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"Who needs space? Because I've got something magnificent right here."
Leo Fitz to Jemma Simmons[src]

Jemma Anne Simmons is an English-born S.H.I.E.L.D. agent and scientist. A genius biochemist, she is one of the youngest and most prominent members of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s research division, along with her partner and boyfriend, Leo Fitz. She, along with Fitz were recruited to Coulson's Team and worked with them on all of their missions. While on the team, Simmons became friends with teammates Skye and Grant Ward. During the HYDRA Uprising, Simmons was an active participant in hunting for John Garrett and the rest of the Centipede Project. She was shocked and saddened to learn that Ward had been a member of HYDRA. Despite the events surrounding the Battle at Cybertek and Fitz's severe injury, Simmons stayed with the team to help rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D. as Nick Fury requested.

As Coulson began to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D., she became aware that her presence was impeding Fitz's healing and took an undercover assignment to infiltrate HYDRA but returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. when Raina broke her cover. She aided the team in their search for the Kree City and in other operations. When their base was attacked by another S.H.I.E.L.D. faction led by Robert Gonzales, she remained loyal to Coulson. After the War against the Inhumans, Simmons found herself teleported to another world after being swallowed by the Kree Monolith.

In the six months she spent there, she met and bonded with a fellow stranded human, astronaut Will Daniels, until she was brought back to Earth by Fitz and S.H.I.E.L.D. Simmons then dedicated her time to attempting to reopen the portal, determined to bring back Daniels. But she heard from Fitz that he was killed by the dark Inhuman as he returned from the other planet. Yet, the dark Inhuman, Hive, managed to return to Earth. Fitz and Simmons tried to find a cure to Hive's power of controlling Inhumans' minds. S.H.I.E.L.D. eventually managed to kill Hive.

Jeffrey Mace was appointed S.H.I.E.L.D. new Director after the signing of the Sokovia Accords. He appointed Simmons as his advisor in science and technology, although she did not trust him, becoming one of the superiors in the organization. Simmons investigated the existing of another dimension and helped S.H.I.E.L.D. to defeat Eli Morrow. With Holden Radcliffe's betrayal on S.H.I.E.L.D. and his kidnapping of most of her friends, Simmons and Daisy Johnson entered the Framework in order to rescue them. They succeeded and they all returned in the real world, except Alphonso Mackenzie.


Early life[]

"Why did you join S.H.I.E.L.D. in the first place?"
"I was a 17-year-old girl with two Phds and a million questions. S.H.I.E.L.D. had the resources to help me answer them."
Sunil Bakshi and Jemma Simmons[src]

Jemma Simmons was born on Friday, September 11th, 1987 in Ashburton, Devon, England. During her youth, Simmons was bed-ridden by Scoliosis; her father, to relieve her boredom, would place her bed outdoors so they could stargaze together.[3] A 17-year old biochemistry genius with two PhD's, Jemma Simmons started attending the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology in 2004, where she met who would become her best friend, the engineering genius Leo Fitz. One of her main reasons for joining was to get answers to millions of questions.[4] Simmons would have a relationship with Milton during this time, to the dismay of Fitz.[5] Among their instructors were Professor Vaughn[6] and Professor Franklin Hall, who taught chemical kinetics during their second year.[7]

Simmons and Fitz graduated from the academy three years early.[8] Wanting to see more than the inside of a lab, and against the advice of Professor Vaughn, Simmons convinced Fitz to seek out a field assignment.


Field Work[]


Simmons discovers the Centipede Serum

"You're easily the most beautiful thing I've seen in a thousand years."
Elliot Randolph[src]

Simmons and Leo Fitz were recruited by Agent Phil Coulson to be the science crew for a new team he was putting together. Stationed on the Bus, the pair have designed specialized equipment and compounds on the fly in various emergency situations.

Their first foray into the field involved the case of Michael Peterson, a man in danger of exploding due to his use of the volatile Centipede Serum. Peterson was saved in part by Simmons' efforts to create a Centipede counter-agent for Peterson.[9]

Simmons first faced danger in the field in Peru, where the team was investigating an 0-8-4. Simmons and the team escaped Peruvian rebels only to face an armed takeover of the Bus. Working with the team, she helped take back the Bus and secure the old HYDRA weapon.[6]


Simmons discovers the Gravitonium

Coulson's team received a message that a S.H.I.E.L.D. lorry transporting cargo had been attacked by a mysterious and invisible enemy. The team investigated and Simmons discovered that a rare element called Gravitonium was the cause of the attack. The team then learned that it was in fact Fitz and Simmons' former mentor, Franklin Hall, who was the cargo and he had been kidnapped by billionaire Ian Quinn. The team were sent in to rescue Hall from Quinn's island home, but Coulson was forced to kill him, despite Fitz and Simmons' pleas, when he threatened to destroy the entire island and everyone on it.[7]

File:Jemma leo ep.7.jpg

Simmons sits with Leo Fitz after learning she is infected with a deadly virus

While investigating a mysterious death in Wrigley, Pennsylvania, Simmons was infected with a lethal alien virus passed along from a Chitauri Helmet. After what appeared to be a final failed attempt at a cure, Simmons threw herself from the Bus in flight in order save her team from the virus' effect. Fortunately for Simmons, the cure was actually effective and teammate Grant Ward caught her in mid-flight and parachuted them both to safety.[10]

File:Jemma dragging agentsitwell.jpg

Simmons drags away Agent Sitwell after shooting him with a Night-Night Gun

At the Hub, Simmons assisted Skye with finding out about Fitz and Ward's mission. However, Simmons was discovered by agent Sitwell and tried to lie her way past him. she was then forced to use the Night-Night Gun on him. She then joined May, Skye, and Coulson in extracting Fitz and Ward.[1] Later, she helped the team cleanup the Battle of Greenwich and aided them in their search for the Berserker Staff.[11]


Jemma Simmons looking through a portal into another world.

Simmons and Fitz visited StatiCorp after its particle accelerator exploded and scanned the area. Simmons then discovered that the StatiCorp explosion actually ripped a portal between worlds and that the "demon" that the team was investigating was Tobias Ford. They learned that Ford was trapped between worlds as a ghostly figure and was attacking anyone who got near the girl he loved Hannah Hutchins. Ford attacked the plane and managed to ground it but was ultimately stopped by Melinda May and Hutchins and was allowed to die.[8]


Simmons and the team learn about Edison Po

When the team continued tracking the group who created the Centipede Serum, Centipede Project, they were teamed up with Mike Peterson to find this organization. But later Centipede Project kidnapped Phil Coulson.[12] Simmons helped the team to find him until they rescued him from the hands of the organization.[13]


Simmons and Fitz give a speech at the S.H.I.E.L.D. academy

Simmons and Fitz were invited to revisit the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy where they graduated when there was an attack on some of the students there. They were greeted by Anne Weaver and asked to give the students a speech about their own experiences working for S.H.I.E.L.D.. During the speech one student named Donnie Gill was frozen in ice and nearly killed in a similar attack. Simmons and Fitz managed to save his life and continued their investigation. They later learned that it was in fact Gill and another student, Seth Dormer, who had arranged the attacks on themselves to draw Fitz to the academy so he could inadvertently help them finish their design for a Freezing Device. The team managed to track down the pair, Dormer was killed by a lightning strike and Gill was arrested.[14]

Learning to Assert Herself[]

"No. That's an order."
"That's not a good enough reason! I have a duty to you, sir, as my commanding officer, but I also have a duty as a S.H.I.E.L.D. scientist to pursue this, to save lives!"
―Coulson and Simmons arguing about GH.325[src]

Simmons decided that since she could not lie well, she would learn to act. When Coulson's Team went after Ian Quinn by tracking the Cybertek Prosthetic Leg he bought, Simmons acted as Coulson's daughter in order to distract the carrier of the package to put tracking dust on him.

Simmons' medical knowledge saved Skye as Simmons ordered her teammates to put her in a Hyperbaric Chamber after she was shot twice in the stomach.[15]

File:Jemma Triplett.jpg

Jemma meeting Antoine Triplett.

Antoine Triplett arrived with John Garrett in order to take Ian Quinn to the Fridge. While Garrett, Coulson, Grant Ward, and Leo Fitz raided the Guest House to find GH.325 in order to save Skye from her fatal injuries, Simmons and Triplett monitored Skye and got to know each other. Ultimately, Fitz brought one sample of the drug and Simmons used it to heal Skye.[16]

With the only sample of the drug used and the Guest House destroyed, Simmons worked tirelessly to try to find a way to reproduce it. When Coulson ordered her not to share her research with anyone, Simmons yelled at him for not realizing how important this drug was. Eventually, she yielded, but she was determined to reproduce GH.325.

Meanwhile, her feelings toward Fitz began to change as he was enthralled by Lorelei, whose power only affected men. She discussed with Skye how men are flawed.[17]

HYDRA Uprising[]

"At least we still have each other."
"Good, 'cause the last thing I want is for things to change."
"Fitz...It's too late for that."
―Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

After Deathlok critically injured Felix Blake, Simmons was transferred to the Hub to be a consultant on Deathlok. She was enthusiastic because the Hub had better equipment than the Bus for analyzing Skye's and Phil Coulson's blood to reproduce the drug. Triplett was ordered to be her escort.[18]

File:End of the Beginning 247.png

Simmons and Triplett with some of the few remaining agents loyal to S.H.I.E.L.D.

Simmons called Anne Weaver for assistance, but she had her own problems: HYDRA was taking over the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. Weaver warned Simmons that the civil war had begun. Simmons found herself locked in a room with Triplett, but he quelled her fears by giving her his pocket knife. When Victoria Hand's agents found them, they passed her test of loyalty to S.H.I.E.L.D. When Coulson's loyalty was questioned, Simmons argued with Hand until she had his "crimes" listed. Ultimately, Simmons was reunited with the team and Tripett impressed her with his strength and loyalty.[19]

When the team was forced to leave the Hub and Simmons had to relinquish her badge, she cried. Coulson ordered an evacuation in order to stay ahead of Colonel Glenn Talbot. She vouched for Triplett's loyalty and place on the team. During their trip to Providence, Fitz approached her, and she let him know that things were no longer the same.[20]


File:Jemma Ward Melinda.png

Simmons performs first aid on Ward

When the team arrived at Providence they were greeted by Agent Eric Koenig who showed them around the base; he also told the team that Nick Fury had indeed been killed during HYDRA's attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Grant Ward joined the team later badly injured. Simmons performed first aid on his wounds and Ward claimed that the Fridge was overrun by HYDRA and he had killed John Garrett in the fight.


Simmons with Audrey Nathan

When Agent Eric Koenig asked Simmons why she was there during her Lie Detector test, Simmons said she did not know. She went with Phil Coulson, Antoine Triplett and Leo Fitz to Portland to apprehend Blackout, and learned of Coulson's past with Audrey Nathan. After defeating the Fridge escapee and saving Audrey Nathan, the splinter team returned to find the Bus and the others gone.[21]


Simmons argues with Glenn Talbot

Simmons decided to make pancakes, while Coulson tried to find the others. She found Koenig's body in a closet while Fitz found a message from Skye, "Ward is HYDRA." Simmons gave Koenig's autopsy report proving Grant Ward killed him. Then Maria Hill led Colonel Glenn Talbot to Providence. Simmons debated with Talbot but it took Coulson and Hill to begin the escape. Ultimately, Simmons and the team were reunited in a hotel in Los Angeles.[22]

The next morning, while watching the news, Simmons wondered why Deathlok killed Alejandro Castillo. Coulson and the team went to Palo Alto to infiltrate the Cybertek Corporate Headquarters there to find Deathlok and eventually John Garrett. The team learned that Garrett was in Cuba and went there.

File:Trapped in a pod.jpg

Simmons and Fitz moments before being ejected from the Bus by Grant Ward

While Simmons was spying on the Centipede Project with Fitz, Grant Ward captured them and took them aboard the Bus. Fitz activated an EMP Joy Buzzer that fatally wounded Garrett, but as the two tried to hide in a Medical Pod, Ward cornered them and ejected them off the Bus into the Atlantic Ocean.[23]

Best Friends Forever[]


Simmons saves Fitz from drowning

When Simmons awakened, she saw Leo Fitz with a sling over his broken arm, feeling hopeless. He explained that the Medical Pod they were in sank ninety feet and he tried to send a signal but, with S.H.I.E.L.D. dissolved, he doubts that anyone received it. Determined not to die, Simmons created a plan to break the glass without the water pressure crushing them. Fitz gave her the only air device and decided to stay behind as he told her how he truly felt about her. Simmons cried and allowed him to trigger the release, but she did not allow him to die. She swam to the surface with him and was saved by Nick Fury, who received the distress call.

In a Hyperbaric Chamber, Simmons and Fury discussed how to find Phil Coulson and Fitz's condition.


Simmons is reunited with Coulson's Team

After the battle at Cybertek, Simmons was reunited with the team as Coulson became the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and they met Billy Koenig in the Playground. When asked about Fitz, Simmons only stated that he was alive.[24]

Rebuilding the Agency[]


"Have you made friends?"
"Oh, sir, you don't need to worry. I mean, it's been a tad lonely, true, but you weren't asking out of concern of my feelings, were you?"
"Undercover is all about the relationships you make. If you're gonna move up in HYDRA, you need to make friends."
Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons[src]
File:Aos203 2013.jpg

Simmons with HYDRA agent Sunil Bakshi

A few months after the ordeal, Director Phil Coulson put Simmons on a top-secret assignment in which she was to infiltrate HYDRA at its deepest levels. Moving to a house at 1180 N. Mearne Drive in Crosswell, Delaware, she joined the science division and began working at the HYDRA Laboratories. She slowly caught the attention of prominent HYDRA officer Sunil Bakshi. To see if he could trust her, he sent Simmons onto a freighter harboring the dangerous Donnie Gill. She proved her trustworthiness and remained undercover. Her actions made Bakshi promote her, telling Daniel Whitehall that if something were to happen, they could always brainwash her.[4]

While Simmons was out on her secret assignment, Fitz became withdrawn and unfocused in her absence. His mental downward spiral went so far as to him speaking to a hallucination of Simmons, believing that she was still there helping him.[25] Coulson neglected to share Fitz's deteriorating condition with Simmons, believing that knowledge of it would jeopardize her otherwise important mission.[4] He, however, did allow Simmons to receive a video of the others wishing her a happy birthday and Fitz's message to her saying for her to greet her parents for him.[3] Mislead, Fitz felt Simmons left him because she does not return his affection. He told Alphonso Mackenzie and Lance Hunter his feelings as they celebrated surviving a mission in Florida.[26]


Simmons undercover at HYDRA

Weeks later, Simmons had an adjacent desk with her supervisor Kenneth Turgeon. They were ordered by Sunil Bakshi to attend a meeting that Daniel Whitehall was having with his top scientists, including Dr. Lingenfelter. Lingenfelter attempted to duplicate the effects of the Obelisk from skin samples of one of its victims, a waitress, but the experiment at the wedding of Pete and Mariah Leitner did not meet Whitehall's expectations. Whitehall asked Simmons for her expert opinion, to Turgeon's jealousy. Simmons assured him that the Obelisk could be made into a weapon of mass destruction.

Simmons then sent S.H.I.E.L.D. a message via Flex Screen, not knowing that Raina was watching her.

Bobbi Morse, head of security, and Bakshi realized that there was a mole in the facility and searched everyone's desk. As Morse interrogated Simmons, Turgeon was dragged away, as a flex screen was found in his desk.

Later, when Simmons exited the restroom, all eyes were on her; Raina had sent a file transfer blowing her cover. Bakshi sent a security team after her and Simmons ran. When Morse came with her team, Simmons was trapped until Morse used her battle staves to fight the guards, since she was also an undercover S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. The two jumped from the roof where a cloaked Quinjet piloted by Antoine Triplett awaited them.

At the Playground, Leo Fitz greeted Simmons with hesitancy.[27]

Reunion with Fitz[]


Simmons tries to work with Fitz again

"I'm not trying to treat you any differently than-"
"I know, but I am different and I'm trying not to be, but I am!"
―Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Simmons noted that Grant Ward had no way of knowing the time, but every morning at 5:30 he awakened and exercised. Skye asked her how she knew that; Simmons was stationed to watch Ward before she went undercover. Their conversation was interrupted by Melinda May alerting them that the United Nations was attacked.

When Simmons saw that those hit during HYDRA's attack on the United Nations Headquarters were disintegrated, she helped identify Toshiro Mori from the hard drive that was obtained from HYDRA Laboratories. Coulson asked her to learn more from the hard drive.

Going to Fitz for help in accessing the hard drive, the two started arguing about why Simmons left. She could not handle the conversation and left Fitz to his work. Alphonso Mackenzie assisted Fitz, and when Simmons returned, they told her that the Splinter Bombs were created by Vincent Beckers.

When Ward, being transferred to federal custody, went by her, Simmons promised to kill him if they ever met again.

Simmons went to the garage to thank Mackenzie for his help and his friendship with Fitz. Mackenzie told her that Fitz was better without her; she tearfully agreed.[28]

Helping Coulson's Problems[]

File:Coulson Brain Machine.png

Monitoring Coulson in the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine

Simmons berated Alphonso Mackenzie for his words of bravado when he and Leo Fitz brought the body of Janice Robbins to her so she could perform an autopsy. She learned that the knife cuts on her did not kill her but the trauma and pain did.

She accompanied Skye and Phil Coulson to the secret room holding the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine; Coulson wanted to remember the past pertaining to Project T.A.H.I.T.I. and his and Robbins' connection to it. Simmons reminded Coulson that, after six months of research, she and Fitz still did not fully understand the machine. Coulson proceeded nonetheless and Simmons was stationed to watch his vitals as he recalled the past. When Coulson could no longer handle the experience, Simmons ordered the session to end.

Afterwards, Simmons wondered where Skye went and asked Alphonso Mackenzie and Fitz who were playing video games. Simmons saw on the video monitor to Vault D Skye waving to the camera; Coulson locked her inside with the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier and left. Simmons freed Skye, who went to chase the Director.

Later, Simmons was among the assembled senior agents when Director Coulson gave the new mission: to find the city that matched the Words of Creation before HYDRA could.[29]

Familiar Face[]

"Did you hear what I said? Peggy Carter, founder, happens to be British, held this in her hand."
―Jemma Simmons[src]

As Bobbi Morse interrogated Sunil Bakshi, Simmons showed her admiration for her being that close to him. Simmons suggested to Melinda May that they procure old Strategic Scientific Reserve files to find what connection Daniel Whitehall had to the Red Skull, causing May to open Vault B. Simmons loved that she was touching the same files as her hero and S.H.I.E.L.D. founder Peggy Carter. When she saw the picture of Werner Reinhardt, Simmons realized that he was Whitehall; however, her research could not find the secret of Reinhardt's youth.[30]

Science Team Leader[]

Simmons inspected Antoine Triplett's wounds when he returned to the Playground from Australia and told him that she was thankful that he survived his mission. Before Triplett could tell her about Calvin Zabo, Skye's father, Skye interrupted and the three discussed him together.


Simmons, Mack, Fitz and Coulson at the entrance to the Kree City

Simmons was chosen to accompany Phil Coulson to Puerto Rico to destroy the city that matched the Words of Creation. While preparing for the trip, she shared with Bobbi Morse her feelings about Leo Fitz, the coma he experienced, and how she was not ready for a relationship with him greater than friendship. Upon arrival, the silence between the two scientists caused Mack to leave them alone to talk privately. Tearfully, Simmons attempted to explain to Fitz why she left him to go undercover months ago; Fitz interrupted her to say that he could not work with her. She misinterpreted his statement and asked if he was quitting S.H.I.E.L.D.; Fitz felt it best that he work for her, making her leader of the science team.

Inside Castillo San Cristóbal, Simmons and Fitz prepared the D.W.A.R.F.s to test the structural integrity of the city so when they destroyed it, it would not affect the residents of San Juan. When the drones lost power, Mackenzie was sent into the hundred foot shaft to investigate. Hearing his screams, he was hoisted up; Mackenzie then slapped Coulson across the room. During the battle, Simmons was hit and began to fall into the hole. Coulson, ordering Fitz to shoot the super-strong mechanic, grabbed Simmons and struggled to stop her fall. As Mackenzie approached Simmons and Coulson, Morse used her battle staves to electrocute him; stunned, he fell into the hundred foot hole just as Coulson saved Simmons.[31]

File:Kree City.png

Simmons, Fitz and Triplett explore the underground city

Simmons, along with Fitz and Antoine Triplett, in containment suits, then went down to the Kree City to plant explosives and to see if Mackenzie survived. They witnessed Triplett return to the city to defuse the bombs when he learned that Skye and Phil Coulson entered. An earthquake occurred as she waited with Fitz and they hugged in panic as the island shook.[32]

Changing Opinions[]

Simmons was in charge of a team of scientists mapping the Kree City. Her teams planned to document, then flood, the area so neither HYDRA nor any one else could harness it. When her team found the remains of Antoine Triplett, she shouted for them to handle it carefully. However, two scientists were dragged off and killed by a transformed Raina. Simmons shot at Raina and managed to hit her several times; however, Raina still escaped up a lift. Simmons reported this to Phil Coulson who allowed her to return to the Playground, since Simmons wanted to check on Skye.

Back at the Playground, Simmons told Skye who was in quarantine about her encounter with Raina. She showed her that Raina's genetic makeup had changed and said that aliens should be neutralized to prevent an epidemic. When Skye pointed out the harshness of her stated conclusion, Simmons told Skye that everything was her fault, including the death of Triplett, because of her interest in superpowers. She decided that instead of her dedicating half of her life trying to understand alien technology and biology, she should have been focused on trying to exterminate it.

File:Jemma 2.11.png

Simmons giving her opinion

Skye tried to refute her claim pointing out that she had helped plenty people with powers; Simmons pointed out the hostile ones like Donnie Gill, Chan Ho Yin, and Carl Creel. Simmons even noted that the Avengers themselves would not be necessary if they did not unleash an alien invasion on the world. As Melinda May and Coulson wondered what to do about Raina, Simmons voiced that killing Raina would not be the worst scenario.

Simmons returned to Skye's cell when Leo Fitz brought her blood test results; the test said that Skye was normal. Unknown to Simmons, Fitz gave false results to quiet Simmons' possible fear of her until everyone would be more receptive of her change.

Simmons and the other senior agents then sat remembering Triplett with Skye pointing out they would laugh a lot less with him gone.[33]

Leo Fitz's Lie[]

File:WYRA 12.jpg

Simmons realizes Leo Fitz lied to her

Simmons later came across the real results of Skye's blood test on Fitz's computer, and noticed how extraordinary they were. Fitz told her that the data was simply a simulation he had done. She was amazed at the accuracy, but believed him.

Simmons realized that Fitz had lied to her about the blood test results when Skye's powers began firing out of control. She was deeply hurt, and told him so. She told him that the first time she had ever lied to him was when she went undercover for HYDRA.[34]

Doctor Andrew Garner came aboard the Bus to work with Skye, and Fitz and Simmons briefly discussed May and Garner. For a moment, their relationship seemed to improve, but Simmons soon began ignoring Fitz again.[35]

Simmons made it quite clear that she intended to help suppress Skye's powers instead of harnessing them, as Fitz wanted to do. She constructed a pair of gloves intended to absorb the shock of Skye's powers, therefore harming the latter less when she redirected them inside. She refused to specify when Fitz asked her what was in the case that she had taken to Coulson, because the gloves were the content.[36]

S.H.I.E.L.D. Civil War[]

Tricking Bobbi Morse[]

File:Jemma gun.jpg

Simmons points gun at a fainted Bobbi Morse

"Coulson, May, I've got her."
―Jemma Simmons[src]

Simmons was alone during the blackout in the Playground until Bobbi Morse found her in the locker area. Simmons knew of Morse's true loyalty, and was therefore scared at first. She was able to calm herself, and act as though she was oblivious to the true unfolding events. She managed to stall Morse, tricking her into holding two small devices that shocked and rendered her unconscious.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. agents loyal to Robert Gonzales invaded the Playground, Simmons and Leo Fitz sat side by side on the floor, watching the events around them, unable to do anything. Simmons knew Fitz was scared, so she rested her hand on top of his, and he returned the gesture. Anne Weaver asked Simmons for her medical expertise on Alphonso Mackenzie; she first looked at Fitz and waited for his approval before going to attend to Mackenzie.[37]

The Switch[]

File:S F G M.jpg

Simmons and Leo Fitz meet Robert Gonzales

"You should have brought cupcakes."
―Jemma Simmons to Robert Gonzales[src]

Simmons and Fitz discussed the Toolbox before being confronted by Robert Gonzales and Bobbi Morse. Gonzales attempted to exchange pleasantries, but Simmons rebuffed him. Gonzales asked Leo Fitz to open the Toolbox, and Simmons retaliated with asking what would happen to him if he refused. When Morse assured them that Fitz would be free to go, he left to pack his bags, leaving Simmons.

Simmons and Morse talked while Fitz was packing, and Morse seemingly convinced Simmons to stay and help to open the Toolbox. Instead, Simmons replicated the box in order to smuggle it out of the Playground with Fitz. When Fitz learned what she was doing, he covered her actions and convinced Alphonso Mackenzie and Morse that Simmons was in earnest.

She later packed Fitz's favorite sandwich in his bag, and helped him get the backpack on. She watched with Morse and Mackenzie as Fitz left the base.[38]


File:Simmons Melinda.jpg

Simmons learns about Phil Coulson's secrets

When Melinda May returned to the Playground, Simmons greeted her warmly. May asked her to assist her in recent revelations that Phil Coulson was accused of being deceptive. May told Simmons that Coulson asked her to work on upgrades to Deathlok without her knowledge; they decided to learn what Theta Protocol was.

Simmons learned that Coulson was spending a lot of money and was having clandestine meetings with Andrew Garner. Alphonso Mackenzie theorized that Coulson was making a super-powered team without anyone's knowledge. May ordered Simmons to open the Toolbox, but Simmons hesitated, not wanting to reveal that she had duplicated it and smuggled the real one out of the Playground with Leo Fitz. However, she told May that she would do her best.[39]

Finding Coulson[]

When Simmons and Melinda May were in Coulson's office, Simmons revealed that she had worked on a fake Toolbox and that had she helped Leo Fitz in smuggling out the real one. May told her that she would handle it. Simmons continued her false attempts to open the Toolbox as May and Bobbi Morse entered the lab, but May told her she could stop because she had told Morse the truth. May and Morse asked her if she could hack into Deathlok's hard-drive so they could have an opportunity to see, through him, where Coulson was. Simmons said it should not be too hard and dumped the fake Toolbox in the trash.

While Simmons worked on her mission, May came to ask her if there was any luck. Simmons argued with her that she was on Robert Gonzales's side, but May said that she the only reason why she helped him was because of Phil Coulson's lies. Simmons told her she didn't care of what was inside the Toolbox but the only thing she knew was that Coulson was just trying to protect Skye. Simmons, May, Morse and Alphonso Mackenzie were in Coulson's office when Skye called abruptly and said she was with Calvin Zabo and S.H.I.E.L.D. needed to take him from where she was. May signaled Simmons to locate Skye's location.

Later, Simmons succeeded hacking Deathlok's hard-drive. She and May were shocked after they saw that Coulson was with Grant Ward.[40]

Attack on the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility[]

"Go on, get it over with you monster."
"You really have changed, Simmons... I'm disappointed in you."
―Jemma Simmons and Grant Ward[src]

Phil Coulson returned to the Playground with Leo Fitz, Grant Ward and Agent 33, and Fitz went to see Simmons. They talked together about Ward and Agent 33. Simmons did not understand how Coulson worked together with Ward, so she explained to Fitz how she could kill Ward with a Splinter Bomb. Fitz realized that she was serious about the idea, but Simmons said she was only arming herself against Ward. Knowing she had an opportunity to kill Ward and get revenge on him, Simmons asked Coulson if she could join the mission to infiltrate the Arctic HYDRA Research Facility and rescue Deathlok. Coulson agreed she could come to look after Peterson's injuries. Simmons and the team, which included Coulson, Melinda May, Fitz, and Ward, boarded the Bus. They heard a loud noise but it was revealed it had been Skye, who had been teleported to assist them with the mission and to rescue her friend, Lincoln Campbell.

On their way to the base, Simmons and Fitz talked with Skye about the place she had been. Coulson asked Ward to give the information about the base sent by Sunil Bakshi, who Ward had brainwashed into serving him. Ward began, but then started to explain his actions during the time it had been revealed he was a HYDRA agent. Ward asked for the team's forgiveness, but nobody gave it. Near the base, HYDRA spotted the Bus' location and sent missiles to shoot it down, but the team escaped with a Quinjet and entered the base.

File:The Dirty Half Dozen 11.jpg

Simmons searches for Mike Peterson

In the base, the team joined Sunil Bakshi and they were split into two groups: Coulson, May and Fitz went to take down the defense system so Robert Gonzales' men could destroy the base, while Simmons, Skye, Ward, and Bakshi went to find Peterson and Campbell. Bakshi led them to a room where Peterson was, but HYDRA agents shot in their direction. Skye used her powers to knock them out and they found Peterson in his cell with Peterson unable to stand due to the torture he had endured. While Skye looked for Campbell, Simmons asked Ward to find something with which she could take Peterson, in order to make a distraction and kill Ward with a Splinter Bomb.

While Grant Ward had his back turned and was distracted searching the base, Simmons sneaked into the room and prepared to kill him with the bomb; however when she threw the bomb, Sunil Bakshi sacrificed his own life for Ward's, jumping in front of him and having his body turned to dust within seconds. Simmons watched as Ward pulled his gun and aimed it at her, demanding to know why she had tried to kill her. Instead of shooting her, he lectured her and told her that he was disappointed in the change in her. He then allowed her to live and left the base. With Ward gone, Simmons went to help Skye rescue Campbell and Peterson before Robert Gonzales destroyed the base.

With the base was destroyed, Simmons and the team returned to the Playground. Simmons and Fitz talked with Peterson about repairing his leg, which had been removed and destroyed by Doctor List and his HYDRA scientists. Peterson asked what happened to Sunil Bakshi, and Simmons said he did not make it, giving no details and choosing not to reveal the truth about her attempt to assassinate Grant Ward.[41]

War against the Inhumans[]

At the Playground[]

Simmons and Leo Fitz watched Skye while she was near the anesthetized Lincoln Campbell. Then, they informed Kara Palamas that the brainwashing of HYDRA was not affecting her reactions anymore. Palamas thanked them and asked Simmons about her undercover mission in HYDRA with Bobbi Morse, but before Simmons could explain more, the light of the building turned on and off, as Campbell awoke from his coma. Simmons checked if everything was alright, and put Campbell on the Index. She came to say goodbye to Skye before she left with Campbell to their home.[42]

Ambush in Afterlife[]

S.H.I.E.L.D. located the Inhumans' base and set them as a threat, and Simmons' role in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s delegation to their base was putting all of the Inhumans on the Index. Before she went to there, she talked with Fitz about her attempt to kill Grant Ward and that the next horrible thing he will do, would be on her. Near the base, Simmons were in a Quinjet and informed Robert Gonzales that there are more people in there than they had expected. After they landed, Gonzales went to meet the Inhumans' leader and Skye's mother, Jiaying, and Simmons was with Skye and Campbell. But soon after, they heard gunfire from the room where Gonzales and Jiaying were. They ran to the noise, where they found Jiaying bleeding, claiming Gonzales had shot her.[42] Simmons tried to help, but was rebuffed by the Inhumans and told to go back to S.H.I.E.L.D.[43]

Open War[]


Simmons discuses Gonzales' action

"None of this would've happened if Gonzales hadn't attacked."
"You can't actually believe he would do something like this."
"Oh no, Gonzales would never attack a base unprovoked."
―Jemma Simmons and Anne Weaver[src]

Simmons came to a Quinjet and told Melinda May and Phil Coulson what happened. Coulson asked her where was Robert Gonzales now, but Simmons did not know, so May went to search for him. After May was knocked out by Skye, the Quinjet that she and Simmons were in returned to the Playground. On their way to the base, Coulson asked Simmons if they had confirmation on who had fired the missile within Afterlife, but Simmons said they had not and they were still searching for the that Quinjet. May woke up and Simmons asked how she felt and then blamed Robert Gonzales that his action led to this conflict, but Anne Weaver defended Gonzales, saying that he would not do such a thing because he had wanted to give Jiaying a peace offering. Simmons did not understood Jiaying's move, asking why she invited S.H.I.E.L.D. only to attack them. Coulson did not know why but postulated that Calvin Zabo might.[43]

Calvin Zabo's Transformation[]

File:S.O.S Part One 6.jpg

Simmons faces off against Calvin Zabo

"Tell me you figured out what drugs Cal took, because my gut's saying everything ever made."
"I haven't fully sequenced the formula yet, if only for the multitude of trace drugs found."
Phil Coulson and Jemma Simmons[src]

As they returned to the Playground with Calvin Zabo, Simmons said to Phil Coulson that she feared that Zabo was a Trojan horse and that he had taken a formula from the vials. She said to him she was going to analyze it in the lab. In Coulson's office, Coulson discovered that Jiaying staged the attack of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Afterlife so the Inhumans would think that they declared war on them, a ploy that deceived even Skye.

Coulson came to check Simmons' progress with analyzing the formula and Simmons gave him a partial list of the chemicals in the formula, saying Zabo made an unsuccessful attempt to get super strength. Coulson asked if he would be alright but Simmons said he had taken three vials so he should be dead. After Zabo had a heart attack, Simmons tried to revive him by giving him an adrenaline syringe. Zabo's heart went back to work but he became monstrous with remarkable strength. Simmons, Coulson and Leo Fitz tried to shoot him with I.C.E.R.s, but they were ineffective. Coulson ordered them to go so he could talk with him. A short time after, when Zabo walked around the base, Simmons and Fitz lured him into the hangar where Coulson could reason with him.[43]


"It means a lot to me that we are friends again, and I... Maybe when you get back, we can finally just talk about it."
"It's... There is nothing to discuss, Jemma."
"Maybe there is."
―Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Phil Coulson convinced Calvin Zabo to assist them against Jiaying, and Zabo was put under armed guard while Simmons helped counteract the effects of his formula, resulting in the reverse of his physical changes. Leo Fitz then informed Coulson that the Inhumans had hijacked the Iliad while they were fighting Zabo.

Later, Melinda May and Lance Hunter found Bobbi Morse seriously injured. The two flew her to the Playground where Simmons prepared to analyze Morse in an alternate room. Coulson and Fitz came and asked about Morse's condition on her way there. Simmons responded that she barely survived, and Coulson asked if Zabo was stable enough to join them in the mission to retake the Iliad, but Simmons and Fitz were surprised to hear that. May and Hunter then entered the room with the wounded Morse. Simmons and her team of physicians started to operate on her.

Finished with the operation, and with Morse beginning to recover, Simmons put her hand on Hunter's shoulder to comfort him. She then came to say goodbye to Fitz, who was in a expedition of S.H.I.E.L.D. to retake the Iliad. She said to him to be careful but Fitz said that he will just get the job done. Simmons admitted that seeing Hunter with Morse made her realize that they had never spoken about what Fitz said to her in the bottom of the ocean. Fitz was surprised she wanted to speak about it now, but Simmons said hesitatingly that it meant a lot to her that they were friends again and they could talk about it. Fitz said that that there was nothing to discuss but Simmons replied that maybe there was. Coulson then entered and said to Fitz that they were on the move. After Fitz walked out, Simmons started crying.[44]



Simmons works with Anne Weaver

"You know we could get better readings if we dropped a probe into the glass enclosure."
"We're never opening that damn box in a thousand years."
―Jemma Simmons and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. and Skye were able to stop Jiaying's plans, leading to the deaths of Jiaying and the teleporter Gordon. A few days later, Phil Coulson appointed Alphonso Mackenzie to the head of the alien artifacts division. Simmons worked with Anne Weaver on the Monolith on the Iliad. She said that they could get better data if they could put a probe inside the glass which protected the stone. Mackenzie then responded that they would not open the glass for thousands of years.


Simmons is swallowed by the Monolith

While continuing to work on the stone, Leo Fitz awkwardly tried to ask Simmons out to dinner, however it took her a long time to realize he meant they go out together on a date. As Fitz became more awkward he stumbled, causing the lock on the case to loosen. Simmons agreed to join him and he nervously left the room. Once he had gone, Simmons then found out that the case was unlocked; while trying to re-lock the case, the stone morphed into its liquid form, shooting out and swallowing her. Simmons shouted, and then the stone went back to its original solid form.[44]

Other Worldly Experience[]

File:Jemma crawls.jpg

Simmons arrives on an empty alien planet

"There has to be a sunrise, eventually."
―Jemma Simmons[src]

Finding herself on another planet, Simmons waited for hours for someone to find her and extract her. After twenty-two hours, she noted that the sun had not risen. Simmons kept herself grounded by talking to a picture of Leo Fitz on her cell phone; as she made markers from stones showing the direction she was going, Simmons talked to herself about the date they had planned. Realizing that a normal human can live without water for one hundred hours, Simmons sought water; she found it after one hundred and one.

At one hundred nine hours, Simmons swam through the water, finally finding time to relax. Suddenly, she was grabbed by a plant in the water and almost drowned; Simmons fought it and detached a tentacle. After eating it, she decided that she would grow weak if she did not continue to have food. Simmons returned to the pond and killed the creature cooking and eating it while continuing to look at the image of Fitz on her phone.[3]

Meeting Will Daniels[]

File:Curious Jemma.jpg

Simmons meets Will Daniels

"You were right, Will. I saw It, whatever it is. Something was out there."
―Jemma Simmons to Will Daniels[src]

Simmons roamed the planet for a time, scavenging food and water. She heard movement and investigated it, only to fall down a hole and be trapped by a cage. As she fainted, she saw a man near the cage. Waking, Simmons waited in the cage. Eventually, the man came to check on her and realized that she was real. Simmons introduced herself, and the man brought her food. Forming a plan to escape, Simmons faked a stomachache and lured the man into the cage to investigate. Simmons hit the man with the food bowl and escaped the cage, exiting the cave and running from the man. However, she fell and hurt her leg, allowing the man to catch up to her and bring her back to the cave. The man introduced himself as Will Daniels and stitched up Simmons' leg. Daniels asked what year it was, and Simmons informed him that it was 2015. Daniels told Simmons that he had been on the planet since 2001, and told her his story, showing her all his old NASA equipment. Simmons showed him her phone, and the two watched a video of her birthday celebration.

File:Simmons In Another Planet.jpg

Simmons runs from It

Simmons did not believe Daniels' stories of a mysterious being on the planet, and decided to venture into the area Daniels had dubbed the "no fly zone". While there, she saw the stars and began to formulate a plan to escape the planet. A sandstorm began and Simmons saw a figure in the dust;[3] running, she received a head wound, which she treated by applying dirt to it.[45] She made it back to Daniels and told him that she believed him. Simmons explained her plan to Daniels, thinking of using his equipment and her phone to calculate new portal openings.[3]

Fleeing "Death"[]


Simmons and Will Daniels go to the portal

"There's no hope on this planet."
"That's what I used to think. Then you showed up."
―Jemma Simmons and Will Daniels[src]

For days, Simmons and Will Daniels were working on a way to turn on his computer. Once it was activated, they calculated the movement of the stars and tried to locate the next place the portal would open. After the battery of her phone was dead, she found the location and the time of the next portal, in the "no fly zone". Daniels explained to her that a canyon separated between them and the portal. As they prepared to go there, Simmons told him that she had a message in bottle for Leo Fitz in case they would not reach to the portal. When they arrived to the canyon, it was longer than they expected. Daniels thought that It caused it. The portal opened in the other side, and Daniels shot the bottle toward, but portal was closed before the bottle reached it.

In their hideout, Simmons admitted that there was no hope in this planet, and it was hell. Daniels told her that he had also thought so, until he met her. The two then kissed.[3]


―Jemma Simmons[src]

Due to research into the stars conducted by Simmons, she and Will Daniels were able to determine when the sun was due to rise over the planet, the first sunrise in eighteen years. The pair shared a kiss as they stepped outside and waited to see for the sun for the first time in over a decade. Suddenly Simmons spotted a flair being fired in the distance and determined it must be Leo Fitz finally having found her.


Simmons is found by Leo Fitz

Simmons ran across the desert with Daniels as they tried to find the source of the flare, but became separated as a sandstorm appeared. Simmons spotted what appeared to be a NASA astronaut and called out to Daniels that his team had found him, but Daniels warned her that it could only be the deadly being on the planet trying to trick her mind. Daniels ordered Simmons to run as he drew his gun and engaged the creature, firing his only bullet at It while Simmons followed the sound of Leo Fitz's voice.[3]

She moved towards the light and encountered Fitz, who had thrown himself into the activated portal to find her. Crawling to him as the sandstorm worsened, she tried to reach him, only for him to be pulled away from her as the rope he was attached to began to take him back. Refusing to give up, Simmons dragged herself back towards Fitz, and they both grabbed hold of each other's hands and made it back through the portal before it exploded. Safe in the English castle, Simmons hugged Fitz as Phil Coulson, Bobbi Morse, Elliot Randolph, and Alphonso Mackenzie stared at them.

File:PitM Jemma woke up.jpg

Simmons awakes from a nightmare

Coulson and Morse ran tests on Simmons and determined that she was not infected or contagious and everything was normal despite her many months on a distant planet they knew nothing about. Suddenly, Simmons awakened from a nightmare and she held a piece of metal shaped like a shiv in a defensive position. She regained her senses and looked around; she found herself in a Medical Pod with Fitz in a chair, sleeping next to her bed. Simmons laid her head near his lap and returned to sleep, comforted by his presence.[46]

Return to the Real World[]

File:AWI FitzSimmons.png

Simmons is helped by Fitz

"She said she was being hunted."
"Wait. What? What does that mean? Hunted by what?"
"She didn't say. I don't know if she even knows."
Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

A team checked her physical condition and determined that her body adapted to living on the other planet. Simmons took a shower and washed the filth on her body. Leo Fitz accompanied her in every step she made since she was still getting used to Earth's lower gravity. They walked to the lab where Bobbi Morse greeted her. Fitz theorized that if she saw the lab again, she would feel better. Suddenly, Morse's phone rang, but Simmons heard it very loud. Simmons sent her regards to Lance Hunter, who called Morse to update her on his campaign to kill Grant Ward. Simmons then told Fitz that she did not want to be there as there were too many distractions. Even a small divisive sounded very loud to her, so Fitz took her to her room.

In her room, Simmons was visited by Daisy Johnson; at first, Simmons called her "Skye" but she corrected herself. Johnson said to her that she would be with her any time when she would want to talk about what happened to her. Simmons said that she would rather listen about the Inhuman Outbreak. Suddenly, Johnson got a call which alarmed her; Simmons said she could answer it.[47]

Dinner Date[]

Fitz took Simmons to a restaurant as he had promised to her months ago. When Simmons asked him where were all the other people, he said that he made sure there would not be any distractions. After they sat, Simmons said that she did not know how to thank him enough for what he had done for her. Fitz said that she did not have to say anything. Fitz then suggested to drink the wine,[47] but it reminded her of how she and Will Daniels drank the old wine.[3] She started to cry, so Fitz sat next to her and comforted her.[47]

Return to Danger[]

File:AWI Jemma.png

Simmons tells Morse she has to go back to the alien planet

"I have to go back."
―Jemma Simmons to Bobbi Morse[src]

Simmons knew that she had to find a way to open the portal again to save Will Daniels's life. She examined the Monolith remains in the lab. But when Bobbi Morse came and assured her that it will not open again, Simmons said that it had to and she must go back to the planet.[47]

Simmons researched the fragments of the Monolith and wrote her findings in a notebook. While researching Lash, Leo Fitz found the notebook and asked Morse what it was. Suddenly, Simmons entered the laboratory and grabbed the notebook from Fitz; the papers fell to the floor and were scattered. Simmons became upset and told Fitz to leave her things alone before storming off. Fitz was left perplexed.

Simmons went to see Morse after Morse finished her rehabilitation regiment and apologized for accusing her of betraying their secret to Fitz. Morse thought nothing of it, but confided to Simmons that she believed that Lance Hunter was in danger.

File:DYK FitzSimmons.png

Simmons' secret is revealed to Fitz

Later, Simmons was in her room reorganizing the notebook when Fitz entered, wanting to know what was happening. Simmons realized that she could not rescue Daniels without assistance.[48]

Telling Fitz About Will[]

Simmons told Leo Fitz about her experience on Maveth and the relationship that she had with Will Daniels. For a moment, Fitz would not talk to her and she began to cry. Collecting herself, Simmons chased after Fitz, begging him to understand; Fitz said that he did understand and showed her his computer screen, revealing the research he had done over the past six months on her location. Fitz declared that they will save Daniels; Simmons smiled.[3]

Awaiting Results[]

File:Simmons AUH....jpg

Simmons speaks with Andrew Garner

Simmons sat across from Andrew Garner reminding him of his words as she played psychologist; Garner confessed to her that he disliked how others were treating him since he was injured in an assassination attempt. Simmons told him that others underestimate how strong smart people truly are.

She then received a phone call from Daisy Johnson who had a blood sample from Luther Banks that she wanted tested to determine if he could be an Inhuman. Simmons took the assignment and ran the test.

Simmons entered the workplace of Leo Fitz and told Johnson that Banks was not an Inhuman; meanwhile, Fitz was finishing his technical support for Melinda May. Simmons asked Fitz how the research he was doing into the Monolith was progressing. He could only tell her that the computer simulations had not yet found a way to open a viable portal. Simmons then told Fitz that if he knew Will Daniels, then he would understand why she desperately hopes to rescue him; Fitz assured her that he will get to know Daniels. Unknown to Simmons, Fitz was researching Daniels' background.[49]

Watching the Sunrise[]

Simmons gave her phone to Leo Fitz and hoped that he could repair it; she told him that she made logs on it during her time on Maveth and that she thought he could use that information to find a way to open a portal. Fitz took the phone and said he would do the research.


Simmons watches the sunrise with Fitz

Later, Simmons searched the Playground for an eastern window so she could watch the sun rise. Fitz found her and told her that he was taking a break. He then questioned her about her thought processes and state of mind as she recorded her logs. Simmons, knowing that Fitz was referring to her affirmations of love to him and her said desire to start a family with him, told Fitz that she had perfect clarity when she made her logs. The two then watched as the morning began.[50]

Discovering an Unlikely Connection[]

File:MHOT FitzSimmons Kiss.jpg

Simmons shares a kiss with Leo Fitz

"I can't fathom any way out of this without hurting someone I care about."
―Jemma Simmons[src]

Simmons watched as Leo Fitz berated an agent who had dropped some books and scrolls in the hallway. Simmons calmed him down, before getting angry with him for wanting to help her find Will Daniels, not understanding why he was seemingly not angry. Simmons returned to the lab; however, Fitz confronted her there, asking her why she was angry with him. Simmons replied that she was mad at herself for asking Fitz to help, and she was mad at him for being so willing. Simmons told Fitz she had expected him to get angry, and he had not. Simmons listened as Fitz replied that he was angry, but not at her; at the universe that he believed kept them apart.

Simmons deflected the idea; however, Fitz proceeded to list all their obstacles, before asking Simmons if she loved Daniels. Taken aback, Simmons struggled to find an answer, until finally saying yes. Fitz sadly agreed and started listing Daniels' achievements and traits, until Simmons cut him off and interjected that Fitz had rescued her from Maveth. Fitz stared at her for a second, and then kissed her, knocking a book off the table as he did so. Simmons kissed him back, until Fitz broke away and whispered again that they were cursed. As he walked away, Simmons turned and saw the book that had been knocked down lying open with a picture of a symbol similar to HYDRA's; she called Fitz back and showed him the picture.

Later, Simmons and Fitz showed the rest of the agents their findings, first laying out the Distant Star Return insignia, then other symbols relating to the Monolith they had found in their research, progressing until they reached a symbol that bore extreme similarity to the current HYDRA symbol. Their research revealed that HYDRA had been involved with NASA and the Advanced Threat Containment Unit, and that they were behind sending people through the Monolith.[51]



Simmons and Simmons in the Distant Star Facility

When Rosalind Price was killed by Grant Ward, Phil Coulson sent Simmons, Fitz, Luther Banks, and a team of agents to an abandoned Project Distant Star Pathfinder facility in search of clues to the Monolith. While there, Simmons expressed her belief that it was unlikely they would find anything, but Fitz replied that they still could find something to help them bring back Will Daniels. Simmons told him that they could not bring him back, since opening the portal was HYDRA's goal and could potentially allow them to bring back their leader. Though Fitz tried to protest, Simmons told him that it would be selfish to potentially allow HYDRA to achieve their goal, just to bring Daniels back. Before Fitz could answer, the two heard shots. Quickly turning, Simmons saw Banks shoot the other agents, then turn the gun on her and Fitz. Simmons watched as Fitz asked Banks not to shoot them; however, Banks managed to say it was not him before the gun floated out of his hand, turned, and shot Banks in the head. Simmons and Fitz watched as Giyera entered the room and ordered them to follow him.[52]

At the HYDRA Castle[]


Simmons in HYDRA captivity

"In case you didn't realize, Melinda shot me!"
"Oh, well I think you deserved it after the way you've misbehaved!"
Andrew Garner and Jemma Simmons[src]

Now captives of HYDRA, Simmons and Leo Fitz were taken to the same castle in England where S.H.I.E.L.D. rescued Simmons from Maveth. There, they discovered that Gideon Malick sought to use fragments of the Monolith to summon forth the hostile creature from Maveth; the creature was in fact an Inhuman of unspeakable power that HYDRA and its ancestors had long worshiped. Disgusted and horrified by the prospect, Simmons refused and attempted to attack Malick, but was restrained and tortured by Giyera and Grant Ward. Hearing her screams, Fitz gave in first and agreed to help them open the portal.

File:Maveth 6.jpg

Simmons in the Castle chamber

While Simmons remained behind in captivity, she watched as Fitz was forced to accompany a squadron of HYDRA operatives led by Ward through the portal, with Phil Coulson airdropping through the castle roof after them seconds later to stop them.[52] While they waited for the team to return, the HYDRA Castle suddenly fell under attack by S.H.I.E.L.D. Lincoln Campbell used his electrical powers to cut the power to the facility, and in the confusion, Simmons escaped her confinements using the dagger she had taken from Maveth. Evading HYDRA forces, she came across captive Inhumans as well as Andrew Garner secured in his containment module. With HYDRA forces closing in on her, Simmons got into a brief argument with Garner, who offered to protect her from HYDRA if he let her out. Simmons was understandably skeptical, given Garner's recent actions as Lash. However, seeing no other alternative, she complied and remained hidden as Garner transformed into Lash and butchered all HYDRA operatives in his path.

File:310 45831.JPG

Simmons grieving over Will Daniels' death

As Lash disappeared from the scene, Simmons regrouped with the rest of her team and aided in securing the facility. As S.H.I.E.L.D. took point in guarding the portal, Simmons told her team of the nature of HYDRA's plans and of the hostile Inhuman. After a length deliberation, the team decided to bomb the castle once Coulson and Fitz returned, thus destroying the portal and preventing the Inhuman from making it through. Simmons accompanied the away team while Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie stayed behind to oversee the return of their people; eventually, time ran out and S.H.I.E.L.D. destroyed the castle. Fortunately, Coulson and Fitz returned at the last second and regrouped with the others on the Zephyr One. Simmons immediately went to see if they had successfully brought back Will Daniels, but was heartbroken to discover he was not with them. In tears, she embraced Fitz, who comforted her.[53]

Lab Work[]

Missing Fitz[]

File:Bouncing Back 30.jpg

Simmons "meets" Fitz again

"I miss you."
"I'm here."
"Together. We're professional and matter of fact, and there's this chasm in the middle of the room of all these things."
―Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

As Daisy Johnson sent Simmons footage of an Inhuman with super-speed, she redefined the Containment Module. She told Lincoln Campbell that it was necessary, since the Inhumans's abilities were random. However, Campbell told her that he had been taught that the Inhumans abilities were given to create an equilibrium within the species. Then, Phil Coulson wanted to use the Theta Brain-Wave Frequency Machine on Werner von Strucker to find out where Gideon Malick was. Simmons warned him that because von Strucker was in a coma, it could be dangerous for him. Eventually Coulson got his information. Later, Simmons found Leo Fitz in the lab, and told him that she missed their partnership because of the recent events. Fitz said that maybe there had been a way to save Will Daniels, but Simmons said that he was extraordinary, since he had killed Hive. Together they restored the moment they had met, reintroducing themselves in an effort to start over.[54]

Potential Cure[]

File:TIM Vaccine.png

Fitz, Simmons and Lincoln Campbell examine Carl Creel's blood

"A vaccine against Terrigenesis."
"Potentially. It can't reverse the effects once someone's transformed. This could virtually put an end to..."
"To us?"
Lincoln Campbell, Jemma Simmons and Daisy Johnson[src]

Carl Creel was brought to the Playground and was inside a Containment Module. Simmons and Leo Fitz asked him how he could had touched the Diviner without being killed, but he did not know. They decided to test his blood samples with Terrigenesis. She then interrupted Daisy Johnson and Lincoln Campbell and asked Campbell's help with their test. The two showed Campbell that Johnson's pre-Terrigenesis blood reacted to the Terrigen, but as they mixed it with Creel's blood, it broke down the Terrigenesis. They theorized that it could be a vaccine to Inhumans that were not yet transformed. Johnson entered the lab, shocked at the idea. Simmons and Fitz left the room to let her and Campbell talk.[55]

Mission in Russia[]

File:Parting Shot 18.jpg

Simmons assists the team on the ground

Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter followed Gideon Malick to Siberia and the rest of the team followed them on Zephyr One. They went to a compound, where Hunter and Melinda May found the body of the Prime Minister of Russia's Attaché. They sent his biological condition to Simmons, who found out that he had been choked without a touch by an Inhuman assassin in the compound. Then, Daisy Johnson sent her a footage of the Inhuman. Simmons tried to figured out his powers. She realized he could manifest Darkforce in form of his shadow. She delivered the information to the team on the ground

File:PS Jemma goodbye.jpg

Simmons says goodbye to Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter

After Morse had killed the Inhuman, she and Hunter were arrested. Phil Coulson went to free them, but he returned to Zephyr One alone. He informed the team the pair were disavowed from S.H.I.E.L.D. in order to keep it a secret. Later, the team visited a bar where Morse and Hunter were. Without directly contacting them, Simmons and the others all ordered shots for the two, saying goodbye in the only way they could.[56]

Shooting Practice[]

File:Watchdogs Jemma shooting.jpg

Simmons practices shooting range

"You know I don't like guns, but I'd rather be prepared."
―Jemma Simmons to Melinda May[src]

Simmons was working on her shootings in the range, when Melinda May came and gave her an advice. May asked her why she was doing it, and Simmons said that since she could not defend herself so she had let Lash kill innocent people, she needed to know how to use a gun. May told her that it was not her fault and left. After she was finished, Simmons was called by May. May told her she assign some of S.H.I.E.L.D. services to find Lash. Simmons told her she used them wrong, since Lash was driven by basic instincts. Simmons asked her what she was planing to do with him, so she answered that she would kill him. Simmons told her about the vaccine for pre-Terrigenesis Inhumans she was working at that could help Lash, but May refused.[57]

Hive's Return[]

An Old Enemy Is Back[]

"My God. What is she walking into?"
―Jemma Simmons[src]

Daisy Johnson saw a vision of the future from the Inhuman Charles Hinton. After she returned to the Playground, Johnson told the team she would fight HYDRA to rescue Hinton from them and Simmons and Leo Fitz would hold hands as the snow falls. Johnson said they could change the future from happening, but Fitz explained to the team the future could not be changed. Phil Coulson suggested they would send Melinda May to the mission.

Johnson gave details of the location of the battle to Simmons and Fitz, and they used S.H.I.E.L.D. services to find it. May entered the room and demeaned they would not use all of them. Simmons explained that she and May used some of the services to find Lash. Simmons asked May if she thought they could change the future, to which May replied that every move they made change the future. Simmons joined Fitz, Lincoln Campbell and others as they began training to ensure May would undergo her mission as fast as possible in order to change the vision's outcome. Johnson made sure the room was laid out as accurately as possible to the vision she had had while Fitz and the other agents acted as the guards who needed to be taken out. Eventually May managed to beat the time limit.

They eventually found the location of the battle, which was owned by Transia Corporation. Coulson gave his last orders to May when suddenly the alarms in the base went off, telling them that there was an intruder. Andrew Garner was brought into the base and explained that Lash was taking over and he wanted to say goodbye to May. May was ordered to stay behind so she could say goodbye to her ex-husband while Johnson went into the mission. In Coulson's office they watched as they managed to hack into the Transia Corporation's CCTV feed. As they spotted Giyera on the feed, suddenly the video seemed to show Grant Ward in the building. Fitz claimed it was likely to be Hive. Simmons terrified said what Johnson went to.

File:Spacetime FitzSimmons.jpg

Fitz and Simmons outside Transia Corporation building

They went to the building to save Johnson and find Ward. Fitz and Simmons stayed outside. Simmons said tho him that maybe Johnson had seen her own death. Suddenly, Fluorescent sparkles fell from the building's rooftop, so Fitz realized Johnson had not seen snow. Simmons said they supposed to hold hands now, so the two did it.[58]

Learning Hive[]

File:PL Lab Skeleton.png

Simmons examines Hive's victims

"The organisms we found on the bones, I don't think he's controlling them. I think he is them."
―Jemma Simmons to Phil Coulson[src]

Simmons, Leo Fitz, Daisy Johnson and Alphonso Mackenzie examined skeletons sentenced from the skin by Hive. Simmons explained that Grant Ward's body was possessed by the Inhuman from Maveth. The team was called to Phil Coulson's office for a meeting where he explained that in order to find Hive, they would go to GT Agrochemical facility which had been raided by HYDRA. On Zephyr One, Simmons and Fitz explained to Coulson that Hive had created small organisms which had consumed the victims' flesh. Simmons theorized that the organisms also been used to reanimate dead flesh. Coulson looked at her shocked so Simmons explained she could not believe Hive was on Earth.

As the team prepared to enter to facility and to face Giyera there, Simmons explained them his powers. Melinda May asked her about a room in the facility where she could defeat him. After they kidnapped Giyera, Simmons was asked by Giyera why Hive destroyed the researches in the facility, so Simmons sad either he wanted to use them, or he was afraid of them. Coulson then asked what was Hive, so Simmons said she was thinking the little organisms were Hive himself. Coulson realized Hive was a parasite which possessed the memories of his host. Simmons herself was terrified of the idea. Later, the alarm of the plane was set as Giyera escaped the Containment Module. Giyera came to the the control room and managed to control the plane, causing Simmons to faint.[59]

Hive's Powers[]

After violently landing in the secret base of Gideon Malick in Schoonebeek Oil Field, Simmons, Leo Fitz, Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie helped a wounded Melinda May to get shelter in a storage room. The room was soon assaulted by HYDRA agents who began to ram the door. Simmons took care of May's wound while Fitz and Mackenzie spread chlorine gas in the corridor, making the HYDRA agents cough and blinding them. The group was then rescued by Elena Rodriguez and Daisy Johnson before returning on the Zephyr One.

Back at the Playground, Leo Fitz told Simmons that the dead body of Lucio, killed by Joey Gutierrez during the battle at Gideon Malick's Headquarters, maintained a high body temperature. They thus placed the corpse in quarantine. Simons later performed an autopsy on the body, discussing with Fitz of the fact that they could not trust the Inhumans present at the Playground since they could have been infected by Hive. The two scientists then discovered the signs of Hive infection in Lucio's brain and reported their discovery to Phil Coulson.

Immediately after that, the power was cut at the Playground. Simmons and Fitz made their way to the generators room and, on their way, discovered the dead body of Gideon Malick with a grenade beside it. The grenade exploded, throwing Simmons and Fitz on the ground. They were found by Coulson who ordered them to get some rest in a calm place.

File:The Team FitzSimmons.png

Simmons speaks with Fitz

Simmons and Fitz went to the latter's bedroom where they kept searching for a test for Hive's infection. Simmons suggested to investigate the Inhumans dopamine levels, thinking that Hive's infection could have the same effects than a drug addiction. Both sitting on Fitz's couch, they contemplated one of his pictures of cosmos, discussing Hive, and Simmons lamented over the fact that their friends needed their help. Simmons and Fitz then shared a tender look, holding hands before slowly kissing. Fitz apologized, remembering that Simmons had proposed to start their relationship from the beginning. However, Simmons replied that they had known each other for 10 years and that, since Fitz considered that they were "cursed", they couldn't waste any more time. They kissed again and stayed in Fitz's bedroom until Daisy Johnson, who turned out to be infected by Hive, escaped from containment by generating a earthquake which damaged the Playground.[60]

Seeking Holden Radcliffe[]

Simmons attended the crisis meeting held by Phil Coulson before leaving the Playground with the Zephyr One, along with the rest of his friends. Simmons and Leo Fitz then informed Coulson that Hive's infection on the Inhumans had the same effect than a drug addiction, making them invulnerable to I.C.E.R. shots. They suggested to make contact with Pr. Holden Radcliffe, a scientist specialized in parasitic organisms who used to work at GT Agrochemical. Radcliffe was fired from the company due to the transhumanist experiments he conducted.

Coulson sent Fitz, Simmons and Alphonso Mackenzie to Romania in order to retrieve Radcliffe. While preparing for the mission, Fitz and Simmons, acting as they were having a professional conversation due to the presence of numerous S.H.I.E.L.D. agents around them, discussed the future of their relationship after the kiss they shared the day before, especially in the perspective of having sex. However, they were interrupted by Melinda May, who gave Simmons a gun, insisting that she should use it should she feels that it was necessary.

File:Fitz-Simmons Transhumanist.png

Simmons and Fitz inside the Transhumanists club

In Bucharest, Simmons, Fitz and Mackenzie rented a hotel room and prepared for their mission in a private club where Radcliffe was supposed to be. Simmons and Fitz posed as two high ranking geneticists willing to sell an advanced technology to Radcliffe : a variation of the eye technology implanted in Deathlok. Mackenzie stayed in the hotel room, following the progression of his colleagues through Fitz's glasses. Fitz noticed two men staring at them and supposed that they were working for Radcliffe. Approaching them, they were greeted by Anon, Radcliffe's assistant, who asked them if they had made an appointment.

File:The Singularity 9.jpg

Simmons and Fitz discuss their relationship

Upon learning that they were willing to show their technology to Radcliffe only, Anon requested that Simmons and Fitz waited at the bar until Radcliffe was ready to see them. There, they briefly cut their communications so that Mackenzie could not hear them and they resumed their interrupted conversation about moving further in their relationship. Fitz compared the fact of having sex with Simmons to a singularity, like in transhumanism or in a black hole. Simmons found the metaphor both lovely and terrifying, and the two agreed that their best option was to stop thinking about it and simply doing it.

File:Holden Radcliffe Singularity 2.jpg

Simmons prepares for the surgery

Anon came back to them and invited them to follow her in order to meet Radcliffe. Simmons and Fitz were brought to a small operation room where they were asked to surgically implant the cybernetic eye on a patient in order to demonstrate the efficiency of their technology. They discussed the matter with Mackenzie and resolved to follow Anon's instructions. However, before doing the surgery, Simmons noticed that the eye they were supposed to replace was not of human origin but was instead an avian prosthetic eye. The patient they were supposed to operate was actually Holden Radcliffe himself.

File:Holden Radcliffe Singularity 8.jpg

Simmons speaks with Holden Radcliffe

Fitz and Simmons presented their technology to Radcliffe, who recognized it as similar to the one used by Cybertek to control their soldiers through explosives implanted in the eye. Fearing that Fitz and Simmons were from HYDRA, Radcliffe ordered Anon to generate an EMP to disable their communications. Distraught, Fitz and Simmons informed Radcliffe of Hive's existence and his ability to infect Inhumans. However, before they could develop, Radcliffe's guards came across the room and one of them took Simmons out.

However, once out of the elevator, the guard was killed was by Hive, who had accompanied Daisy Johnson and Alisha Whitley in order to kidnap Radcliffe. Hive used the memories of Will Daniels to overpower Simmons, reminding her of escape from Maveth, during which Daniels protected Simmons from Hive at the cost of his own life. Hive invited Simmons to move on and to forget about her relationship with Daniels. However, Hive was unaware that Simmons had already moved on and begun a new relationship with her best friend Fitz. Thus, Simmons was more disgusted than distraught at the sight of a lethal enemy using the memories of her former lover and the body of a despicable former colleague, and therefore did not hesitate to shoot Hive three times in the stomach with the gun that May had given her, allowing her to flee.

Simmons went back to the hotel room, where she found Mackenzie and informed him of Radcliffe's kidnapping by Hive and Johnson. Mackenzie and Simmons then discussed her with Fitz, since Mackenzie had perfectly understood why Simmons and Fitz had interrupted their communications earlier in the evening. Simmons told Mackenzie that her relationship with Fitz was still very new, but Mackenzie disagreed, implying that she had been with Fitz for a very long time, even if they had their first kiss recently. His reaction made Simmons smile, as she knew he was right.

File:Singularity FitzSimmons.jpg

Simmons and Fitz taking their relationship to the next level

Simmons was still in the hotel room when Fitz finally returned. Simmons told him that Mackenzie was busy at the Quinjet they used to come to Romania, so they were alone in the hotel room. Fitz, putting in practice what he and Simmons had discussed in the club, kissed Simmons and the two finally had sex, taking a great leap forward in their relationship.[61]

Anti-Brainwashing Vaccine[]

Simmons and Leo Fitz kept trying to elaborate a cure for Hive's infection. They developed an antitoxin which was shown to fight the parasites, but it was also potentially fatal to the immune system. When Lincoln Campbell, who was willing to do anything in order to help and bring back her girlfriend Daisy Johnson, offered to be injected with the antitoxin in order to test it, Simmons deemed it too dangerous. They had to call for Phil Coulson in order to make a decision one way or the other. To Simmons, Campbell was only willing to try the antitoxin because he was a "lovesick fool trying to make a grand gesture". Fitz, possibly recognizing himself in this description since he had risked his life on multiple occasions to save Simmons, thought that there was a slight chance that it could work whereas Jemma insisted that it was way too dangerous for Campbell's life. Therefore Coulson refused that Campbell received the antitoxin and ordered Fitz and Simmons to look for another solution.

Simmons later discussed with Fitz at the Playground's cafeteria. Fitz was worried that their disagreement might affect their relationship in private. Simmons reassured him, saying that she did not want a boyfriend who agreed to anything she could say (since she already had that kind of boyfriend). Both agreed that they should not let their disagreements at workendanger their newfound love story. The pair jokingly talked about their time at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy on their way back to the lab, only to find Campbell who had seized a syringe and injected himself with the antitoxin. Fitz and Simmons rushed at him but Campbell, on the verge of fainting, refused that Simmons gave him a drug to counter the effects of the antitoxin.

Simmons waited for Campbell to regain consciousness before performing a brain biopsy to test the effects of the antitoxin. Fitz and Simmons soon had another patient to take care of : Alphonso Mackenzie had been wounded by Daisy Johnson in an attempt to bring her back to S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson's team thus learnt of Hive's plans : turning all humans into Inhumans who would serve him while he took over the world. Later on, Simmons visited Campbell in his containment chamber and informed him that their attempt to rescue Johnson had failed. She also told him that the antitoxin she and Fitz had developed did not have the expected effects, and so they were still with no way of curing Hive's infection.[5]

Daisy's Emancipation[]

File:Emancipation FitzSimmons.jpg

Simmons and Fitz discuss the fate of Daisy Johnson

Simmons discussed with Leo Fitz while the latter was busy in the servers room, trying to keep Daisy Johnson out of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s systems, and voiced her concerns about Alphonso Mackenzie after the failure of his mission for rescuing Johnson. They were interrupted by Melinda May who tasked Simmons to help them understanding Hive's ways of thinking as she had spent time with two of his hosts, namely Will Daniels and Grant Ward. Simmons later attended a meeting with Fitz, Phil Coulson and Glenn Talbot where she explained to the General the mechanism of Hive's infection. She also informed Coulson and Talbot that although S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to prevent Hive from harvesting Kree blood in order to replicate the experiment that had turned him into an Inhuman, he could use Johnson's blood instead since it had been exposed to GH.325, of Kree origin. Simmons and Fitz warned Coulson and Talbot that Hive could create a virus in order to infect mankind.

The meeting was interrupted when Simmons and Fitz figured out that Johnson had replaced the video feed of Lincoln Campbell's Containment Module by a prerecorded loop in order to orchestrate his escape. Simmons and Mackenzie assisted Fitz in the servers room in order to protect it from Johnson but they forgot to do the same for the Quinjet's remote control systems, and one plane managed to leave the Playground. However, it soon turned out that this was a trickery designed by Coulson, May and Campbell in order to gain Johnson's trust and send Lash to Hive's base in order to rescue Johnson. Though Lash was killed by Hellfire, Johnson returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. Nevertheless, Hive and his followers continued to be a great threat, especially when General Talbot revealed to S.H.I.E.L.D. that he had stolen a war head from an ATCU facility that he could use to spread his virus.[62]

Battle of the Playground[]

Following her return to the Playground, Daisy Johnson was brought to a Containment Module where Simmons visited her in order to get some information about Hive and his plans and informed Johnson that a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission was en route to stop Hive. The mission was a success and Hive was brought back into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. However, the warhead that Hive had stolen still represented a threat.

Following Hive's capture, Simmons planned to get some rest from S.H.I.E.L.D. and prepared a romantic getaway with Leo Fitz to the Seychelles. However, these holidays plans were postponed when Hive managed to escape from the Gel Matrix Box in which he was locked in an turned several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into Primitives who stormed the Playground. Simmons worried about his boyfriend who was precisely near them when Hive was set free, but she managed to help him escaping the cargo bay.[63]

File:Simmons Hide Primitive.png

Simmons is nearly caught by a Primitive

Fearing that Hive and his Primitives could reach valuable information and equipment in the Playground, Phil Coulson ordered Simmons to secure as much as she could in the lab. However, she was quickly overwhelmed by Primitives and hid in a boiler room when the power was cut. Simmons figured out that the Primitives' vision was in infrared more than in visible light. Therefore, she increased the temperature of the Playground using the old furnaces, so that she and her friends would be invisible to the Primitives. This enabled her to join the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and inform them that Fitz and Melinda May had infiltrated the Zephyr One stolen by Hive.

Simmons, Coulson, Alphonso Mackenzie and Lincoln Campbell used a Quinjet to catch up with the Zephyr One in order to put an end to Hive's plans. However, Campbell was severely injured by Hellfire and Simmons and Fitz had to take care of his wounds. Simmons and Fitz then let Johnson with Campbell to give them some privacy.

File:Fitz Fight Primitive.png

Simmons and Fitz fight a Primitive

Coulson disclosed his plan to the rest of his team: stealing the warhead containing Hive's pathogen and load it into a Quinjet to have it blown into space, where the pathogen would be harmless. However, this implied that someone had to be in the Quinjet, sacrificing himself. When they discovered that Johnson ran to the Quinjet to do it, Hive and several Primitives appeared, making Simmons and the others fight them.

To everyone's surprise, Campbell had also infiltrated the Quinjet and projected Johnson out of it, taking the Quinjet into the cosmos himself with Hive and his warhead aboard. Johnson begged her friends to bring Campbell back but Campbell had suppressed the remote control and the Quinjet could not be maneuvered in space anyway. Simmons then watched, helpless, the destruction of the Quinjet, exchanging a saddened look with Fitz at the sight of Johnson, devastated by the loss of his boyfriend.[64]

Yo-Yo's Vendetta[]

"Ah, you're a regular hummingbird, aren't you?"
―Jemma Simmons to Elena Rodriguez[src]

When Elena Rodriguez came to the Playground in order to sign the Sokovia Accords, she went to the labs where she met with Simmons and Leo Fitz, who were gently arguing about a television Fitz wanted to buy for their room. While Simmons and Fitz were fixing the last details of Rodriguez's preparation, Rodriguez was actually doing a facial recognition on a lab's computer in order to locate Victor Ramon. Thus, she played for time by messing with some lab equipment and asking Simmons and Fitz if they were considering living together outside the Playground. Simmons smiled at the idea, glad to have an occasion to address the matter with her boyfriend again.[65]

New Director[]

A new position[]

"As soon as Talbot gave the locations of this base to the President, things changed. I knew we'd be divided, undermined, kept in the dark. So I have been clawing for as much power as I could possibly grab to keep a modicum of control over any of this. After all we've been through, I don't trust the new Director, but he trusts me."
―Jemma Simmons to Melinda May[src]

Six months after the Battle of the Playground, following the nomination of Jeffrey Mace as the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Simmons had been appointed his Special Advisor to the Director In Science and Technology (or S.A.D.I.S.T., as Leo Fitz jokingly noticed). She continued to spend some time in the S.H.I.E.L.D. labs, for instance helping Fitz designing the Framework, a virtual working environment. Simmons also discussed the new S.H.I.E.L.D. with Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie. Later, Fitz and Simmons lamented over the fact that they have little time to see each other outside work and that they were some people, like the rogue agent Daisy Johnson, then known as Quake, they would probably never see again.

File:TG Jemma and May.jpg

Jemma Simmons and Melinda May discuss their new Director

Simmons' position triggered some awkwardness between the former members of Coulson's Team. In particular, Melinda May was uncomfortable with the professional proximity between Simmons and Director Mace. Simmons and May argued about the fact that May had given Coulson and Mackenzie intel about Quake's whereabouths though they were ordered not to search her. Simmons informed May that she had to report this to the Director in order to keep his trust and sent her with her team to get Coulson and Mackenzie back.[66]

Dealing with Ghosts[]

"Maybe she's just a ghost."
"That's also a theory."
Alphonso Mackenzie and Jemma Simmons[src]

Simmons and Leo Fitz were asked to study a mysterious box brought back from a field mission by Phil Coulson and Melinda May. Alphonso Mackenzie then came to the lab and told them that S.H.I.E.L.D. had heard about someone suffering from the same kind of dementia than the Chinese mobsters who had been in contact with the box. When Mackenzie mentioned the vision of a ghost, Simmons deemed it as simple hallucinations, but then Mackenzie showed them footage of Lucy Bauer, who looked like a spectrum.

Simmons and Fitz investigated Bauer's incorporeal nature, mentioning a possible multi-dimensional event like Tobias Ford had experienced. Mackenzie decided to go on the field to investigate a facility of Momentum Labs with Fitz while Simmons remained at the Playground to do a tour for congressmen visiting the S.H.I.E.L.D. base. However, right before it, she had to deal with a panick attack of Chen, a Chinese mobster locked in a Containment Module, who saw demonic faces on everyone, and Simmons suspected that May was experiencing the same troubles.[67]

Melinda May's Near-Death Experience[]


Simmons checks on Melinda May's health

"You're ready?"
"Hell no, I'm not ready! We're about to kill May!"
"We're about to
save May."
Holden Radcliffe and Jemma Simmons[src]

While Melinda May was being treated in a CDC facility, Simmons tried to alert the medical teams that were there about her health and to get information on her disease, but to no avail. Chen, who was suffering the same disease, had another crisis and died immediately after, leaving only May with a few hours to live. Jeffrey Mace authorized Simmons to take May to Holden Radcliffe in order to cure her.

File:Simmons and Radcliffe-4x03.jpg

Simmons and Holden Radcliffe analyze Melinda May's brain

Radcliffe used the Framework equipment to get a precise image of May's brain. Simmons and Radcliffe figured out what part of May's brain was activated to the extreme, causing a high fight-or-flight response which could scare her to death. Therefore, Radcliffe and Simmons had to find a way to stop May's terror.

File:Simmons Resuscitates May-4x03.jpg

Simmons tries to revive Melinda May

Radcliffe came up with a theory : shutting May's brain down and rebooting it, just like a computer, hoping to resetting all the brain functions. Though Simmons thought that was crazy, she accepted due to their lack of other options. Unfortunately, while Simmons was on the verge of rebooting May's brain, a blackout caused by the Watchdogs occurred, shutting power down and forcing Simmons to perform CPR until power was back. With May facing certain death, Radcliffe seized Aida's power source and use it to power the medical equipment. To Simmons' relieve, May was successfully brought back. Simmons, Radcliffe and May later watched Director Mace's press conference revealing S.H.I.E.L.D. to the public.[68]

Encountering Ghost Rider[]

Knowing that Simmons and Leo Fitz were looking for a place to live together, Quake sent Simmons a fake advertisement for an apartment. Indeed, Quake was badly injured and could not trust anyone but Simmons to help her. Moreover, Quake needed Simmons in order to gain access to S.H.I.E.L.D. files regarding Inhumans in order to protect them against the Watchdogs. Simmons reluctantly accepted to help Quake and used her high-ranking position to do so.

File:Let Me Stand Next To Your Fire 19.jpg

Simmons, Quake, Coulson and Mackenzie watch the explosion of the firework store

Simmons and Quake figured out that the Watchdogs were directly tapping into S.H.I.E.L.D. files. Understanding that more Inhumans were in danger, Simmons and Quake went to see Hellfire, who worked in a firework store and could be threatened by the Watchdogs. However, it soon turned out that Hellfire sided with the Watchdogs and dragged Simmons and Quake into an ambush. Quake used her powers to escape with Simmons and the two friends hid in a storage box. Hellfire found them and was ready to kill them, but fortunately they were saved by Ghost Rider, who had come to the firework store with Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie. Together, they escaped right before Hellfire and Ghost Rider had the store exploding.

Returning to safety, Simmons went to the Radcliffe Residence to check on Melinda May's condition. There, she discovered the existence of Aida, Radcliffe's assistant, and quickly figured out that she was an android. Simmons confronted Leo Fitz, who admitted Aida's true nature and told Simmons that he could not share the information with her since Radcliffe was not supposed to work without S.H.I.E.L.D. supervision and Simmons had regular lie detection test. Simmons, distraught, informed Fitz that she had an impending test.[69]

Keeping secrets[]

"Unlike some people, I'm terrible at keeping secrets."
―Jemma Simmons to Leo Fitz[src]
File:Simmons Polygraph.png

Simmons during a lie detection test

After learning Aida's true nature, Simmons was mad at Leo Fitz for keeping a secret. Fitz tried to reconcile with Simmons, offering to train her for her lie detection test, but Simmons bluntly refused and sent Fitz away. Simmons worried about the fact of being fired or arrested for not reporting the existence of Aida. When asked if she had not disclosed sensitive information, Simmons took some time to answer and Director Jeffrey Mace arrive in the room, ordering Simmons to follow him.

File:Simmons Confronts Mace.png

Simmons confronts Jeffrey Mace about his lie concerning Vienna

Fortunately for Simmons, it turned out that Mace had interrupted the lie detection test because he needed her help for a debate with anti-Inhumans Senator Ellen Nadeer. Simmons provided Mace with facts and figures while he was live, but at some point, the Director removed his earphone and chose to publicly reveal that he was an Inhuman himself. However, when Mace related the attack of Vienna and how he saved a woman, Simmons noticed a microexpression indicating that he was actually lying. When Mace confronted Simmons about how uncomfortable she had seemed during her lie detection test, Simmons informed him that she knew the truth about Vienna, forcing Mace to exempt her from further lie detection tests.[70]

Vijay Nadeer's Terrigenesis[]

"Hi. I'm Jemma Simmons. I'm from S.H.I.E.L.D. And I'm here to help you. I know this is all frightening but I have friends who have also gone through this. But it's O.K. I'm here, and we'll get through this together."
―Jemma Simmons to Vijay Nadeer[src]

Jeffrey Mace summoned Simmons to do a mission for the U.S. Government. Much to her surprise, she had to wear a black hood so that she would not s know where she was taken. Afterwards, she was brought to an unknown place.[71]

File:Simmons Husk Vijay.png

Simmons helps Vijay Nadeer completing his Terrigenesis

Simmons arrived in a mysterious place where her hood was taken off. After wearing a hazmat suit, she was asked to study a Terrigenesis cocoon that had been formed seven months ago whereas the classical process only took a few instants. Simmons, stunned, asked about the Inhuman's identity, but was told that this information was classified. After checking on the subject's heart rate, Simmons ordered all the men present to leave so she could help him relax. The Terrigenesis was over but before Simmons could further discuss with the man, who turned out to be Vijay Nadeer, the brother of the anti-Inhumans Senator Ellen Nadeer (though Simmons was unaware of that at the time), she was forcefully taken out of the place, wearing the hood again.

File:DWOD FitzSimmons.jpg

Simmons is reunited with Leo Fitz

Simmons was returned to the Playground where she reunited with her boyfriend Leo Fitz, who had barely escaped Hell. Both considerably relieved find each other, Simmons and Fitz hugged, finally having a tender moment after their argument about Aida's conception[72]

Battle at Chinatown Crew Headquarters[]

Simmons and Leo Fitz assisted the rest of the team from the Zephyr One when an assault was launched against the Chinatown Crew Headquarters in order to stop Eli Morrow. They also monitored the numerous earthquakes that were happening across the globe. When Ghost Rider infiltrated the building, Simmons discovered that Morrow had built a giant Quantum Battery. Morrow placed a Demon Core (a subcritical mass of plutonium) inside the Battery, making him able to cause a massive nuclear explosion.

While talking with Quake, Simmons and Fitz found out that Morrow was at the epicenter of a new earthquake that Quake was feeling. Fitz then explained that Morrow was not creating matter out of nothing, but rather was harvesting energy from another dimension, which caused all the earthquakes.

File:Simmons Fitz Chinatown.png

Simmons and Fitz shoot one of Eli Morrow's men

Simmons, Fitz, Holden Radcliffe and Aida went under the Chinatown Crew Headquarters, building a new Inter-Dimensional Gate in order to end Morrow's plans while Quake absorbed the seismic waves. They were discovered by one of Morrow's mobsters, who shot Aida before being killed by Fitz and Simmons. Despite this interruption, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s plan succeeded and Morrow was sent to another dimension along with Ghost Rider and the Quantum Battery.

Simmons and the rest of the team returned to the Playground, where they watched the T.V. news about the S.H.I.E.L.D. operation in Los Angeles.[73]

Watchdogs and Life-Model Decoys[]

Rescuing Vijay Nadeer[]

"She's seen what you are. That's why they're here: S.H.I.E.L.D. wants to make you their weapon."
"Nothing could be further from the truth."
Ellen Nadeer and Jemma Simmons[src]

By doing some research, Simmons figured out that the Inhuman she had helped with his Terrigenesis was no other than Vijay Nadeer, the brother of the anti-Inhumans Senator Ellen Nadeer. Simmons suspected that Vijay Nadeer was being kept hidden by his sister. Upon learning this information, Director Jeffrey Mace decided to set up a field mission with Simmons and Quake to rescue him.

Simmons went to the Capitol in order to infiltrate Senator Nadeer's office, where she was assaulted by Nadeer's assistant. She went back to Quake and Mace and the three of them went to Ellen Nadeer's residence. After a tense confrontation, the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents agreed to leave, but immediately returned upon hearing a gunshot while Tucker Shockley was fighting Vijay Nadeer. Simmons tried to convince Vijay to come with them, but he decided otherwise and chose to stay with his sister. Disappointed, Simmons returned to the Playground.[74]

Jeffrey Mace's secret[]

"The last HYDRA operative we captured didn't take agent Simmons seriously either."
"What's that saying you're so fond of at HYDRA?"
Glenn Talbot and Jemma Simmons intimidating Yuri Zaikin with Aida's head[src]

Simmons, Talbot, Quake and May discuss the attack on Director Mace

Simmons discovered that Leo Fitz had kept Aida's head after her rebellion and ordered it destroyed. Soon after, she learned about the attempted assassination on Jeffrey Mace and was ordered by Glenn Talbot to see whether Burrows was aboard the Quinjet with the Director. When they learned about the Quinjet's crash, Simmons offered to look into Mace's files to find a lead about the Director's enemies and was tasked with finding a way to make contact with Mace, Phil Coulson and Alphonso Mackenzie, all of them missing.

Simmons updated Fitz when he returned to the Playground. They further discussed Aida's rebellion and Simmons asked his boyfriend to stop investigating on the matter, wanting Aida's head to be destroyed. Simmons and Fitz were unable to locate the Quinjet but they soon learned a disturbing truth from Talbot : contrary to what had been announced, Mace was not an Inhuman. Instead, he was using a super strength super-serum inspired from the one Calvin Zabo used.

File:Simmons Interrogates Zaikin.png

Simmons interrogates Yuri Zaikin

Simmons and Fitz strongly disagreed with this decision, stating that despite the precautions taken, the super-serum could be dangerous for Mace's health. Since they could not locate the Quinjet used by Mace, Simmons and Fitz suggested to use Aida's severed head in order to intimidate Yuri Zaikin, the Watchdog who had tried to kill Mace, to find their missing colleagues. The idea proved to be successful and Simmons managed to get the answers they needed.

Later, Simmons saw Fitz locking away Aida's head for good, ignorant of the fact that he had downloaded its data on his phone.[75]

Holden Radcliffe's betrayal[]

"I wanted to help you get through this obsession of yours but if you continue to..."
"It's not an obsession! Jemma, it's an investigation."
―Jemma Simmons and Leo Fitz[src]

Simmons was worried to let Quake go to the Capitol to sign the Sokovia Accords. The mission was authorized nonetheless since it would enable S.H.I.E.L.D. to gain access to Ellen Nadeer's office. In the meantime, Simmons talked with Leo Fitz, who was still troubled by what happened with Aida, and told him that she was there in case he needed support.

Simmons took part in the mission along with Melinda May (though she was unaware that her friend had been replaced by a Life-Model Decoy), the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents monitoring the Capitol while Phil Coulson and Yo-Yo Rodriguez planted spying equipment in the Senator's office. However, their mission was discovered and Coulson and Rodriguez were briefly arrested.

Simmons and May figured out that the Senator had intel from inside S.H.I.E.L.D. Simmons understood that Fitz had been working on Aida's head all along instead of locking it away for good. Simmons accused Fitz of being the source of Nadeer's intel since he could have turned on Aida's eye camera and thus leaked intel from within S.H.I.E.L.D. However, Fitz rejected Simmons' accusations and corrected her when she told him he was obsessed with Aida. Instead, Fitz told her that he had been investigating on the cause of Aida's malfunction and that he had found the answer : Holden Radcliffe, Aida's creator. Following this revelation, Simmons joined a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents led by Coulson to the Radcliffe Residence in order to arrest Radcliffe.[76]

Interrogating Holden Radcliffe's LMD[]

"Who you really are, that's not programming. It's something way beyond that."
―Jemma Simmons to Leo Fitz[src]

It turned out that S.H.I.E.L.D. had not arrested the real Holden Radcliffe but his Life-Model Decoy. Still, Simmons attended his interrogation with Leo Fitz and Alphonso Mackenzie in order to find out where the real Radcliffe was and what his plans were. However, the questioning did not go well when they discovered that they were unable to hack into the LMD's systems and when the android mentioned Fitz's father. Despite Simmons' encouragement, Fitz left the room.

File:Simmons Comfort Fitz.png

Simmons successfully comforts Leo Fitz

Simmons found his boyfriend in their bedroom. Fitz lamented over the fact that he had been betrayed on multiple occasions, be it by his father, Grant Ward or Radcliffe. However, Simmons made him see the bright side by reminding him that these betrayals had not kept him from becoming a good and caring person. When Fitz noticed that this could be the reason why he kept being betrayed, Simmons replied that it was the reason she fell in love with him. Finally, when Simmons told Fitz that his personality was something more than pure programming, it clicked in Fitz's mind : if he could not crack Radcliffe's LMD's code, it was because the android was not running on pure programming as well. Instead, he was using a Quantum Brain built by Aida thanks to the knowledge of the Darkhold.

While Simmons and Fitz examined his Quantum Brain, Radcliffe's LMD inadvertently revealed that Radcliffe and Aida had crafted more than one Quantum Brain : the Melinda May that had been with them in the last few days was also a LMD. Simmons and Fitz thus informed Quake, who was on the field with Melinda May's LMD, who was closer than ever to retrieve the Darkhold.

Finally, considering that they had obtained all the answers that they could get, Simmons, Fitz, Alphonso Mackenzie, Quake and Phil Coulson proceeded to the destruction of Aida's severed head and Radcliffe's LMD in a furnace.[77]

Fighting Tucker Shockley[]

File:Simmons Mace Serum.png

Simmons tells Mace not to use super-serum

Following the Glenn Talbot's revelation about the use of a super-serum by Jeffrey Mace, Simmons ran a number of medical tests and concluded that Mace should not use this serum since it was potentially lethal.

Along with other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents at the Playground, Simmons learned about the attack on Ellen Nadeer's office and the death of the Senator. Simmons joined a team and headed to the Capitol in order to investigate the office's remnants. Simmons and Leo Fitz took numerous samples but could not find any trace of explosives in the office. When they learned about the fact that Tucker Shockley had visited the Senator prior to the attack, they suspected him to be the bomber.

Shockley was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and taken onto the Zephyr One. In the meantime, Simmons and Fitz continued their lab tests. They finally figured out that the explosion was due to an Inhuman who had undergone Terrigenesis in the office : Shockley himself. Simmons and Fitz rushed at him while he was on the verge of blowing the plane. With the help of Director Mace, Fitz locked Shockley in the plane's Containment Module while Simmons ejected it out of the plane. She chastised Fitz for risking his life but quickly hugged him, relieved that he was unharmed.

Since Shockley could survive his explosions, Simmons and Fitz worked on a way to control and contain him, asking Quake to practice in order to generate counter-vibrations to defuse Shockley's explosions. However, her attempts were quite unsuccessful. S.H.I.E.L.D. decided to go on the field nonetheless and they managed to capture Shockley and contain him in a secure pod. However, Director Mace was captured by the Watchdogs to ensure Simmons', Fitz' and Quake's safety.[78]

Krasnoyarsk Krai Battle[]

Since Melinda May was still trapped in the Framework by Aida and Holden Radcliffe Simmons and Leo Fitz explained to Phil Coulson, Quake and Alphonso Mackenzie what the alternate reality was and how it worked using their own version of it, underlining that Radcliffe had likely built a very powerful version of the Framework. Later, Simmons witnessed an argument between Fitz and Mackenzie about the consequences of Fitz's designs.

Simmons and Fitz quickly found that it was nearly impossible for S.H.I.E.L.D. to track down the location of Radcliffe's equipment. Nevertheless, Quake managed to find the location of Krasnoyarsk Krai, where Anton Ivanov's men were based. Simmons informed Fitz and comforted him when he voiced his concerns about the consequences of his designs, reminding him that he never had bad intentions and that he had a chance to make amends for his mistakes by rescuing his friends.

Simmons, Fitz, Coulson, Mackenzie and Quake infiltrated Krasnoyarsk Krai's naval base, where Simmons and Fitz had to take over the communications room. Upon learning that Aida was also present, Simmons took agent Davis with her and went to find the android. However, Aida escaped in Ivanov's submarine. S.H.I.E.L.D. managed to free Jeffrey Mace and everybody went back to the Playground.

However, unbeknownst to Simmons, Coulson, Mace, Mackenzie and Fitz had been kidnapped and replaced by Life-Model Decoys. Back at the Playground, Simmons noticed that there was a strange time gap during which no one could communicate during their mission on the field. She then received an alarm on her computer, indicating that several LMDs had entered the Playground. Simmons mistakenly thought that Quake was one of them. She therefore believed that Quake, Coulson, Mackenzie and Mace were LMDs.[79]

Hunted by the LMDs[]

"Simmons? It's me. What about you? Prove to me that you're not a freaking robot, because it looks like you're malfunctioning!"
"No way to prove it. You won't know... until they kill you! There's no way to know until they kill you!"
Daisy Johnson and Jemma Simmons[src]

Simmons, panicking, struggled to find a solution to avoid being assaulted by the LMDs. Leo Fitz advised her to act like everything was normal and shortly after, she learned about the LMDs' plan to bring all the Inhumans to the Playground. Simmons remained with Fitz's LMD until they received another alarm: a picture of Simmons and Fitz indicating that one of them was also an LMD. Things quickly went south when Simmons understood that the Fitz who had been with her since had they returned from Krasnoyarsk Krai was an LMD. However, Fitz denied that and said that Simmons was an LMD instead. Refusing to believe him, Simmons asked him to cut his wrist to prove he was not an android. Fitz obeyed but then tricked Simmons and managed to knock her out, revealing that he was indeed an android.

File:Simmons Stabs FitzLMD.png

Simmons stabs Fitz's LMD

Fitz's LMD proceeded to download Simmons' brain data in order to upload her consciousness in the Framework and replace her by a Life-Model Decoy. Simmons managed to untie herself and grab a hammer, though she was lightly sedated and therefore too weak to defend herself. Nevertheless, she managed to play for time by getting Fitz's LMD discuss the idea of her marrying Fitz, an idea that her real boyfriend had never mentioned. Simmons then smashed a lever with her hammer, knocking the android down, and stabbed him on multiple occasions to destroy it. Afterwards, she fled and hid in a storage room.

File:Simmons Reunites Quake.png

Simmons is reunited with Daisy Johnson

Simmons was found by Daisy Johnson, who was the only one of the team not being replaced by a LMD. The two women argued, mutually accusing the other of being an android. Johnson suggested to use her powers to prove that she was a real person (since LMDs cannot display Inhuman abilities) and to check that Simmons was human as well by checking the vibrations of her bone structure. Simmons was too afraid to accept, but Johnson forcefully grabbed her hand and quaked her. Both considerably relieved, Simmons and Johnson fell in each other's arms upon realizing that they had at least one ally at the Playground.

Still, the situation was critical for the two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. In particular, Simmons was highly distressed and could not easily think, but Johnson managed to devise a plan to take them out of the Playground. When Simmons told her that she thought Simmons wanted to sacrifice herself to atone for Lincoln Campbell's own sacrifice, Johnson replied that she was not intending to sacrifice herself but rather do anything so that Simmons and Fitz would be reunited. Simmons tearfully agreed.

After spreading sleeping gas throughout the Playground, leaving only the LMDs awake, Simmons and Johnson left their hiding place. Simmons found agent Piper and her teammates and ordered them to go to the Zephyr One. While they were about to leave the base, Simmons and Johnson were stopped by Melinda May's LMD. However, they persuaded her to let them go. Thanks to that, Simmons and Johnson managed to leave the Playground with Piper, Prince and Davis before it was destroyed by an explosion.

File:Simmons Connects Framework.png

Simmons connects herself to the Framework

Aboard the Zephyr One, after picking up Elena Rodriguez, Simmons and Johnson decided to plug themselves to the Framework in order to retrieve and save their friends.[2]

In the Framework[]

Brave New Terrifying World[]

"I was murdered..."
―Jemma Simmons when arriving in the Framework[src]

Simmons entered in the Framework by incarnating an avatar of herself who was killed when HYDRA, while taking over the world in the Framework, led a fierce battle against S.H.I.E.L.D. at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy. Simmons, while a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, was shot and buried in a pauper's grave. Therefore, in the Framework, Simmons was officially considered deceased.

In shock when she realized she was buried and saw the presence of bullet holes on her clothes, Simmons quickly remembered the reason of her presence in the Framework and began looking for Daisy Johnson, who entered the Framework with her. She made her way to the fences surrounding the former buildings of S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and stopped a car, explaining to the driver that she needed help. The drivers accepted to offer her assistance and took Simmons with her.

However, the car was stopped at a road checkpoint where drivers and passengers are expected to show some ID in order to make way. Simmons, distraught, told the driver that she does not have any before realizing that she still has her Framework S.H.I.E.L.D. badge in her pocket. Upon seeing this, the driver was terrified and asked Simmons to leave her car immediately. Indeed, since HYDRA had taken over the world in the Framework, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were relentlessly hunted down and eliminated and no one could be found associating with one of them. Therefore, Simmons left the car and went by foot in order to find a way to avoid the checkpoint.

Simmons entered a diner, knowing that she was in danger and with very little means of action. She managed to steal a car key and a coat to two customers in the diner, but was arrested by two policemen who had noticed the bullet holes in her clothes. They brought Simmons to their car and prepared to take her away. However, when one of them entered her name in the system, he found out that she was officially deceased. Simmons took advantage of their bewilderment to knock them out and stole their car.

Using the policemen's computer, Simmons looked for information to know what role her teammates were playing in the Framework. Unable to access Leo Fitz's files, she found the location of Phil Coulson and drived to the school indicated by the computer. Indeed, in the Framework, Coulson was nothing but a simple teacher, spreading HYDRA's propaganda at school. Simmons went to see him after his class but, since he did not seem to recognize her, she felt forced to tell him the whole story about the fallacy of the Framework's world. Coulson disbelieved her and asked her to leave, which Simmons did but not before reminding him of the phrase "It's a magical place" that had been artifically implanted in the real Coulson's mind. After she left, Coulson called HYDRA authorities and reported Simmons as a subversive.

Simmons was finally reunited with Daisy Johnson at their meeting point. Johnson explained to Simmons that she was apparently working for HYDRA and in a relationship with Grant Ward. Disgusted, Simmons told Johnson what she had learnt during her time in the Framework. Overwhelmed by so many aberrations, Simmons and Johnson decided to leave the Framework. However, the device they had designed for that did not work, and the two agents figured out that they were stuck in the artifical world. They were later ambushed by Ward, who turned out to be a double agent whose true loyalty went to S.H.I.E.L.D. resistance. Ward helped Simmons and Johnson escape HYDRA and led them to Skye's apartment, where they discussed the fate of their friends. When they tried to get out of the Framework by using a device designed by Simmons, it did not work, indicating that they had been trapped by Aida.[80]

Another S.H.I.E.L.D.[]

Daisy Johnson managed to convince Phil Coulson about the fallacy of the Framework and brought him into Skye's apartment, where Simmons remained. Simmons and Coulson went to find Grant Ward's contact in the S.H.I.E.L.D. resistance in order to go to safety. They were brought into the Playground, where they met the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. : the Patriot. They were later joined by Ward, who informed them that HYDRA had taken Johnson in custody.

File:Identity and Change 9.jpg

Simmons and Ward on the Quinjet

Ward expressed doubts about Simmons' true purpose but Simmons managed to convince them of her loyalty by telling them about the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy in which she was allegedly killed. Ward gave her the location of Holden Radcliffe found by Johnson : Ogygia. Therefore, Simmons, Ward and Coulson took a Quinjet and headed to the island.

Simmons found Radcliffe and confronted him about what happened in the Framework, demanding his assistance in order to escape the alternate reality. Ward, who could not understand anything of what was being said, insisted for taking Radcliffe away and interrogate him at the Playground, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Madame Hydra and The Doctor aboard the Zephyr One.

File:Simmons Agnes Killed.png

Simmons is horrified by Agnes Kitsworth's death

In shock, Simmons saw her boyfriend siding with Aida and HYDRA. When The Doctor brought Agnes Kitsworth and threatened to kill her, Ward aimed at him, ready to eliminate The Doctor. Simmons confessed that she somehow knew HYDRA's ruthless second-in-command and that she loved him, asking Ward not to kill him. Ward reluctantly agreed but shortly after, The Doctor shot Kitsworth, much to Simmons' horror, who started screaming, drawing HYDRA's agents' attention. Simmons, Ward and Coulson fortunately managed to leave Ogygia while being attacked by HYDRA.

Back at the Playground, the Patriot confronted Simmons about keeping Ward from killing The Doctor. However, Simmons broke down and left the room, unable to bear more of the horror of the Framework.[81]

An Unelievable Truth[]

"I realize how it sounds. No one wants to hear they're just an avatar in a digital prison, but sometimes that happens and here we are."
―Jemma Simmons to the Patriot and Grant Ward (Framework)[src]

Simmons remained at the Playground while the Patriot and Phil Coulson stopped a bus supposed to carry some HYDRA prisoners, but Daisy Johnson was not in it. When he returned, the Patriot summoned Simmons in order to know if she was hiding something. Despite Coulson advising otherwise, Simmons explained everything about the Framework and the fact that it was an alternate reality in which everybody was living a fake life. Mace and Grant Ward did not believe her, saying that what they were doing in the S.H.I.E.L.D resistance mattered, but they let her go nonetheless.

Later, Simmons met Alphonso Mackenzie, who did not recognize her like everyone else, and his daughter Hope. She talked with Mackenzie about HYDRA's reign of terror and how they changed history to their convenience. While she was watching him play with his daughter, Ward came to her and mentioned her story about being in a fake reality. He then apologized to her for the vile actions of his real-world counterpart. They were interrupted by a transmission indicating that the Patriot and Coulson, both on a field mission in a HYDRA Enlightenment Cultivation Center, were in danger.

Ward decided to go the HYDRA facility to rescue his colleagues and Simmons chose to go with him in Mackenzie's place since she could not risk her friend's life. Simmons and Ward managed to infiltrate the compound and watched the destruction of the quarantine building. Once inside, she witnessed, powerless, the death of the Patriot while he was helping children to escape, meaning that he was also dead in the real world. Simmons escaped with the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and returned to the Playground.[82]

Project Looking Glass[]

File:Project Looking Glass.png

A photograph of the Project Looking Glass designs studied by Simmons

"She wants to make herself into a real person."
"A real girl, as opposed to...?"
"A simulated consciousness. She wants to circumvent her programming."
―Jemma Simmons and Antoine Triplett (Framework)[src]

Like all the other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Simmons mourned the loss of the Patriot. She also learned about the attack on Madame Hydra and the fact that Daisy Johnson and Melinda May were on the run. In the meantime, Simmons studied the documents brought by Antoine Triplett, that he had stolen while he was working undercover at HYDRA. On one of the pictures, along with the mention "Project Looking Glass", Simmons recognized the design of Quantum Batteries and worried about what Aida was creating.

Simmons took a Quinjet with Triplett and the two headed to Ivanov Oil Platform. The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents infiltrated the building but found no equipment related to what was shown by Triplett's documents. Simmons figured out that Aida was actually building a reactor to create a human body in the real world, not in the Framework. Triplett informed her that they had to hurry up if they wanted to stop Madame Hydra from completing her plans, since HYRA was on the verge of succeeding.

Back on the Quinjet, Simmons watched the S.H.I.E.L.D. subversive broadcast featuring Phil Coulson.[83]

Escaping the Framework[]

"I love you."
"And you mean nothing to me."
―Jemma Simmons and The Doctor[src]

Simmons returned to the Playground where she was reunited with Daisy Johnson. She informed her friend about Aida's plans and in return, Johnson told Simmons about the backdoor in the Framework built by Holden Radcliffe. Johnson suggested to leave the Framework with Phil Coulson, Melinda May and Alphonso Mackenzie, leaving Leo Fitz behind for the moment. Simmons reluctantly agreed since Fitz was out of their reach for the moment.

File:Farewell, Cruel World! 1.jpg

Simmons threatens Alistair Fitz

Later, Simmons discussed with May and learned the reason of Fitz's cruel and ruthless personality in the Framework : his father. She then rushed at Alistair Fitz's house in order to demand his assistance by pointing a gun at him. Simmons ordered him to call his son and make him come to Alistair's house alone. However, Alistair Fitz chose to warn his son about the presence of a subversive, making a whole team of HYDRA agents to come.

File:Farewell, Cruel World! 7.jpg

Simmons fights Alistair Fitz

A brief fight ensued between Simmons and Alistair Fitz. The HYDRA officer quickly overwhelmed Simmons, who had no choice but shooting him, all of that while the Doctor was still listening on the phone. Horrified, Simmons fled and went back to the Playground and told Johnson about what happened, distressed by the fact that Fitz would never follow them now that his father was dead. Simmons and Johnson then took a Quinjet with Coulson, May and Mackenzie to go to the steel mill where the backdoor was located.

File:Simmons Awakes Framework.png

Simmons awakes from the Framework

The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents quickly discovered that the backdoor was hidden in a bulk of molten metal designed by Aida. A brief argument erupted between the agents, especially since Mackenzie had not been told about the existence of another world. Fortunately, Johnson could use her powers to reveal it. They had to do it quickly since a HYDRA team led by The Doctor had stormed the steel mill. The Doctor, followed by Radcliffe, found Simmons and sought revenge for the death of his father. He shot Simmons in the leg, forcing her to kneel, and prepared to kill her before being disarmed by Radcliffe. The fallen scientist threw Fitz through the backdoor, and Simmons followed him, waking up in the real world while the Zephyr One was being attacked by Anton Ivanov's men.[84]

Back to the Real World[]

File:The Return 19.jpg

Simmons shoots Aida with an I.C.E.R.

"She's afraid Fitz will be the same guy he was in the Framework."
"No. She's afraid he still loves someone else."
Daisy Johnson and Elena Rodriguez about Jemma Simmons[src]

With Simmons and Daisy Johnson awake, the crew of the Zephyr One did not need to use large amounts of power to still keep the Framework running. Simmons, Johnson and Yo-Yo Rodriguez soon managed to activate the plane's weapon system so that Piper could take down their enemy. Davis then brought the plane to Ivanov Oil Platform in order to rescue their friends who had also left the Framework. They arrived right before the destruction of the platform and saved Phil Coulson and Melinda May while Leo Fitz and Aida saved Alphonso Mackenzie. Fearing danger, Simmons and Piper used I.C.E.R.s on Fitz and Aida.

The team returned to a destroyed Playground, where Simmons put the Zephyr One's Containment Module in one of the remaining Containment Chamber. Simmons talked with Coulson and May about their experience in the Framework and how it felt in their mind since she was afraid that Fitz could have kept some of his Framework's traits, like his cruelty or his love for Aida. Through the video feed of the Containment Chamber, Simmons monitored the conversation between Fitz and Aida when they discussed what had happened in the Framework and burst into tears when she heard Fitz lamenting over the fact that his future with Simmons was destroyed.

However, the situation quickly went even worse. Indeed, although Simmons smiled upon hearing that Fitz still loved her and only her, it drove Aida insane. Simmons tried to reach the Containment Chamber in order to take Fitz out of it, but she was stopped by soldiers sent by Glenn Talbot, who was fearing that all of S.H.I.E.L.D. top personnel had been replaced by androids and gone rogue. Piper brought Fitz back on the plane, who ordered them to take off the plane, which they did in order to escape from Aida's attacks.

After taking off, Simmons saw her boyfriend sadly sitting in the Containment Module. She hesitated for a few seconds before joining him in comfort, hugging him and holding his hand. The two cried together, traumatized by their experience in the Framework but finally reunited.[85]


"You're a surprisingly bad liar, Agent Simmons."
"I know, but I'm getting better at it."
Antoine Triplett and Jemma Simmons[src]

Jemma Simmons is known as the attractive nerd and also a science buff on her profile for S.H.I.E.L.D. She has a normally calm and rational attitude, often relying on what is or isn't scientific fact. She is very forgiving, as seen when she so quickly forgave Skye after she betrayed them with the Rising Tide. However, she did not forgive Grant Ward for his betrayal of the team.

She has a deep affection towards Leo Fitz, refusing to let him sacrifice his life for her. However, she briefly found being around Fitz hard because of the memories she has of the man he was before his brain was damaged. The two later resumed a normal relationship.

Simmons was a terrible liar, proved many times over, prominently the instance in the Hub when she shot Agent Jasper Sitwell with the Night-Night Gun out of panic when he did not believe her lies.[1] However, Simmons has improved on this flaw during her undercover assignment in HYDRA's science division.[4] Simmons also has a bright outlook on life, most often trying to see the best in any situation, and then trying to make them better.

The death of Antoine Triplett drastically changed Simmons' views of superpowers and alien artifacts. She thought that the world was a better place without anyone with powers, to the point in almost saying that killing Raina, since she had powers, was the best option for the team. She viewed Skye as being equal to Hulk in terms of destructive capability and lack of control; Simmons hoped to find a way to remove her powers permanently, or at least suppress them through sedatives. Her change of opinions was so surprising that Fitz himself said that her change in personality is almost scary. This change also brought out a darker side of Simmons' personality as she intended to kill Grant Ward with a Splinter Bomb after all of his betrayals and while she failed due to Sunil Bakshi's interference, she calmly told them that he didn't make it, not revealing his death was caused by her murder attempt.

Simmons has an attraction to men who act heroic, especially in regards to saving her. She was attracted to Ward after he saved her life when she attempted suicide; her closeness to Triplett grew when he defended her against Victoria Hand and her deceptive loyalty test. Simmons began an affair with Will Daniels after she lost hope that Fitz, the man who constantly risks his well-being on her behalf, would save her. However, Fitz did save her, causing a conundrum for her emotionally. However, after a mission when she confronted Hive and moved on Daniels' death, Simmons finally consummated a relationship with Fitz. Although it took some time for Simmons to admit her feelings towards Fitz, she is deeply committed in their relationship, planning romantic getaways and actively looking for a place where they could live together. She also never gave up on saving her boyfriend from the Framework, saying that she loved him on multiple occasions, despite Fitz being a cruel and ruthless HYDRA officer in the alternate reality.


"You're a real miracle worker."
Antoine Triplett[src]
  • Genius Level Intellect: Simmons possessed two PhDs' for biochemistry by the time she was 17, and continued her studies at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy of Science and Technology. She graduated as one of the youngest cadets in the history of the Academy due to her intellect. Simmons possesses a sharp and bright mind, focused on analysis, that has allowed her to research and develop many breakthrough equipment for S.H.I.E.L.D.
  • Master Scientist: Simmons' expertise in the field of biochemistry has allowed her to work in the research and development of many breakthrough discoveries, such as the use of dendrotoxin as a tranquilizer ammunition, the cure for a virus of extraterrestrial origin, a crystalline nucleation process capable of turning moisture into ice or an odorless scent used for tracking. She is highly gifted and knowledgeable in many fields of science practiced such as biology, biochemistry, anatomy and physics.
  • Expert Physician: Simmons was often charged with evaluating and treating any injuries sustained by her teammates and colleagues, being skilled enough to apply advanced first aid to Skye when she was shot by Ian Quinn, and to perform an autopsy on Eric Koenig's corpse. She has extensive knowledge of human, animal and alien physiology, anatomy and DNA when needed even beating out scientists, physicians and terroristic agencies ahead of time.
"You're not a very good liar, are you?"
Bobbi Morse to Jemma Simmons[src]
  • Spy: Originally, Coulson did not trust Simmons as a spy, considering her lying skills were subpar; he had Simmons give support to Melinda May when she went undercover into Cybertek Corporate Headquarters. As Simmons learned to lie better, Coulson sent her to HYDRA Laboratories to gain information on the organization's schemes, operations and research managing to fool her direct co-workers and even Sunil Bakshi. Over time, she learned to use her apparent naivety as a tool, even tricking Bobbi Morse while the Playground was under attack.
  • Marksman: Simmons was able to handle a gun with ease when she mistook Phil Coulson for an intruder in her apartment while on her undercover assignment within HYDRA. She hit Raina multiple times when Raina attacked scientists under Simmons' charge. Melinda May began subtly training Simmons in her marksmanship by teaching her breathing techniques and giving her self-confidence in handling a firearm.
  • Expert Combatant: After joining Coulson's Team, Simmons learned how to become an adept combatant, being able to take on a super-strong Primitive with relative ease.


"And, since I'm practically the only woman here who can't kill with her bare hands..."
―Jemma Simmons[src]


  • Smith & Wesson M&P: The Smith & Wesson M&P pistol is the standard sidearm carried by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, and, as such, Simmons was issued with one of these to protect herself when examining the remains of the Kree City under Puerto Rico. She used it to shoot at Raina, but she managed to withstand the bullets. Simmons also took it to hold and unconscious Bobbi Morse when it was revealed that she had infiltrated the Playground as a member of the S.H.I.E.L.D. faction led by Robert Gonzales. She trained hard with the weapon after she was ridden with guilt because she had to free Lash to protect her from HYDRA, resulting in the death of many Inhumans. She became confident enough to shoot Hive in the stomach when he approached her as Will Daniels.
  • SIG Sauer P226: Simmons carried one of these guns during her undercover assignment within HYDRA, and grabbed it when she mistook Phil Coulson for an intruder in her apartment.
  • Night-Night Pistol: Simmons helped Leo Fitz on the design of the original Night-Night Gun, by creating the dendrotoxin rounds used as ammunition, and began to carry one of the pistols in her purse. She accidentally used it to shoot Jasper Sitwell when she was in a restricted area of the Hub, and then again during the mission in a train through Italy, shooting at her teammates as she regained consciousness from being affected by a Dendrotoxin Grenade.
  • Splinter Bomb: Simmons kept a case of the Splinters Bombs that HYDRA developed as a means of weaponizing the effects of the Diviner, and took one with her during a rescue mission to a HYDRA base in the Arctic, hoping to use it to kill Grant Ward. She tried to ambush Ward, but Sunil Bakshi, who was working for him, attacked Simmons and ended up being killed by the Splinter Bomb.
  • Taser Pin: Simmons used a Taser Pin during her undercover mission in Senator Ellen Nadeer's office.

Other Equipment[]

  • D.W.A.R.F.s; Simmons often used the D.W.A.R.F.s in order to analyze and retrieve forensic data during his field missions, such as in the Centipede laboratory in Los Angeles, the temple where an 0-8-4 was located in Peru or the barn where Frank Whalen's corpse was found floating,
  • Full-Spectrum Goggles: A set of goggles designed by her partner Leo Fitz, that Simmons was wearing to investigate the location where Franklin Hall was kidnapped.
  • Electro-Static Field Scanner: Simmons used it in conjunction with the Full-Spectrum Goggles in Colorado, but the scanner activated one of the Gravity Field Generators that where used to kidnap Franklin Hall.
  • Anti-Serum Delivery Mechanism: Leo Fitz developed this device against the clock to deliver the anti-serum Simmons developed to cure the Chitauri Virus she had contracted, applying it on lab rats before being able to apply it on herself.
  • Paranasal Extraction Unit: To retrieve the intel that Agent Shaw gathered in Siberia, Simmons had to extract it from his skull through his nasal cavity, using this device to perform the uncomfortable maneuver.
  • Spectrographic Analyzer: During an investigation in Trillemarka National Park, Simmons had to analyze the spectrographic signatures of a curious marking inside a fallen tree, quickly realizing that they had an extraterrestrial origin even before Leo Fitz determined they were of Asgardian origin.
  • Three Dimensional Scanner: Simmons resorted to use the scanner for a three-dimensional restoration of the imprints inside the tree in Trillemarka National Park,
  • Flex Screen: Simmons kept a Flex Screen during her undercover assignment to infiltrate HYDRA, as a means of contacting Director Phil Coulson in case of need, but she had to get rid of it when HYDRA realized they had a spy within its ranks.
  • Upgraded Cell Phone: Simmons has a specially made cell phone containing an upgraded battery created by Leo Fitz. The upgraded battery allowed the phone to last for weeks without a charge.

Simmons' Designs[]

"I'm engineering, she's bio-chem."
Leo Fitz referring to himself and Jemma Simmons[src]
  • Night-Night Gun
  • Tactical Suit
  • Night-Night Bracelet
  • D.W.A.R.F.s
  • Anti-Serum Delivery Mechanism
  • Tracking Scent
  • Atmospheric Moisture Freezing Device
  • Magic Window



  • Father
  • Mother


  • Milton - Former Boyfriend
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. (First Incarnation) - Allies (Former Relationships)


Appearances for Jemma Simmons

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  • According to a deleted scene, Simmons had a one night stand with a guy who went up to her and Skye during a mission at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, and their relationship never went into anything more because he was a bit boring.[14]
  • Simmons had an ex-boyfriend called Tad.
  • From the same scene, during her years at the Academy, Simmons did not exactly have boyfriends because she never found anyone as interesting other than Fitz, to whom she refers as being "the only thing interesting in this place".
  • She appears to be a fan Doctor Who, given one of her answers during a the Lie Detector test was "the TARDIS" - the Doctor's time machine - as to what she would want to find in a box while stuck on an island.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The relationship between Leo Fitz and Simmons is based on the relationship between Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen.
  • Elizabeth Henstridge shares a birthday with her character Jemma Simmons.
  • Due to her popularity, Jemma Simmons was introduced into the main Marvel Comics universe.[86]
  • Simmons also appeared on the animated show Ultimate Spider-Man.[87]
  • Her necklace was given to her by her grandma.


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