The Ten Rings was an Afghan-based terrorist organization, led by the terrorist Raza.

The Ten Rings abducted Tony Stark while on a weapons demonstration in Afghanistan and threatened him to build the "Jericho" missile. Stark managed to deceive them, with the help of Ho Yinsen, and flee the terrorist base camp by building an armor for escape.

The terrorist group collected the scattered pieces of the Stark's prototype suite and Stark's drawings of the armors and met with Obadiah Stane, who had secretly been supplying them with weaponry from Stark Industries, to make a bargain. Intending to rebuild Stark's suit through reverse engineering, Stane ordered his men to instead eliminate the whole of Ten Rings.[1]

Later, a Ten Rings operative went to Russia to provide Ivan Vanko with a fake ID and ticket to the Monaco grand prix, which Stark was attending. When Vanko was arrested in Monaco after his first confrontation with Stark, the Ten Rings and Justin Hammer broke Vanko out of prison.[2]



  • The organization gets its name from a set of ten rings found by Mandarin inside a crashed alien space craft.
  • In the movie Iron Man, Raza is shown fiddling with a red ring on his finger, called the "Ring of Fire" in the novelization of the film, which he is safeguarding for his master, Mandarin.


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