wing asked if he could show it, Rand replied that he couldn't. She wondered if Rand believed that she couldn't handle the sight and if she was too weak. Rand gently praised that she was the strongest person he had ever met. Wing lamented that she wasn't strong enough to protect Radovan, Rand didn't blame or fault her for that.

Wing asked if Rand would keep fighting the Hand. Rand affirmed that he couldn't quit now. As Rand rose up to leave, Wing insisted that he should stay. Rand tried to decline as he'll need to head to the Rand Enterprises office tomorrow. Then Wing grabbed his hand. Wing tenderly replied that she wanted him to stay. Looking one another in the eyes, having developed feelings for one another, Rand and Wing shared and kiss and spend the night together.

The next morning, Rand woke up first to watch and listen to the stillness of New York City. Wing woke up and went to stand with him. Rand tenderly told Wing that he enjoyed the night he spend together with her, Wing agreed as well. Wing told Rand that he didn't need to hide himself behind his mask of bravery. She assured Rand that he can be honest with her. Smiling, Rand shared a kiss with her, their new relationship ignited.[10]

An Unexpected Visit[]

Rand returned back to Rand Enterprises where he asked Megan to find any old files about his father that mention the name Madame Gao. As he was speaking Joy Meachum approached Rand and wanted him to come with her. Inside the board meeting room, Meachum informed Rand that she has written him a statement for his recent action. As Rand read the document, he noted it sounded like an apology. Meachum insisted it is the first step to restore their company's image. Rand questioned what will happen to the plant. Meachum seemed indifferent about Rand's question. Rand stated that it might make people sick and Meachum replied that they have no idea what is causing it and the EPA cleared them.

Rand asserted that fifteen cases of cancer wasn't a coincidence. Frustrated, Meachum professed that she cared about what was happening to these people. But she also cared about the company and she felt she was the only one who cared at this point. Meachum informed Rand that she had no idea where Ward was. She further criticized Rand's action of not showing up at meetings and when he did, he was beat up. Meachum reminded Rand fought hard to get into the company and now it was the time to start working.

At the same time, Gao entered the floor from the elevator much to Rand's shock. Rand excused himself from Meachum and went into his office to find Gao placing a plant on his furniture. Gao chided Rand that he needed to take better care of himself. She disliked his office and the lack of harmony. Rand asked how she got in. Gao smiled and explained that she had been in Rand far longer than he had. She also declared that she didn't intend to leave any time soon. When Rand approached closer, Gao quickly raised her hand to stop him. She cautioned Rand about attacking an old woman in his own office and in front of his employees. Rand insisted that he passed her test and she knew what he was capable of.

Maintaining her calm posture, Gao was not threatened by Rand's words as she had seen another carried the title of the Iron Fist. She further explained that the other Iron Fists were fierce and would had never backed down from a grand duel just to save a girl. Rand asked how she knew his father. Gao continued her monologue. She claimed that she had been alive long enough to see the world change in many ways. But she noted that this present change felt significant. She mentioned The Devil of Hell's Kitchen and The man with unbreakable skin and now an Immortal Weapon who had left K'un-Lun and abandoned his duty. She wondered in the current of change, if they could be something different instead of mortal enemies.

Gao deduced after the event of last night that Rand did not leave K'un-Lun under orders to hunt the Hand, but he left on his own free will because he wanted to be Danny Rand. Gao said why didn't simply just enjoy the life that he came so far for. Gao stated to Rand that she needed his company, but the spoil will be Rand to enjoy. She suggested Rand to buy a yacht or go to fancy restaurant with his friend, Colleen Wing and Claire Temple. Rand realized Gao came to the office to stop Rand's crusade against the Hand by threatening to hurt his friend. Gao warned that New York City was no place for the Iron Fist. She approached closer and placed a hand on Rand's cheek. She chillingly told Rand that this was the best offer she'll give him. When Rand tried to ask Gao about his father, the old woman simply chuckled. She walked out of the office and reminded Rand to water his plant.[10]

Investigating Gao[]

File:Felling Tree with Roots.png

Iron Fist prepares to follow Madame Gao

Rand watched as Madame Gao left and headed for the elevator. He noted that she used a Rand Enterprises card. Determined to get his answers, Rand opened the elevator doors with pure strength. Summoning his powers, Rand used the Iron Fist to grab the elevator cable and follow elevator's descent. He managed to land on the elevator undetected. Once Gao and her guards were out, Rand entered into the elevator from the ceiling. Noticing he was on floor 13th, Rand began sneaking further inside the floor as he looked for Gao.

Rand eavesdropped on Gao talking to her assistant who informed her how their drugs will be distributed. He further learned that Radovan Bernivig was almost ready to give up the formula and that they'll start mass producing soon. Rand further heard that Gao will dispatch the Hatchet Men soon. Once Gao and her guards left, Rand went to interrogate the assistant. After a brief struggle, Rand managed to subdue her. Rand calmed down when he realized that the woman was scared and she didn't had a choice. Rand warned that she couldn't go back to Gao as she killed the last person who tried to defeat him. Rand managed to convince the woman to help him by giving the password to the tablet she was using.[10]

Company Decision[]

Returning back to the office floor, as Megan informed Rand about his meeting and he couldn't appear with his dirty suit. As Rand changed dress, Megan revealed that she only found one box of his father's documents and inside there was only an envelop that had Wendell's member card. Rand asked Megan if she thought this was a good company. When Megan agreed, Rand led the question over to the plants. After some persisting, Megan simply revealed that her mother lived in Staten Island. Rand declared that he will make a few phone calls.

Rand entered the Board meeting. Joy Meachum gave Rand the statement for him to read. Rand told the board that he was aware that some weren't happy with him, but stood firm that until they could be absolutely sure, they will be shutting the plants in Staten Island. He also said that they should keep everyone on payroll so no one lost their job when the power plant closed. Lawrence Wilkins told Rand that this isn't how business was done and not how his father would have wanted.

Rand retorted that his father was gone and his father once told him that if there was something worth fighting for, one should stand and fight. One Board member remind Rand that he may got a voice but it was just a courtesy. Wilkins further reminded that he shouldn't expect anyone to listen to someone who got their MBA from a monastery. Joy went to Rand's defence. Wilkins kept pressing that Rand had the imagination of a child. Rand revealed that he already called Karen Page from New York Bulletin. She had already written the article for the front page tomorrow. With that said, Rand excused himself from the board. Cornered, the Board could only comply to Rand's demands much to their frustrations.[10]

Alliance with the Hatchet Men[]

Later, Rand went back to Harold Meachum and gave him the tablet. They found numbers and shipments on heroin. Rand asked Meachum if he knew about the 13th floor. Meachum replied that had he known, he would had charged her rents. Meachum maintained that he had always been honest with him. Rand couldn't believe that all this time, the Hand were using Rand Enterprises. Meachum assured that's why they were doing this to make Rand honest again. Looking through the files, they learned that there was a warehouse where the Hand might possibly be manufacturing their drugs. Rand was certain that Radovan Bernivig was there and wanted to save him. Meachum advised Rand that he needed an army. He further suggested that he should focus on defeating Madame Gao and not save Bernivig.

After meeting with Meachum, Rand went over to Colleen Wing's dojo and found her graduating Darryl. Rand waited till Wing was finished with her students. He had come to warn Wing about the Hand's knowledge of her whereabouts and her connection with him as well as Temple. Wing assured that she could handle herself and then asked about Bernivig. Rand told her that he knew where he was and he had a plan, but a risky one. Wing maintained that she will help him. He then told her that they need to head out immediately. When Wing questioned where they were heading, Rand assured her that they go and get their allies.

Later, Rand and Wing went to had a talk with Hai-Qing Yang and his gang. They tried to convince them that they can fight together and end the Hand's operation. Yang doubted that they'll succeed and questioned why they should attack now. Rand explained that he had heard about Gao's intention to wipe the Hatchet Men out. Also Rand further pressed that the Hand feared him and joining force with him, they'll feared them too.

With the alliance formed, the Hatchet Men went and assault the warehouse, providing a distraction for Rand and Wing to sneak further inside. They found Bernivig, sitting on a chair and dying. The man asked for his daughter. Rand assured him that she was fine and safe. Rand asked for Gao. Bernivig asked for forgiveness. He revealed that he told her about how to make the heroin. Before dying, he revealed that Gao was in Anzhou. To Rand's horror, it was the same location that him and his parents went on the flight that claimed their lives.[10]

Grim Discovery[]

Rand headed back to Harold Meachum's residence. On the way, Rand tried to call and warn Claire Temple about the danger, unknown to him that she was off taking a shower and there was already someone there. He left a voice message to warn her about the danger from Madame Gao's men. When he entered the apartment, he didn't find Meachum except for a pool of blood in his office. Expecting the worst had happened, Rand heard someone entering the apartment. When he went to face the newly arrival, it turned out to be Ward Meachum.

After some initial scolding from him, Ward saw the pool of blood and was in a state of horror and shock. Ward asked why it happened. Rand blamed himself because it was his action that led to Harold's death. He thought that stopping Gao would end this. Ward berated Rand for not thinking things through and his action led to his father's death. Rand apologized for his action, Ward mocked and called Rand a cancer. Remorseful, Rand left with the tablet. Unknown to Rand, Ward was the one who killed Harold in a fit of rage.

A Reckless Plan[]

Regrouping with Colleen Wing and Claire Temple, Rand declared his intention to go to China. He explained that there was a Hand factory in Anzhou and he was convinced that it was not a coincidence that him and his parents were heading there and it led to the plane crashing. Rand explained that his father never visited foreign areas and that he must had suspected something to go there. Wing asked if Madame Gao was responsible for the plane crash. Rand was only certain that Gao would punish anyone who crossed her. Temple warned that his plan was reckless and it could be a trap. Rand insisted if there was even a small chance that he'll get the answer to his questions over the accident, he must take it.

Rand made his decision clear. He will go to Anzhou and hopefully end the Hand's incursion over their lives. Wing said that she will go with him. Rand protested, only for Wing to remind him that the last time he went alone, he got bruised and beaten. Temple also stated that she'll join him. She was tired of running and being helpless. Temple asked what Rand's plan was. He could only think tracking her down and take her captive. When Temple questioned that plan, Rand made an outburst. Realizing his disrespect, he apologized to his friends.

The group went on Rand's private jet and headed to China. Along the way, Temple was reading letters, Wing was sleeping and Rand was checking the tablet. When the plane started shaking, his trauma kicked in. He managed to calm himself and Temple approached. She was looking at his IPod, noting Rand's taste for old school music. Rand explained that he had the device since he was ten. Temple inquired about Rand's relationship with Wing. Rand was puzzled and blushed by her question. Temple quickly deduced the nature of their relationship and lightly teased.

Rand asked Temple if she got a boyfriend. Temple denied that. Rand said that he had seen her read the letter several time and the writing was distinctly not feminine. Temple explained that he presently wasn't available. Temple asked Rand if he found out that Gao did indeed killed her parents, if he was going to do anything foolish. Rand tried to hide it by explaining that he had trained 15 years to control his emotions. Rand then claimed that if he really did kill her, then he would only be fulfilling his duty as Iron Fist. Temple questioned if that justify murder. Rand argued that he sworn to protect the people of K'un-Lun. Temple made it clear that killing was wrong no matter what. Nearby, Wing questioned if Temple would feel the same way if someone killed her parents. Temple claimed that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Temple acknowledged that she wasn't special, but she had seen enough people die to understand the value of life.

The discussion stopped when the plane started shaking again. Rand was immediately under distress. Temple assured that turbulence wasn't dangerous, Rand retorted that his mother told her the same thing before she was ripped out of the plane. Temple quickly apologized. Rand stated he knew the fact, but his head was running wild. Temple told Rand to forget the fact and tell them how he felt. She wanted him to let all of his thoughts out in order to divert his focus somewhere else.

Rand told his friends about the accident. He watched his parents die and he lost unconsciousness from there. He recalled finding his father's corpse and the monks taking him in. After some struggle, Rand eventually calmed down. Eventually their plane landed on their destination

Pursuing Gao[]

File:Iron Fist Coleen Wing Claire Temple.jpg

Rand waits for Madame Gao's arrival

Once they arrived to Anzhou, the group headed for the facility that the Hand was located. While they waited for an opening, Colleen Wing shared a bit about her past with Rand. Eventually, Wing suggested a way to get information. She went and talked to a blind beggar. Based on his information, they learned that the guards and slaves left on the evening. Rand suggested that they sneak in and burn the place to the ground. Claire Temple questioned the plan. Rand replied that this was a way to force Madame Gao out of her hiding. Once the work force left, Rand and Wing sneaked inside while Temple stayed behind.

After dispatching a guard, they went inside the drug lab. Wing noted that the symbol on the heroin resembled Rand's chest tattoo. He explained that it was the same symbol but made in mocking by stamping it on heroin. Rand started pouring flammable substance on the lab. Wing questioned if Rand really planned to capture Gao. Rand reasoned that this wasn't the time to talk about it, Wing said that Gao was going to keep destroying people's lives if she stayed alive. Rand answered that he wasn't sure what will happen, but if Gao was responsible for his parents' death, he will kill her. He confessed to Wing that the prospect scared him. She related that she also felt out of control when she fought in the fighting ring and she had always been in control. Rand asked what changed and Wing answered that she met him. Confused, Rand asked if it was his fault. Wing teased that everything was his fault.

Iron Fist vs Drunken Fist[]

Meanwhile Madame Gao and her guards headed back to the lab. Claire Temple warned Rand and Colleen Wing by hitting on the car horn. They immediately went to hide. Rand told Wing to go and find Temple while he went after Gao. Rand followed Gao to another building in the area. There was a drunken man named Zhou Cheng who guarded the entrance door. Rand watched as the drunk led Gao and her men in. Rand approached and woke the man up in his drunken stupor. Believing him to be another beggar, Rand tried to bride the man to sleep elsewhere.

Annoyed, Cheng told Rand that he was comfortable here and he advised him not to force him. Rand reasoned that he didn't want to fight him. Chuckling, Cheng introduced himself as a disciple of Ch'i-Lin and sworn defender of the Hand. Rand asked why his master insisted him to drink this much. Cheng explained that while others chased the dragon, he'll need to keep his sedated. He further explained that bad thing will happen if he doesn't. Cheng cheerfully said that since they were going to fight, they might as get started.

With no other option, Rand accepted the challenge. Both fighters bowed and immediately started their duel. Cheng proved to be a formidable opponent. His drunken fist style made his movement chaotic and unpredictable for Rand. Cheng taunted Rand. He thought the Iron Fist was a great warrior and compared his style as childish. Angered, Rand retaliated that only a man fight with his mouth when his fists were lacking. Resuming a different stance, they resumed their fight. As they kept fighting, Cheng continued mocking and taunting Rand, the drunken fighter succeeded in damaging and made Rand puke blood. After using a more aggressive style, Rand succeed in landing a few hits on Cheng.

The Hand Fighter grabbed a new bottle of wine. He continued taunting Rand. Just like him, he swore a vow, but he remained true to it. Rand snapped back that he was trying to end the greatest threat to his people. Cheng retorted that his intention was to punish and not protect. Cheng told Iron Fist that he was only wearing his oath like a mask and asked Iron Fist where was the honor in that. When Cheng threw his bottle at him, Iron Fist immediately grabbed the bottle and smacked it at his opponent's head. With an opening finally clear, Iron Fist punched Cheng through the entrance door. In his fury, Iron Fist began savagely punched his opponent to a bloody pulp. He finally stopped when Temple and Wing appeared and urged him to stop.

Confronting Gao[]

Rand dismayed and remorseful for nearly killing Zhou Cheng in his rage, stepped away as Claire Temple went to check on him. Rand worriedly asked if Cheng was okay, only for Temple to ask Rand if he looked okay. Temple reminded Rand that he said that he had it under control. Still shaken and alarmed, Rand could only respond that he thought he did.

Then Madame Gao appeared to greet Rand. She advised that anger was a gift if he knew how to control it. She spoke that it will be her privilege to teach him. Rand insisted that he don't want to hurt Gao. He told the old woman that he simply just wanted to know what happened between his father and her. Gao inquired if that's what driven him to this state. Rand theorized that his father tried to shut the place down and that's why she stopped him. Gao chided that a shot in the dark rarely found its target. Rand asked if she denied it, only for Gao to responded if he would believe her if she did.

File:Rand Defends.PNG

Iron Fist fights Madame Gao's soldiers

When Rand tried to approach closer, Gao raised her hand and warned Rand. If he submitted to her, she'll promise that Colleen Wing and Temple will be granted a merciful death. Rand stated he'll die before he let her touch them. Gao only responded that she couldn't allow Rand to do that before she ordered her men to attack Temple and Wing. A brief fight ensured, but the group managed to defeat Gao's guards.

Temple noticed that the guard's weapon were poisoned when they started reacting to it. Rand recognized the poisoned veins on the guards resembled how the deceased pilots looked years ago, Rand realized that Gao was indeed responsible for the accident. Absolutely furious at Gao for being responsible for his parent's death, the Iron Fist burned brightly as he charged toward the panicked woman. Ultimately Rand spared Gao's life. He had smacked the door behind Gao. Taking Gao captive, Rand told his friends that they were leaving.

Looking for Answers[]

Having taken Madame Gao captive, they brought her back to New York City and tied to a chair in Chikara Dojo. His companions questioned Rand's decision to bring Gao back to the dojo. He told his friends that he won't be turning Gao over to the New York City Police Department until he found out exactly what she knew despite Claire Temple's suggestion that they should take her over to the police. Gao asked if they truly believe that's where she'll end up if she was delivered. Rand pressed Gao to tell him what the connection between his father and the Hand. Gao questioned why he was asking for things that happened 15 years ago when he had more pressing concerns. In anger, Rand nearly punched Gao before Colleen Wing told him to stop.

Wing and Temple took Rand away to talk to him in private. Temple asked what they were doing and reminded that Gao was part of the Hand. Rand insisted that he knew what he was doing. But Temple addressed that Rand was close to torture Gao. Rand reasoned that he had to know why his father had something to do with the Hand. Wing questioned the motive of that when it won't change how he felt for him. Wing said that Rand already knew that she was responsible and asked why it wasn't enough. Rand asked why they were imposing him, Wing replied that they didn't want him to do something he would regret. Temple got an idea that they take truth serum from Rand Lab and use it to get their answers. Rand agreed.

Rand returned to Rand Enterprises and broke into the lab to look for the truth serum. As he looked, he was discovered by Sandi. She told him that he wasn't allowed there anymore. Rand told Sandi that he needed her help and she reluctantly agreed.

Eventually Rand returned to the dojo and found Wing on her bed. She was sick. Wing insisted that she was simply having a flu from their trip to China. Wing urged him to focus on interrogating Gao. Temple immediately went to prepare a dose of the truth serum. Rand went over to Gao and asked if she was afraid of needle. Gao simply replied that he was about to face something that he was completely unprepared for. Rand taunted if she got something scarier than a dragon in a cave. Gao simply smiled and replied that she did. After injecting the dose, Gao initially laughed if that was all they gave her. Then the serum started working and Gao dozily asked what she was doing there.

Rand started asking his questions about how she knew his father. Gao answered that she knew Heather Rand and she introduced Heather to Wendell. She talked about how Heather was so easy to manipulate, but Wendell didn't want to make a deal. Then she went over to Harold. Before Rand could question Gao further, she fell asleep. Before Rand and Temple could discuss it further, Wing stumbled out of her room. She fell to the floor. Rand and Temple went by her side. They immediately found out that she had been poisoned from a cut injury back in Anzhou. Temple wasn't able to help her when she didn't know the poison.

Then Gao revealed that she had been faking asleep and lying the whole time. The truth serum did not work on her. She chided them and asked if they really thought the drug would work on her. She boasted that she spent most of the 17th century being interrogated. Rand pressed for what poison her men used, but Gao refused to answer. Wing urged Rand to call someone. To call her 'sensei'. Rand called only for no one to pick up. Rand could only leave a voice message.

Saving Colleen Wing[]

Later as they waited, Rand tried to reassure Wing that they'll get out of here. Gao mocked them as children. Eventually someone was approaching. Gao taunted Rand that his time was over and he was going to watch his friends die because of him. Gao's men threw a smoke bomb into the dojo and broke the ceiling to enter. The armed men entered and a fight ensured. Rand briefly summoned his Iron Fist to break one of the guard's weapons. They succeed in defeating the guards. Temple noticed that they weren't ninja but military men. Gao made Rand an offer. If Rand escorted Gao to safety, she will make sure that Temple was given the antidote to cure Wing. Rand was urged not to listen to her from Wing.

Rand and Temple tried to find a way to help Wing, but they were perplexed. While this was happening, a man knocked on the door. Wing recognized the voice and urged them to open the door. Rand approached and asked how he got in when the soldiers were everywhere. The man claimed that he had taken care of Gao's men. He showed proof when a soldier hanged out from the window. Gao was distressed when she saw the man and told him that he had no business there and to leave. Rand opened the door for the man.

File:Bakuto Danny Healing.png

Rand follows Bakuto's lessons on healing

The man introduced himself as Bakuto. He urged Rand to heal her with the Iron Fist. Gao claimed that Rand was about to fall into a trap that he won't escape from. Rand doesn't understand what Bakuto wanted him to do. Bakuto realized he wasn't taught this, he told Rand to summon his powers. Guided by Bakuto, Rand managed to use the Iron Fist to burn the poison. Rand succeeded in saving Wing's life, but the technique drained him. Afterward Bakuto's men entered and took Rand and Gao away.

As Rand got brought into their vehicle and driven away with Bakuto and Wing, another man observed the situation and calmly followed.

Revelation, Reunion and Retaliation[]

Bakuto's Organisation[]

Rand woke up. He was in a bed in a calm and peaceful room. He found Colleen Wing sleeping beside him. After affectionately caressing her, Wing woke up. Rand asked Wing where they were. Wing reassured him that they were in a safe location and her home. After exchanging a few tender words, they kissed.

File:IF Screenshot 2.jpg

Rand explores Bakuto's base

Afterward, both Rand and Wing went out to explore the compound. Wing explained that she came here when she returned from Japan. Rand asked if this place was a monastery or school, Wing replied that it was something of both. Wing explained that it was a safe place for people who needed a home. She explained that Bakuto was the sensei for everyone in the compound. She told Rand that Bakuto and his students were her family. Bakuto, who was training his student, went to greet pleasantly. He asked how Rand was feeling and Rand assured he was okay. He thanked Bakuto for showing how to heal Wing. Bakuto asked if he was ready to recharge his chi. Rand was confused and explained that his training went sideways. Bakuto taught Rand a different meditation technique. After that was done, Bakuto and Rand started heading toward the office to have a private talk.

Rand asked Bakuto about his organisation and why Wing didn't spoke about him. Bakuto answered that she was simply protective. Bakuto answered that their organisation take people in who needed help in life. As they talked, their conversation led to Madame Gao. Bakuto told Rand that she was currently in solidarity until they are certain it was safe to hand her over to the authority. As they headed toward the office, Rand noticed a compound with armed guards.

When they entered Bakuto's office, Rand noticed an ominously familiar knife. Slightly alerted, Rand continued his conversation with Bakuto. The man praised Rand for his recent action in Rand Enterprises. With how the world was run by companies, it was good to have a man who understand moral values. Bakuto was certain that Rand would turn his company around.

Bakuto showed Rand a recording back in 1948. He explained that during World War II a group of Chinese soldiers got lost in the mountain. There the soldier encountered the Iron Fist. Rand watched as the recording showed a fully-trained and realized Iron Fist who dominated his opponents. Rand turned to Bakuto and asked why he was so interested in the Iron Fist. He explained that he had spent his entire life listening to the masters' stories about Immortal Weapon. He became obsessed with learning about the powers of the Iron Fist. Bakuto offered a partnership with Rand, but Rand was uncertain.

After his talk with Bakuto, Rand received a call from Joy Meachum who then gave the phone to an alive Harold Meachum. Rand learned that Joy knew about her father's secret. Rand informed Harold about Gao and Bakuto. Unknown to Rand, his call was tracked by Bakuto and his men.

As Rand kept exploring the area, he was greeted by Darryl. He asked if Rand was joining them and Rand answered that he was thinking about it. Darryl was receptive to the prospect. Rand learned from Darryl that he enjoyed staying in the organisation and he was well-treated and the quality of life was great. Rand learned that there are a few areas they weren't allowed to go as well as curfew.

Terrible Discovery[]

Still mystified by his surroundings and looking for answers, Rand sneaked into the compound protected by guards. He eventually managed to find where Madame Gao was located. Rand approached Gao's cell. There was a video communication outside her cell that showed her. The old woman rose from chair and approached the camera to greet Rand. He told her that he was glad that Gao finally got what she deserved. Gao replied that punishment was juvenile and boring. Rand told her that it wasn't for him and Gao chided Rand for his childish thinking. Rand replied that at least he wasn't in prison. Gao asked Rand if this looked like prison.

Gao berated that he offered Rand freedom and lenience to live his life however he chose. Instead, he pursued, kidnapped her and then ran directly into slavery. She called Rand an idiot. In disbelief, Rand stated that she was baiting him with insult. Gao told Rand that she was only treating him with respect by being who she truly was and not everyone around him was the same. Rand did not believe her. Gao warned Rand that 'they' were stealing his ability to trust. Rand questioned who. With a smile, Gao replied the Hand. Shocked, Rand asked what she was talking about. Gao urged Rand to open his eyes and question where he was.

Then Bakuto appeared. He acknowledged that Rand found what he was looking for. Rand defended that he was only looking for some answers to which Bakuto replied that he won't find them here. Bakuto led Rand out of the compound and back to Rand's and Wing's bedroom where Wing was waiting.

Wing could see that something was troubling Rand. She approached and asked. Rand answered that he went to talk to Gao and how she continued to manipulate him. He told Colleen Wing how Gao made him question everything. He told Wing that Gao told him that they were in the Hand. Rand told Wing that the knife he saw in Bakuto's office was a Hand Ceremonial Knife. When Wing was silent at first then she revealed that he wanted to tell him from the beginning, proving that Gao was speaking the truth and Wing was a member of the Hand.

Shocked, confused and then devastated by Wing's deception, Rand had a hard time listening to Wing as she tried to explain. He furiously stated Wing that the Hand were murderers and killers. Wing defended the denunciation and explained that it was all Gao's action. She was part of a rogue faction committed criminal activity that destroyed lives. Rand didn't accepted the story. He sorrowfully told Wing that she had been lying to him the whole time. Then Rand start questioning if Wing was ordered by Bakuto to meet him in the park. Wing denied it.

He further asked if she was ordered to allow Rand to stay in the dojo. Wing tried to reassure Rand that there wasn't a conspiracy. Rand gave Wing a chance to explain it to him, since all he was hearing right now were lies. Wing claimed that she already met him and already developed feeling for him. Rand asked if that was before or after she learned about him being the Iron Fist. Wing insisted it was before. Still unable to trust her, Rand asked if it was Bakuto's idea to sleep with him and recruit him into the hand. Once again, Wing denied it. Rand retorted that the only reason why people were interested in him was because of the fist.

Rand mournfully asked why Wing lied to him. Wing strongly replied that's because Rand had been brainwashed. She urged Rand to think about every time someone mention the Hand, he goes off to fight them with a reckless and rashed attitude. She further reasoned that he grew up in a place hearing only one story about the Hand no one questioned it. Wing told him that they were lies forced upon him by people who lived in the past. She urged Rand to consider the possibility that they got the story wrong. Bitterly, Rand reminded Wing that the Hand killed his family. Feeling utterly betrayed by someone he loved and trusted, Rand left Wing alone.

An Unexpected Reunion[]

Later at night, Rand tried mediating in his room while Colleen Wing was sleeping. Hearing some instinctive chatter that gained his attention, Rand went to investigate. He found his way down a basement. There he found cameras, monitors and voice tracking from all the locations he had been, including the Chikara Dojo and Harold Meachum's penthouse. In absolute fury, Rand destroyed the monitors. Bakuto emerged and expressed his disappointment as he hoped that Rand wouldn't take the bait. Rand angrily rebuked Bakuto for keep lying to him. The man only replied that he was simply testing Rand to which he failed. Furious, Rand began fighting Bakuto and defeated him.

Now that he knew the Hand's intentions were malevolent and that he needed to escape, Rand began heading out. Only to encounter a few students who were there to stop him. Before a fight began, Davos appeared and ended it. He chastised Rand for being the worst Iron Fist ever before moving ahead. Confused by his best friend's appearance, Rand followed him.

As the two friends moved ahead, Davos explained Lei Kung tasked him to bring Rand home. He asked who the people were, Rand answered that they were the Hand. The alarm started and guards started appearing. Rand and Davos faced the guards and managed to fend them off. They hurried outside. Once outside, Davos advised Rand to summon the fist and smack through the gate to get out. Rand warned that they'll be seen. Davos said that he'll hold them off. Seeing that Rand was still tensed, Davos tried to calm him down by reminding his friend that stealing apples from Master Q'uon was harder.

They charged toward the gate. Darryl appeared to block their path. Rand tried to convince Darryl to let them pass. During the scuffle, Rand was stabbed by Bakuto. An act witnessed by Wing. When Davos broke Darryl's leg, Rand tried to help him before Davos convinced him otherwise. The two friends reached the gate and Davos urged Rand to summon his fist. Rand find himself unable to summon his powers. As more and more guards arrived, the situation got worse. Bakuto calmly explained that Rand's anger, pain and confusion had destroyed his chi, leaving him unable to access it.

File:Open Heart.jpg

Iron Fist battles all of Bakuto's soldiers

Enraged, Rand charged ahead to face his opponents. Both Rand and Davos faced the swarm of Hand cultists. Fighting together in excellent coordination and back to back, Rand and Davos kept the Hand at bay. In the midst of their fight, someone opened the gate for them to escape through. Davos prevented Rand from keep fighting his opponents as more reinforcement appears. They both went through the gate. A few cultist followed them through the gate as it closed again. Davos quickly dispatched them, as Rand turned and saw Wing in the control room, having opened the gate for them to escape. Confused, before Rand could talk to her, Davos insisted that they'll need to keep moving. The two managed to escape the Hand's compound

They reached the city in the early morning. Rand and Davos walked on an empty street. Davos told that he won't be able to get to the airport in his current state and that he needed get stitched up. Rand refused. Davos reminded Rand that the path to K'un-Lun was open and that he wasn't there to protect it. Rand insisted that he couldn't just leave. Davos pointed out that he had no trouble leaving them. Davos reprimanded Rand for leaving them. His friend hoped that Rand would return. He told Rand that the people of K'un-Lun needed to know why they were abandoned. Davos continued that they should head back and submit to Thunderer who can hopefully restore Rand. Otherwise his life might be in danger.


Rand and Davos hid in an empty parking lot. Davos urged that they should hurry return to K'un-Lun so his father, Lei Kung, could restore his chi. Rand asked how his old master was. Rand asked if he was pissed off over his action. His friend replied that he was troubled, confused over Rand's abandonment and angry. Rand asked how Davos managed to find him. Davos showed him an article of Rand on his phone. Suddenly Rand dropped and stamped on Davos' phone much to his friend's dismay.

Rand explained that he saw tracking equipment in Bakuto's basement and he might be tracking them. Davos pointed that as another reason to leave the city. Rand is unwilling to leave, to which his friend reminded him that the path won't be open forever and if they miss their opening it will be years before they can return home. Rand told Davos that the Hand killed his parents and were responsible for everything. Davos maintained that Rand was the Iron Fist and his duties were to K'un-Lun. Rand reasoned that his duty as the Iron Fist was to destroy the Hand and they were in New York. He told Davos that just like him, he was trained to be the Iron Fist. Davos noted that he wasn't chosen and Rand took the power and ran. Davos asked what was worth abandoning them, Rand replied that he got the truth about his parent's death. He asked for Davos' help. They come to an agreement, the moment they destroy the Hand, they'll return to K'un-Lun.

Rand went to Claire Temple's residence to get medical aid for his injuries. As Temple helped stitching Rand's wound, Rand explained Bakuto was responsible. When Temple asked about Colleen Wing, Rand told Davos to go and check the perimeters despite his friend's reluctance to leave Rand. Once he was away, Rand informed Temple that Wing was part of the Hand much to her disbelief and shock. Rand explained the division in the Hand's structure and Bakuto was building an army of soldiers in New York. Temple tried to defend Wing and reasoned that she might be brainwashed.

In a fit of rage, Rand uttered that all this time Wing lied and used him. Temple managed to sternly compelled Rand to calm down. Temple asked what happened, Rand dismissed and simply said he was fine. Temple told Rand that the reason for his trouble and emotions might as well be from a broken heart. Finished with cleaning Rand's wounds, Temple urged Rand to get antibiotics. Temple gave Rand a shirt from Luke Cage. Noticing the bullet holes, Rand worriedly asked if her friend was okay, Temple smiled and replied he was probably better than him. Once done, Rand went to meditate.

File:Danny wearing Lukes' shirt.jpg

Rand attempts to meditate on the rooftop

A few hours later, as Rand struggled to mediate on the roof due to his conflicted emotions, memories and pain, he was visited by Wing. Rand cautiously asked if Bakuto was with her. Wing said no, she was alone. As she tried to approach, Rand stepped away from her. Rand told Wing that he was fine, that Temple stitched him up. Wing noted that he didn't look fine. She urged Rand to go to the hospital. Rand reminded her that her sensei stabbed him. Wing said that Bakuto told her that he attacked them first. Rand told that wasn't what happened. He warned Wing that Bakuto wasn't a good person and he was building an army. Rand questioned why Wing couldn't see that.

Wing reasoned that he was helping and empowering youth to help them become better people. They argued about their different perspective. Rand asked why Wing was even there. She answered she cared about him and she wanted to make things right between them. Unable to trust her, Rand asked if Bakuto told her to say that. Rand asked her how he can ever trust her again. When she couldn't find an easy, Rand took a deep breath. He declared that he was the Iron Fist and Sworn enemy of the Hand. Rand went back to his meditation. Before leaving, Wing sorrowfully apologized to Rand for all that had happened. An apology that Rand silently acknowledged when she left.

Rand went rejoined Davos and Temple. Knowing that Harold was the only one who can help them, Rand suggested that they should head over to his residence. Temple cautioned Rand not to charge in blindly. Rand told Temple that he only want to see the Hand destroyed. Temple asked Davos to let them speak privately. Once alone, Temple expressed her worry about Rand's state of mind. He reassured her that he finally know what his purpose was. Temple believed that Rand was more than just a destroyer. She told Rand that while she doesn't know why he left K'un-Lun, whatever he was looking for won't be found back there. She further reasoned that his traumatic experience as a 10 year old kid was the cause of all of his rage and emotions. She warned if she doesn't get it under control, then destroying will be the only thing that he will be capable of.

After taking a short moment to consider Temple's words, Rand thanked her for her help. He then asked for one more favor, which is to borrow her car. A favor that Temple agreed.

Retaliation against Bakuto[]

Returning to Harold's penthouse, the man greeted Rand with a hug. Rand turned to Joy, who was not too pleased for having been kept out of loop. Harold defended Rand, saying that he simply followed his wishes. They began discussing how to take on Bakuto and his Hand. They devised a plan to draw Bakuto out. Since Bakuto was draining the accounts from Gao's heroin deals and since the Meachums had regained the company, they could close the transfer and use that to lure Bakuto out of hiding. Harold suggested Rand and Davos to stay near the compound and strike when he leaves.

Joy was disturbed by Rand's willingness to use lethal force on Bakuto, having assumed that they'll simply capture him and hand him over to the authority.

Two brothers from K'un-Lun[]

Later at night, Davos and Rand waited in the car. The two friends bickered. Davos doesn't understand why Rand didn't let him drive. Rand answered that he didn't let him drive because it was Temple's car. Also Rand further explained that Davos didn't have a license. His friend countered that neither did Rand, only to reasoned that he was rich. Davos reminded Rand that the last thing they drove, Rand wrecked Brother Kuo's cart. They retold the story when they went to see the village girl bathing only for them to find Thunderer meditating naked.

Rand asked Davos if he ever thought that Thunderer might have been wrong. He explained that he sometimes got these flashes of anger. Whenever he get angered, it got harder and harder to control his emotions. Davos asked if he got these flashes because he was questioning Thunderer's teaching. He reasoned that if Rand simply followed Thunderer's path then none of the events would had happened. Davos then confessed that he was dealing with the same problem. Rand asked his friend about it. Davos admitted that he thought the Iron Fist was his birthright. It was all he ever wanted. Davos then said that Rand took that away from him. But Davos accepted that because he loved Rand as a brother.

But then Rand ran away, with the Iron Fist just like a thief. Rand maintained that wasn't what happened. Davos asked his friend to explain why he left K'un-Lun and him. Rand confined to Davos that ever since the accident and ever since he got to K'un-Lun, he had always felt empty. Rand thought that gaining the power of the Iron Fist would heal his emptiness and void. But it didn't. Rand thought at first it must have been a mistake, that he wasn't meant to be Iron Fist and he looked for a sign to guide him. One day, while he was guarding the passage, Rand saw a hawk. He watched it fly further and further down the mountain. Rand realized that the way to K'un-Lun was opened and he could leave.

He thought that the sign showed him a path he could follow. Davos countered his friend's reason. Maybe it was a sign, that told Rand that the way was opened and K'un-Lun needed protection. Davos urged Rand to look at the consequences of his return. Having seen the world in his search for Rand, Davos doesn't believe it worth fighting for. Davos pleaded for Rand to return home with him. When Rand didn't answer back, Davos asked what was keeping him there.

Then they spotted Wing leaving the compound and seemingly fleeing. Worried for Wing, Rand followed her much to Davos' protest.

A Forgiveness in the Rain[]

It began to rain. Rand followed Wing as she went to another area near the compound before stopping to catch her breath. Rand worriedly approached her. Having been traumatized by fighting her former students, her faith in the Hand shaken and destroyed, Wing grabbed a metal pipe and swung it at Rand. Having calmed down since their last encounter, Rand told Wing that he wasn't trying to hurt her.

In her suicidal state of mind, she tried to provoke Rand to kill her. Rand managed to grab the metal pipe and held Wing. He pleaded for Wing to calm down. She bemoaned that everything she believed in the Hand was false. Rand emphatically comforted Wing. He understood how it felt to have everything one believed in only to be pulled away. Rand told Wing that they had to stop running and destroy everything. Finally forgiving her, Rand pulled Wing into a hug and consoled her.

Meanwhile, Davos was watching them from behind, disappointed by Rand's decision.

Mounting Tension[]

Rand brought Wing back to New York. Wing was still shaken at the knowledge that Bakuto tried to kill her. Davos appeared and warned Rand not to believe Wing since she was a part of the Hand. Wing stated that she wasn't. Rand urged Davos to relax. Davos was furious that Rand told Wing about him. Still mistrusting Wing's intentions, Davos refused to believe anything Wing said. Rand defended Wing. He reminded Davos that she helped them escape the compound. Davos believed that she simply faked defection to spy on them. Rand maintained that Wing was on their side. When Davos suggested that Wing could help them blow up the compound and the Hand inside it. Wing refused stating that her students were still in there.

When Davos taunted that he defeated her students, Wing punched him. Rand quickly intervened to keep the fight from escalating. Davos took that as proof that Wing was still with the Hand. While Wing made her disapproval on Davos known. Rand pleaded both of his friends to calm down. Davos insisted that he was the only rational one. He reminded Rand that as Iron Fist, it was his duty to destroy the Hand.

Davos taunted and asked when Rand had become a coward. Rand ignored him and tried to reasoned with Wing that Davos was simply taught in one way. His friend countered that the place confused Rand and ruined his chi. With that said, the trio tensely continued.

They regroup at Wing's dojo. Rand cleaned Wing's bruises in her room. He praised her for being brave. Wing stressed that she was foolish. Everything Bakuto told her was a lie and she believed him. Rand told Wing that Bakuto was a piece of garbage while she was human. Rand told Wing that the more he stayed in New York, there more he realized the duality of life. Wing gave a small smile. She replied that her grandmother once told her that was the truest sign of wisdom. Rand told Wing that he'll arrange a hotel for her, so she can be safe. Wing refused and maintained that she won't hide. She wanted Bakuto dead.

Fighting Bakuto[]

Davos entered the room when Ward Meachum video-called Rand. Answering the call, it turned out that Bakuto was calling him. He showed the Meachums taken hostage. Bakuto told Rand that he left him a few options. Bakuto shot Joy Meachum, much to Rand's horror. Bakuto told Rand that if he doesn't come in thirty minutes, Joy will die and Harold Meachum would get beheaded. Left with no other option, Rand prepared to go to the Meachum's rescue. Davos suggested that they should wait for Bakuto to leave the building and take him down. Rand told Davos that he won't lose his family to the Hand again. Rand told Davos that as the Iron Fist, he don't get to tell him what to do. With that said, Rand left.

Rand managed to reach the Penthouse in time to prevent Bakuto decapitating Harold. After exchanging a few words with Joy, Bakuto's men put Rand in handcuffs. Rand learned that Ward was the one who called Bakuto there. Rand looked at Ward in disgust. Ward could only remorsefully apologize to Rand.

File:Bar the Big Boss - Rand and Bakuto in the elevator.jpg

Rand questions Bakuto's plans for him

In the elevator, Bakuto called the Meachum a pit of vipers and that Rand should be thankful that he helped Rand get away from them. Rand asked Bakuto what he was planning to do with the Iron Fist. Bakuto simply told a story of the Sack Man. Rand mocked if Bakuto was just looking for his personal Sack Man. Bakuto simply smiled and said that someone in their organisation wanted work with Rand. He said that they were going to change the world. Bakuto maintained that he'll keep his promise to fulfil Rand's training as Iron Fist. Rand simply replied that he didn't even what he wanted to be himself and questioned how Bakuto was going to help.

File:Episode12 The Fist.png

Iron Fist breaks through his handcuffs

As they reached the bottom floor, Rand calmed himself and slowly regained a semblance of his chi. Rand succeeded with summoning the Iron Fist and broke his chains. He quickly lost his powers again. While Bakuto and his men were distracted, Colleen Wing and Davos spring from their hiding and attacked them.

Iron Fist quickly dispatched one guard before he faced Bakuto. Iron Fist taunted that he get the feeling that Bakuto wasn't allowed to kill him. The man simply answered that he was allowed to subdue him by means necessary. Iron Fist and Bakuto entered into a fierce struggle. The man more prepared and aggressive this time, kept Iron Fist on the edge. When his guards were defeated, Bakuto made a run for it. Iron Fist quickly went after him, followed closely by Wing and Davos.

They follow Bakuto through the rainy streets of New York City. Bakuto eventually stopped to face them. He berated Wing for betraying them. He stated that he should have recognized that she was too weak for the Hand. Wing told them that she'll take him on alone. Rand watched as Wing duel her former master. After an intense duel, Wing emerged as the victor as she injured Bakuto.

Davos urged for Bakuto to be killed. Wing stated that they should hand him over to the police. Bakuto taunted Rand. He asked if that was what his father intentions were when he raised him as Danny Rand. Bakuto told Rand that if he killed him, then Rand will only be another one in an long line of Immortal Weapon to be used by others. Furious by Rand's inaction and indecision, Davos murdered Bakuto with his own hands.

A Fight Between Brothers[]

In horror, Rand admonished Davos for his action. Davos strongly reminded Rand that he was the Iron Fist and his duty was to kill the Hand and not put them in cages. Rand argued that the rules were different there and there were consequences for these kinds of acts. Davos disagreed on Rand's reasoning. He stated that Rand simply couldn't commit the act. He declared that Rand wasn't a warrior and further denounced him as a failure. Wing defended Rand, to which Davos loudly told her that she had no say in this. Rand stood by Wing and warned Davos not to talk to her like that. Aggravated, Davos told Rand that K'un-Lun would have been better off if they never saved him.

Enraged, Rand charged at Davos. The two former friends began to fight. As they fought, Davos castigated Rand's decision to stay in New York over the people who raised him. Rand countered this had nothing to do with K'un-Lun, he stated that Davos was angry because Rand left him. They continued their fight and Rand managed to force Davos to the ground. He told him to yield and offered a hand.

Full of resentment and rage, Davos refused and attacked him again. Rand quickly forced Davos to the ground again and held him down. Rand told Davos that he couldn't win. Davos continued to struggle. Angered, the Iron Fist was summoned and once again, he demanded Davos to yield. Rand admitted and acknowledged that he hurt Davos and it was selfish to leave without telling him. But Rand further explained that ever since he returned to New York, he had learned that his powers weren't just meant for K'un-Lun. While the others before him were content with being guardians, he declared that he was of both world, as Danny Rand and Iron Fist.

Dismayed for what he almost did, Rand apologized to his friend. Both heated and in tears, Davos and Rand rose. He pleaded for Davos to understand him. Davos sadly replied that he'll never will. All that he understood now was that K'un-Lun's passage was opened and that Rand was putting them all in danger by letting it remain unguarded. Before leaving, Davos warned his former brother that there will be consequences for his actions.

Wing asked if Rand was okay, he replied that he'll get through it. When they turned to look at Bakuto, they find to their shock that his corpse was gone. They deduced that Bakuto's men must have taken him. Although they affirmed that Bakuto died, they remained worried.

A Calm Before the Storm[]

Driving Colleen Wing back to Chikara Dojo, Rand called Harold Meachum to inform him about Bakuto's death. After learning about Joy Meachum's condition, Rand told Harold that he'll be staying with Wing for the time being. They started walking back to the dojo. Rand informed Wing that he had no idea that his Chi powers would work again. Wing asked if this meant that Rand is recovering. He said not to get to excited about it. Taking a moment to talk, Rand told Wing about his misgivings with his fight with Davos. He regretted ruining his friendship. Rand admitted that he didn't want his relationship with Wing breaking apart the same way. He told Wing that ever since his parents died, he had always felt the need to find a family. Rand hoped that K'un-Lun or the Meachums could fill the void, but they didn't. He confessed that what he found in Wing filled the emptiness. Wing smiled and admitted her feelings to Rand were mutual. Happily, they kissed and retired back into the dojo.

File:Bar the Big Boss - Wing and Rand training.PNG

Rand and Colleen Wing train together

The next morning, Rand turned on some music and meditated. Wing woke up and went to join him. After spending some time meditating together, the music stopped when Rand's phone received a message. When Rand went to check, he learned that Ward Meachum texted and warned Rand to immediately get out of the dojo and someone was after him. After quickly asking who, Ward replied and warned that Harold had betrayed him.

File:Rand and Wing on the run.PNG

Rand and Colleen Wing escape from the DEA

Immediately heading toward the window, Rand spotted several armed guards entering the dojo. Believing them to be the Hand, Rand and Wing immediately faced them when they broke in. After dispatching them, they realized that they were DEA. Knowing that they were now hunted, Rand and Wing immediately flee from the dojo.

The Truth and the Final Confrontation[]

Framed and Hunted[]

Hiding in Central Park, Rand hid behind a tree as he saw a few New York City Police Department cops passed by. Colleen Wing soon arrived with a newspaper stating that Rand was wanted for drug trafficking and money laundering. Baffled, Rand reasoned that he shut down Madame Gao's operation and got the drugs out of Rand Enterprises. Wing stated that it doesn't change the news. Still angered and confused of Harold Meachum's betrayal, Rand wanted to know why he did it. Wing urged Rand not to overthink. Calming down a bit, Rand planned that they need to find evidence of his innocent and that they need to get in touch with Jeri Hogarth. They enlisted Claire Temple's assistance to help get in contact with Hogarth.

File:RWHT Episode 13.png

Rand secretly meets with Jeri Hogarth

While hiding in a secluded alleyway, Temple managed to bring Hogarth to Rand and Wing. Hogarth updated Rand on what was happening. She warned Rand and Wing that the DEA considered them both dangerous and thus they won't hesitate to shoot. After giving documents by Hogarth, Rand recognized them as the same list of information from the Hand tablet, except they were changed. Hogarth informed Rand that Harold had made his appearance and was currently based in Rand Enterprise. Hogarth listed the three options that Rand could take. He could return back to K'un-Lun and stay away from New York City, turn himself in but given the evidence against Rand, Hogarth can only help him with a plea deal or Rand could prove his innocence as the documents are digital and they easily had been copied somewhere. Knowing that he had no other option except one, Rand decided to look for the one person he trust less than Harold.

The Hard Truth[]

Rand and Colleen Wing headed back to Bakuto's compound. While they ventured deeper inside, they found the place deserted. They eventually reached Madame Gao's cell, finding her still in her room seemingly abandoned by Bakuto's men. Rand noted that Gao could easily had escaped from her room, Gao laughed and stated that she wouldn't miss Rand's visit, having foreseen that he would return. Rand asked for access to her files, Gao replied that she had purged all information from her computer. Wing stated that she was lying only for the old woman to insist that she never lied to Rand unlike Wing.

File:Gao-reveals the truth.png

Rand speaks with Madame Gao

They unlocked Gao's cell and entered her room. Rand demanded Gao to tell him what he needed to know. Gao ridiculed Rand for being a poor Iron Fist because he didn't understand his own path. She felt his chi was so polluted with guilt yet he refused to face it. Rand asked what he should feel guilty of. Gao answered the death of his parents. Gao quietly stated that Rand survived the accident without a scratch and how many nights he must had wondered why he was still alive. Gao approached and stated that was the real reason that Rand left K'un-Lun. To fight his guilt with anger and rage, he left K'un-Lun to seek vengeance. Rand countered that he didn't even know it was murder until he returned. Gao scoffed and stated Rand was only ten years old, but he was smart enough to know that airplanes didn't just drop from the sky.

Rand asked why he didn't kill Gao already. The old woman laughed and answered because he knew deep down that she didn't kill his parents. She wouldn't had gone through such a trouble to hide it in a plane crush. Gao explained that it was someone far more treacherous. She claimed that she tried to talk him out of it as she thought it would have drawn too much unwanted attention. Wing warned Rand that Gao was playing mind games and tried to get him on her side. Gao defended and claimed that she was trying to get him on the side of truth and honesty. When Rand asked who would want to kill his parents, Gao harshly told Rand to stop thinking like a child. She urged him to think who would benefit from his family's death.

As Rand tried to convince himself that Harold Meachum was his father's best friend and wouldn't had him killed, Gao sharply reminded Rand that Harold had no trouble hurting him now. Forced to acknowledge the truth of Gao's word, the realization that the man he considered his friend and father-figure had been responsible for his parent's death all along filled Rand with rage. Gao further explained that Harold readily accepted to be resurrected and that he set up the heroin deals in China. She further explained that Wendell was close to discover Harold's dealings, so he asked Gao for the poisons.

Gao claimed that Rand will only achieve the true strength of the Iron Fist if he kills Harold. The old woman told Rand that he had two doors open for him. One will lead him to fulfill his destiny as the Iron Fist. While the other door would leave to uncertainty and doom. Wing took Rand away and led him out of Gao's cell.


Regrouping with Temple, Rand was still reeling from the knowledge that Harold lied to him all this time. Feeling utterly betrayed by the man he considered a friend and father figure, Rand made his opinion about vengeance known to his companions. Wing pledged that she will help him. Temple stated that all they needed was to get the tablet to prove Rand's innocence.

Rand told his friends that he used to think that his mother was still alive. He imagined that his mother landed safely on the snow and she was waiting for Rand to find her. The thought filled Rand with guilt. He told his friends that he kept repeatedly trying to escape K'un-Lun only for the path to keep getting blocked and his mother's voice calling out for him.

Temple tried to comfort Rand. She told him about her other friends who had special abilities like him. Temple told Rand that when she first met him, she noticed that Rand had a sweet innocence to him compared to her friends who were dark and haunted people. Temple told Rand that the more he kept repeating, fighting and anguish over his past, he'll end up just like them. Temple told Rand that he knew that he wasn't given his powers just to be a murderer. She further told Rand that killing Harold won't make him feel any better.

Despite Temple's words, Rand remained insisted of killing Harold. Wing spoke and urged Rand to listen to her. She had been raised on the Bushido code. Wing confessed that she really wanted to kill Bakuto. She was glad that Davos was the one who finished him off, otherwise she'll spent the rest of her life wondering if she killed the man for the wrong reason. Wing reasoned that if Rand killed Harold motivated by vengeance, his chi will be corrupted and leaving him unable to access the Iron Fist permanently. Wing told Rand, that she'll kill Harold for him, much to Temple's dismay. Temple urged them to start planning without killing anyone. Wing remembered Ward. Since he warned Rand about the DEA, he was an ally.

Getting the evidence[]

At night, Rand met up with Ward on a secluded alley. Ward informed Rand that the tablet was in a safe box and he doesn't know the combination to it. Rand suggested that Ward should get Harold away. Ward warned Rand that Harold had hired and posted many guards outside the building. Rand asked why Ward was helping him. Ward replied that he was helping himself, as he want Harold taken care of as much as Rand. He doesn't believe Ward's intention. Ward reasoned that one day on the run was nothing compared to a lifetime of abuse from Harold. Rand told Ward that Harold was responsible for the accident, Ward was shocked and gave his sincere sympathies to Rand. When his trauma caused Rand severe stress again, Rand declared Ward that he'll put an end to Harold before heading off.

Outside the Rand Enterprise Building, Rand waited with Temple and Wing inside a car. Ward called to warn Rand to wait as Harold had posted guards on his office floor. Before he could continue, the call was cut off. Harold had discovered Ward's collaboration with Rand. Concerned for Ward, Rand insisted that they should continue with the plan. Temple told Rand that he shouldn't pretend that he cared about Ward, because she knew that Rand was only thinking about vengeance. Determined, Rand told them that he was going in. Once that was said, Rand got out of the car and went into the building, followed by Wing.

Aided by a distraction caused by Temple, Rand managed to get past the first guards. Entering the building, Rand quickly dispatched the guards, took their cards and entered the elevator. Instead of heading to the office floor, Rand went to the roof, used a rope and ambushed Harold in his office by smashing through the window.

A fight ensured in the office floor. The guards took Harold away and fought Rand. He was forced to take cover when they all started shooting at him. Amidst the fight, Rand darkened the room by smashing the on-button to the lights. As he took cover, Rand spotted Wing was on the floor as well. Rand saw Wing about to ambush Harold from behind only for the man to turn around and pointed his gun at her, ready to shoot.

Fueled by his love for Wing and his desperate need to save her, Iron Fist jumped out of his cover and summoned all the power he could muster into one fist. He smacked the floor and forced everyone up in the air in a powerful shock-wave of force that wiped the entire office floor.

Harold quickly got unto his feet and made his escape to the roof. Rand made sure that Wing was okay before he headed off to follow Harold. Meanwhile, Ward managed to get the tablet for Rand.

Battle at Rand Enterprises[]

Reaching the roof, Rand looked for Harold Meachum. Knowing that Harold still had a gun, Rand knew he was at an disadvantage as long as he couldn't get close. As he tried to take cover, Harold shot his gun and the bullet pierced Rand's fist, much to his pain. While bandaging his hand with a cloth, Harold taunted Rand. He admitted that he always wanted to kill Wendell Rand. Tormented by Harold's words and Rand's own conflict over his desire to kill him or take him to custody, Rand tried hard to focus.

Harold blamed Rand for destroying his family. Enraged, Rand told Harold that he was wrong, he affirmed that Harold was the only one to blame for destroying his own family as well as the Rand's. After ambushing and disarming Harold, they two entered a fight, which resulted in Harold getting impaled. Harold taunted and urged Rand to finish him off. After an intense emotional conflict within himself and Rand remembered his own trial against Shou-Lao, Rand finally understood that he'll be no better than Harold if he killed him off. Regaining his conviction and making peace within himself, Rand declared that Harold will go to prison for his crimes.

File:Rand defends from Harold final Attack Episode 13.png

Iron Fist blocks Harold Meachum's bullet

Rand turned away from Harold, ready to leave. Harold, however, got off his impalement and still tried to shoot him. Colleen Wing appeared, with Ward Meachum trailing behind, warning Rand, so he turned around and deflected the bullet with the Iron Fist. Before Harold could continue shooting, Ward finished Harold off by shooting him repeatedly as the man fell off the roof, Wing watching in horror.[3]

New Goal[]

Return to K'un-Lun[]

The next day, Rand and Ward Meachum prepared for Harold Meachum to get cremated to prevent his resurrection. Ward thanked Rand for being there. Despite everything, it was still his father's body and he didn't want to do it alone. Rand asked if there had been news from Joy Meachum. Ward replied that there wasn't. Soon Jeri Hogarth entered to inform Rand that in light of proving his innocence and his donation, the DEA agreed to drop all charges against him. Ward congratulated Rand. Feeling empty, Rand asked Hogarth what he should do now. She told Rand that he was free now. Ward offered Rand to return back to Rand Enterprises and run it together like their fathers should had done. Rand smiled and admitted that he wasn't a good businessman. Ward confessed that he'll miss Harold since he had no one to blame for his failures and weaknesses. Rand consoled Ward and admitted he understood what he felt. They both watched as Harold's body get cremated.

Later during the day, Rand visited Chikara Dojo and Colleen Wing was training Claire Temple. He had brought pizza. Temple jokingly pointed out it wasn't like the last takeout, Rand said that he needed to learn something beyond what his father had taught him. Rand noted that Temple was keeping up with her training, Wing responded that Temple was her only student left. Rand reassured that Wing had a gift with trouble kids and he could get his company to sort a scholarship for her. Temple asked what Rand's plans were. He told them that after thinking about it, he planned to go back to K'un-Lun. He explained that he needed to explain to his master why he left and it was wrong of him to leave the way he did. Also he needed to complete his training. Rand realized that there was still so much he doesn't know about the Iron Fist.

Before leaving, Temple told Rand and Wing that they shared a lot in common. They both needed some psychological help. She then left the dojo, leaving them alone. Wing was saddened that Rand was heading back to K'un-Lun. Rand told her that he needed to figure out who he was going to be as the Iron Fist. His master had always told him that he was a weapon against his enemies, but Rand believed that he could be something else. A light for those trapped in darkness. Wing told Rand that she'll miss him while he was gone. Then Rand revealed that he hoped that Wing would come with him. Overjoyed, Wing hugged him.

File:I Should Have Been Here.png

Rand discovers K'un-Lun has vanished.

Some time later, Rand and Wing reached the Himalaya Mountains. When they reached the passage, Rand discovered to his horror that the Hand attacked the passage. Rand and Wing went further and they found that the portal to K'un Lun had disappeared. Shocked and angered over the realisation that he has failed his duty, the Iron Fist glows in anger as Rand looks at it.[3]


Stranded in K'un Lun for decades, Danny Rand has suppressed his emotions most of his life and trained as a living weapon amongst his strict teachers at K'un Lun. This has led him to never fully accept or emotionally vent over his grief surrounding his parents death. Despite obtaining the prestige title of the Iron Fist and his tremendous martial art abilities, Rand suffers from an identity crisis; whilst he feels bound to his duty to protect and serve K'un Lun as previous Iron Fist's have done before him, Rand also seeked to discover who he was outside of K'un Lun's walls yet leaving without telling his masters and friends plagues his guilt and inner conflict. It's this that occasionally prevents him from unlocking the true power of the Iron Fist. Rand's Survivor's Guilt causes flashes back to the plane crash which causes him to act more reckless, angered and sporadic in blocking the Iron Fist.

Being the youngest of the Defenders and never spending a day outside of K'un Lun in fifteen years, Rand is ignorant to how modern society works and incredibly naive. After fifteen years of being thought dead, Rand didn't see the illogic that returning to New York, shoeless and unshaven, he would have been confused for a homeless or delusional person except after when he was submitted to a mental institution. His only connection to modern day New York are the several locations he knew when he was young, such as the restaurant his father ate at is where he got takeout for Colleen Wing and him. Whilst his youth, lack of intelligence and forethought makes him easy to be manipulated as well his tendency to act on anger or impulse, Rand's innocence is also his greatest strength as Claire Temple, having met people with powers beforehand, has a heart and kindness that they all lacked.

Despite, or maybe because of his naïveté, Rand is extremely compassionate. He made sure that, even as a factory payload were all being laid off, they were all compensated at great financial loss to Rand Enterprises. Rand had never killed anyone, even though the Order of the Crane Mother expected him to to defeat the Hand, he only incapacitated most Hand warriors he thought, willingly surrendered from the Du Jue Zahn to save Sabina's life even though it would have caused the Hand to fled New York and refused to kill Madame Gao in China even after it was revealed she murdered his parents. The closest he came to truly wanting to murder was Harold Meachum over his betrayal and murder of his parents but was eventually saved from this by Ward Meachum killing Harold.

Powers and Abilities[]


File:Danny Shatters Ground.png
  • Chi Manipulation: After gaining the power of the Iron Fist, Danny can harness his chi to augment his physical and mental capabilities. The power of the Iron Fist also grants Danny many abilities that he has not yet learned, due to him leaving K'un-Lun before his Iron Fist training was started.
    • Iron Fist: By channeling his chi and focusing it into his fist, Danny can make his fist super humanly powerful and resistant to injury and pain. With his fist in this state, Danny can exert superhuman strength and force. He can smash through steel doors, break out of restraints, and punch his opponents with extraordinary concussive force without sustaining injury to himself. When Danny uses the Iron Fist, his fist's density and durability is seemingly on the level of Luke Cage's extremely durable skin, as he can use his fist to deflect bullets and blades, while sustaining no harm.
    • Chi Healing: Danny is capable of healing his wounds by channeling his chi. When a bullet pierced his hand, he was able to regenerate the wound in a matter of seconds by summoning the Iron Fist. Also, by holding his hand over her body, Danny was able to use his chi to burn the poison that was killing Colleen Wing.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: Channeling his chi allows Danny to enhance his focus and perception. This allows him to react to danger in mid-combat at a superhuman rate. He was able to react to and easily dodge a bullet, as well as effortlessly, one-handedly block the attacks from one of the Hand's best warriors, without looking.
    • Enhanced Agility: Channeling his chi allows Danny to perform athletic feats that should be impossible for a human, such as effortlessly flipping over a taxi cab, or taking two jumps to get up to a second-story balcony.
    • Enhanced Endurance: Channeling his chi enhances Danny's resilience and stamina, which allows him to not only not tire from fighting multiple opponents, but also withstand being hit in the back of the head by brass knuckles, which merely left him stunned for a few moments.


"The way he fights... not just his body, but... but his heart. It's like a second language to him."
Colleen Wing[src]
  • Master Martial Artist: Under Lei Kung's tulage, Rand has underwent rigorous training in ancient Chinese martial arts since childhood, thus he has exceptional mastery of Kung Fu. His martial arts prowess, combined with his mystical power of the Iron Fist, allows him to overpower most of his enemies effortlessly. Danny has also showed proficiency with multiple weapons, including swords and nun-chucks. Even without the Iron Fist, Rand is able to take down well trained security guards including a large man taller than him with sheer skill and dexterity.
  • Master Swordsman: Rand's mastery of ancient Chinese martial art also extend to swordmanship, wielding a wooden practice sword in a manner similar to a Jian and was able to effortlessly bring down Colleen's student by striking him in the leg.
  • Multilingualism: Rand is fluent both in his native English and Chinese Mandarin.
"He... he stepped out onto the street, right in front of a car, but then he just sorta put his hand out and jumped over it like it was nothing."
Joy Meachum[src]
  • Master Acrobat: Rand is extremely agile and has great skill in parkour and free-running, which are combined with his chi to give him the ability to perform stunts that should be impossible for a human. As such, Rand demonstrated being able to climb and leap onto the second floor of a building and enter the room through the window. He also managed to effortlessly leap over a taxi cab that was seconds away from running him over and climb and leap over a wall it in a matter of seconds to elude pursuers. His extraordinary athletic prowess is incorporated into fighting style, making full use of his incredible agility to disarm enemies off their firearms and subdue them with lighting quick reflexes giving them no time at all to retaliate.
  • Meditation: Rand is a master of meditation, he practice meditation to recharge his chi, as well as to calm his mind.



  • Wendell Rand † - Father
  • Heather Rand † - Mother


  • Order of the Crane Mother
    • Lei Kung - Trainer
    • Chodak - Savior
    • Tashi - Savior
    • Kuo
    • Rabnet
  • Rand Enterprises
    • Ward Meachum - Childhood Friend and Rival turned Ally
    • Megan - Assistant
    • Lawrence Wilkins
    • Donald Hooper
    • Maria Rodriguez
    • Sandi Ann
  • Colleen Wing - Love Interest
  • Jeri Hogarth - Family Friend and Lawyer
  • Claire Temple - Friend
  • Big Al
  • Simon - Attempted Killer turned Ally
  • Birch Psychiatric Hospital
    • Paul Edmonds
    • Joe
    • Smith
  • Karen Page
  • Regina Fitzgerald
  • Yangsi Gongshi - Enemies turned Situational Allies
    • Hai-Qing Yang
  • Radovan Bernivig
  • Sabina Bernivig
  • Shou-Lao - Power Source


Appearances for Danny Rand

In chronological order:

  • Iron Fist
    • Season One
      • Snow Gives Way
      • Shadow Hawk Takes Flight
      • Rolling Thunder Cannon Punch
      • Eight Diagram Dragon Palm
      • Under Leaf Pluck Lotus
      • Immortal Emerges from Cave
      • Felling Tree with Roots
      • The Blessing of Many Fractures
      • The Mistress of All Agonies
      • Black Tiger Steals Heart
      • Lead Horse Back to Stable
      • Bar the Big Boss
      • Dragon Plays with Fire
  • The Defenders (unreleased)


  • In the comics Danny is Luke Cage's best friend and the two of them founded "Heroes for Hire", a superhero protection agency.
  • Danny Rand is mentioned in the non-canon video game Iron Man. While driving A.I.M. forces from a nuclear facility in Russia, Tony Stark tells Pepper Potts to call Rand and tell him he will be able to make it to their scheduled golf game.[11]
  • Despite that he appears as Iron Fist himself, the popular alias is never heard or adopted by Danny or any character in the series.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Prior to the casting of Finn Jones, many people expressed hope that the main role would be portrayed by an East Asian actor. When the Caucasian actor was cast, the decision was criticized by, among others, Marvel writer Marjorie Liu[12] and actress Chloe Bennet.[13]
  • Before the casting of Finn Jones, many martial arts actors were considered for the role of :


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